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General So, I have seen a bunch of different ways to spell darktable. Which one is right?¶ There is only one way, and that is “darktable”. All lower case, in one word, except when starting a sentence. What’s the best way to contact the developers/report bugs?¶ For fast discussions and short questions it’s best to visit us in IRC (on irc.oftc.net, channel #darktable), especially in the Western European evening hours. If you don’t want to use IRC, don’t know what it is or want something less transient you can use our mailing lists.


Click on a image to get it in full resolution. darktable’s lighttable mode showing a collection. Notice how the collection module (left panel) is used to narrow down a bunch of images by using different metadata attributes. In the left panel we have the image information module currently expanded. It shows you information such as focal length, exposure, resolution about the image you are currently hovering. darktable’s darkroom mode with an image opened.


Source Code darktable-4.6.1.tar.xz Windows darktable-4.6.1-win64.exe macOS darktable-4.6.1-x86_64.dmg darktable-4.6.1-arm64.dmg darktable-4.6.1-arm64-macOS-12.5.dmg installation notes Some commonly asked questions can be found in our FAQ. Please read it before reporting bugs or feature requests. Linux/Unix Binary Packages From Your Package Manager If your unix-like operating system is capable of running a graphical session, darktable is likely available. Check your package manager or software center. OBS (Open Build Service) The OBS allows packagers to provide packages for multiple Linux distributions.


Frequently Asked Questions Some commonly asked questions can be found in our FAQ. Please read it before reporting bugs or feature requests. User manual Version 4.6 English html/epub/pdf Brazilian Portuguese html/epub/pdf Dutch html/epub/pdf French html/epub/pdf German html/epub/pdf Polish html/epub/pdf Ukrainian html/epub/pdf Version 4.4 The user manual was incomplete for version 4.4 – you are advised to refer to the v4.2 or v4.6 manuals instead. Version 4.2 English html/epub/pdf Please note that the following translations are not complete (and will not be updated) for new features in version 4.


developer's wiki bug tracker browse code Contributing If you feel like contributing to this project, here are a few suggestions. Testing: Just use it! And afterwards let us know how you like it. Send your bug reports, feature requests, suggestions or just your personal opinion to our mailing list. You can file a bug to our bug tracker as well – but you want to discuss it first (on IRC or mailing list).


Social Media Facebook – Flickr – Mastodon – Twitter How to get in contact Help/forum: discuss.pixls.us Report issues or feature requests: github issue. Code contributions or translation: open a pull request. IRC: irc.oftc.net, channel #darktable or use the web interface Mailing lists (last resort, posts by subscribers only): development mailing list: subscribe via email to darktable-dev+subscribe@lists.darktable.org and unsubscribe via email to darktable-dev+unsubscribe@lists.darktable.org (run by mlmmj). user mailing list: subscribe via email to darktable-user+subscribe@lists.

Feature Freeze darktable 2.0

Dear all, yesterday we entered the feature freeze stage for the upcoming darktable 2.0 feature release: no more new features will be allowed in. The coming months will be used to stabilize and fine-tune the code base. As usual we don’t make any definite statements about a release schedule, but we suggest to stay tuned towards the end of the year. the dt team

Why don't you provide a Windows build?

Due to the heated debate lately, a short foreword: We do not want to harass, insult or criticize anyone due to his or her choice of operating system. Still, from time to time we encounter comments from people accusing us of ignorance or even disrespect towards Windows users. If any of our statements can be interpreted such, we want to apologize for that – and once more give the full explanation of our lacking Windows support.

released darktable 1.6.4

We are happy to announce that darktable 1.6.4 has been released. The release notes and relevant downloads can be found attached to this git tag: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/tag/release-1.6.4 Please only use our provided packages (“darktable-1.6.4.*” tar.xz and dmg) not the auto-created tarballs from github (“Source code”, zip and tar.gz). The latter are just git snapshots and will not work! Here’s the direct link to tar.xz and dmg: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/download/release-1.6.4/darktable-1.6.4.tar.xz https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/download/release-1.6.4/darktable-1.6.4.dmg this is another point release in the stable 1.

Release Candidate for darktable 1.6

We are happy to announce the first release candidate for the upcoming darktable 1.6. In case you are wondering about the versioning scheme: we use odd numbers as development versions and even numbers for stable releases. This means the release candidate, tagged as “darktable-1.5.1”, is an unstable development version – the final stable version will bear the tag “darktable-1.6.0”. Grab the tarball and OS X package from the github release page:

String freeze for darktable 1.6

Dear all, as we want to release darktable 1.6 some time at the end of the year, it now is the time to announce the string freeze. Please don’t change any UI strings any more, so translators have a chance to catch up. Translators: your updates should be committed to the master branch, there is no branch-off for a stable 1.6 version yet. We should have the first release candidate packed up soon!

