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Feature Freeze darktable 2.0

Dear all,

yesterday we entered the feature freeze stage for the upcoming darktable 2.0 feature release: no more new features will be allowed in. The coming months will be used to stabilize and fine-tune the code base.

As usual we don’t make any definite statements about a release …

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Why don’t you provide a Windows build?

Due to the heated debate lately, a short foreword:

We do not want to harass, insult or criticize anyone due to his or her choice of operating system. Still, from time to time we encounter comments from people accusing us of ignorance or even disrespect towards Windows users. If any …

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Release Candidate for darktable 1.6

We are happy to announce the first release candidate for the upcoming darktable 1.6.

In case you are wondering about the versioning scheme: we use odd numbers as development versions and even numbers for stable releases. This means the release candidate, tagged as “darktable-1.5.1”, is an unstable …

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String freeze for darktable 1.6

Dear all,

as we want to release darktable 1.6 some time at the end of the year, it now is the time to announce the string freeze. Please don’t change any UI strings any more, so translators have a chance to catch up.

Translators: your updates should be …

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