user manual updated

Dear all, we updated both the English online user manual and the PDF version to darktable 1.4. The online version can be found at https://darktable.org/usermanual/en/, the PDF document is available from here. Many thanks to Ulrich and Jérémy for their outstanding work on keeping our documentation up to date! Another thing worth mentioning is the current status of the user manual translation. We have several contributors working on translating the manual into French and Italian – thanks, Victor and Federico!

released darktable 1.4

merry christmas! we’ve got a new release for you: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.4/darktable-1.4.tar.xz/download since we have quite a lot of new features (masks etc, see below), there is an updated usermanual: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.4/darktable-usermanual.pdf/download ubuntu packages are already available in the usual place, and there is a new macintosh disk image: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.4/darktable-1.4.dmg/download more detailed release notes: darktable now integrates a lua engine that allows writing scripts to make it easier to use with other image processing software.

darktable 1.4 release candidate

We just packaged darktable 1.4rc1 for more testing before releasing 1.4 proper in a few weeks. We’ve got tarballs, https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.4/darktable-1.4~rc1.tar.xz/download debian packages, https://packages.debian.org/experimental/darktable a Macintosh DMG, https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.4/darktable-1.4~rc1.dmg/download and Pascal’s Ubuntu darktable Unstable PPA has been updated, too: https://launchpad.net/~pmjdebruijn/+archive/darktable-unstable Preliminary release notes are (also see RELEASE_NOTES in git/tarball): darktable now integrates a lua engine that allows writing scripts to make it easier to use with other image processing software. These scripts can be run when a particular event takes place (for example when a new image is imported) or when a particular keyboard shortcut is used.

released darktable 1.2.3

Dear all, we just released another patch version for the stable branch 1.2. As usual you can find the source tarball here: source tarball The Ubuntu PPA has already been updated by Pascal (thanks!), OS X disk image builds for other distributions will hit the respective repositories soon We collected the following goodies for you: Update to RawSpeed r570 Canon 70D (preliminary) Olympus E-P5 (incl. preliminary Adobe Coeff.) Samsung NX2000 Sony RX100m2 Sony SLT-A58 (updated) White Balance Presets: Sony NEX-5R Sony SLT-A58 Nikon D3200 (updated) Pentax K20D Enhanced Color Matrix: Pentax K20D Noise Profiles: Canon EOS 1100D == Canon EOS Rebel T3 Canon PowerShot S95 Canon PowerShot G11 Nikon Coolpix P330 Sony A580 Fuji X10 Pentax K20D Fixes and improvements: Increased maximum cache size to 8GB OS X: fix Facebook uploads Adjustments to default lowpass blur settings Adjustments to dithering slider ranges Metadata viewer: fix display of focal length: indicate unit and hide if invalid.

released darktable 1.2.2

Dear all, we just released another patch version for the stable branch 1.2. As usual you can find the source tarball here: source tarball The Ubuntu PPA has already been updated by Pascal (thanks!), OS X disk image other builds will follow soon We don’t have too many commits to report but since quite some of those we picked concern support of new hardware we decided to release this version comparatively early making it more or less a “hardware release”:

released darktable 1.2.1

Dear all, we just released a patch version for the stable branch 1.2. As usual you can find the source tarball here: source tarball The Ubuntu PPA has already been updated by Pascal (thanks!), the Mac OSX image will probably take a little longer. We collected almost 150 commits on top of the last release from April, 7 which bring you quite some bugfixes, new noise profiles and white balance settings for several cameras etc.

Updated user manual online

Dear all, the online user manual has been updated to reflect the latest release of darktable. This is the html version of the reworked user manual for darktable 1.1 which descibes all major features of darktables and serves as a reference for all image operation modules. The user manual for the upcoming darktable 1.2 is almost finished and is being proofread right now. Still, any changes and additions for the post-1.

String freeze for darktable 1.2

Dear all, since March 3 we are in the string freeze phase for the upcoming darktable 1.2 release. This release will be a major new version introducing tons of new features (as you might have guessed by all the blog articles in the last months …). Please don’t push or provide patches with any new translatable strings to master or change them (that’s the ones in _("…") ).

Released darktable 1.1.2

Dear all, we just released darktable 1.1.2, a point release (so nothing too fancy) with a couple of bugfixes and better camera support. Additionally it comes with an updated usermanual which is available here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.1/darktable-usermanual-1.1.2.pdf/download The tarball can be found here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.1/darktable-1.1.2.tar.gz/download and a new disk image for Mac users is provided as well: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.1/darktable-1.1.2.dmg/download The various packages for your favourite distro are already on their way. The Ubuntu PPA should be updated already for example, and the opensuse package is available from https://software.

String freeze for darktable 1.1

Yes. As of today we are in string freeze for the next darktable version. Version 1.1 will not only contain bug fixes (that too) but a lot of new features. Some of them long-wanted, some of them you haven’t even dreamed about. As usual we follow our release procedure: String freeze (as of now). Translators get time to catch up and it’s a good means to stop overly crazy development to be merged into master A couple of weeks of translating and bug hunting Then we’ll release release candidates again, to enable bread testing even from users who aren’t comfortable with “unstable” packages or git.

Experimental darktable OS X image

After the progress reported in the latest blog post on the OS X port of darktable we now have something new for the Mac users: parafin just released an experimental DMG image of darktable! Please be aware of this being an experimental OS X build as well as experimental software in general – it’s based on the latest development version of darktable that will be darktable 1.1 someday in the future.

darktable 1.0.4 released

Pascal was so kind to tend to a stable branch, the next incarnation of which we have the good fortune to announce. The changes over darktable 1.0.3 are: More robust OpenMP compiler detection code New warming/cooling filter presets for color correction plugin Lighttable thumbnails should be slightly faster and sharper Correctly restore panels when using Tab. Checking if an export target directly is read-only Writing of hierarchical tags in our .

Community contributions to the project

We heard quite some voices from users requesting better possibilities to contribute to the project. Here they are. In our dev meeting (or if you had a closer look: even before) we decided to ditch the old bug tracker in favor for a new one: Redmine, hosted by PolarFox, just on the same server as our website lives. This comes with some long-wanted features – and more liberty in configuration.

New screencasts for darktable 1.0

Pascal recorded some new screencasts using the latest stable version of darktable, 1.0.4. The first is (one can start speaking of “as usual”) dedicated to the changes and new features of darktable 1.0, giving an overview over improvements, new UI elements and workflow changes. The second one is a bit more general. Pascal elaborates on raw file archiving and backups, about the pros and cons of DNG and Vendor formats and whether you want to embed your metadata or not.

darktable 1.0.3 released

Pascal de Bruijn did some good work backporting some of the progress from git master to the 1.0 release. We packed that into a tarball, here it is: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.0/darktable-1.0.1.tar.gz/download https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.0/darktable-1.0.3.tar.gz/download (We had a problem packaging sources, so 1.0.3 is now on air. Please use it instead of 1.0.1) As usual we have Ubuntu Packages are readily available on Pascal’s PPA, for Lucid, Natty, Oneiric and Precise: https://launchpad.net/~pmjdebruijn/+archive/darktable-release https://launchpad.net/~pmjdebruijn/+archive/darktable-release-plus And these are the major changes:

Changing server [update]

We are about to move our website to a new server. This will give us a performance boost (e.g. in terms of page loading speed) and might give us the chance to provide some more services in the future. Due to this the comments are closed as of now until everything is in place again. We hope everything runs smoothly – if not, be patient. :) … and I take this as an opportunity to thank PolarFox again for hosting darktable’s website and taking care of all technical server stuff!

Second release candidate dt1.0~rc2

Our second release candidate is out! We have had a couple of tiny bugfixes, better translations, new rawspeed (brings support for the new Canon 5D Mark3), and slight consistency fixes in the GUI since rc1. You can get the tarball from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.0/darktable-1.0~rc2.tar.gz/download Getting closer!

Release Candidate darktable1.0~rc1

There are still bug fixes coming, which is good. But nevertheless we just released a release candidate tarball, available for download from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.0/darktable-1.0~rc1.tar.gz/download which will hopefully help us to get rid of the last couple of remaining bugs before 1.0. For install instructions have a look on how to compile from source. This is a rough outline of the changes since 0.9.3 (quite sure we forgot something, it’s been > 1000 commits):

String freeze for darktable 1.0

We are in string freeze for the master branch now. Translators might now update their translations for the upcoming release of darktable 1.0 There will be tons of new features, stay tuned! If you’re willing to help getting this out of the door soon you might want to install the development version and help out to track down some bugs. You can find an installation guide here and some informations for contributing backtraces for bugs here.

Interview with Richard Hughes

Mukund Sivaraman from banu.com held an interesting interview with Richard Hughes, the maker of the ColorHug colorimeter: The ColorHug is a colorimeter that can be used to calibrate computer displays. It was created by Richard Hughes (hughsie). It is a fully open hardware project, and the design, drivers and firmware are available on the Gitorious code hosting website. Read the full interview here: https://banu.com/blog/41/interview-of-colorhug-maker-richard-hughes/ Thanks to Mukund for the excerpt!

Color Management On Linux

Pascal de Bruijn wrote an extensive article about color management on Linux systems, covering basic explanations as well as the description of some tools. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what color management is, what it is supposed to do, and most particularly how to use it on Linux. Find the article here: https://encrypted.pcode.nl/blog/2012/01/29/color-management-on-linux/

darktable Book Maintenance Release (v1.1.1)

Stefano Fornari has just released a new version of the book Digital photo development with darktable. Version 1.1.1 is a maintenance update. The release fixes a number of typos and other small editorial changes suggested by the community. Check out the pdf or packaged version and, as usual, send your comments and feedback to the darktable user list.

String freeze for 0.9.3

We are in string freeze for the master branch now. This means that only tiny bugfixes can be accepted, which don’t change any strings, to make sure they don’t break translations. That should lead us to another stable point release, 0.9.3, hopefully in a week or two.