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released darktable 1.4

released darktable 1.4

merry christmas!

we’ve got a new release for you:


since we have quite a lot of new features (masks etc, see below), there is an updated usermanual:


ubuntu packages are already available in the usual place, and there is a new macintosh disk image:


more detailed release notes:

  • darktable now integrates a lua engine that allows writing scripts to make it easier to use with other image processing software. These scripts can be run when a particular event takes place (for example when a new image is imported) or when a particular keyboard shortcut is used. There are very few scripts available at this point but we expect the community to provide some more during the next release cycle.
  • darktable now includes several kinds of drawn masks: brush, circle, ellipse, path and gradients
  • exporting in WebP format
  • serious speed enhancements of lighttable when using large colections
  • focus detection on lighttable
  • local cached copies of images for offline files
  • a few new blend mode like “HSV lightness”, “HSV color”, “Lab lightness” and “Lab color”
  • new modules “contrast brightness saturation”, “color balance” and “color mapping” which replaces the now deprecated “color transfer” module
  • new histogram mode “waveform”
  • added a setting to automatically collapse modules to only have a single one expanded
  • better user experience for bauhaus sliders: the popup now has a blinking cursor to make possible text entry more discoverable
  • the text entry for bauhaus sliders and vimkeys’ :set command can now evaluate mathematical expressions
  • additional logarithmic mode for editing the basecurve
  • many bug fixes and small improvements
  • a tool for measuring basecurves from a sample image
  • a tool to check the system’s color management setup. call cmake with -DBUILD_CMSTEST=On to build and install it. packagers probably want that.
  • updated usermanual
  • darktable now requires Gtk+ in version >= 2.24, Glib in version >= 2.30

known bugs

  • Ricoh Pentax K-3 PEFs aren’t supported yet (DNGs work fine)
  • Nikon D5300 isn’t supported yet

hope you have a couple of days off to enjoy the release!

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  1. Cool, best Christmas Present so far. Thanks a lot! :)
  2. Awesome. Very much appreciated. Keep up your great work.
  3. Congratulations, this new version is awesome!
  4. Great present for Christmas. Thank you very much!
  5. Great, thanks a lot ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)
  6. Wery great job ! Thank you and happy christmas !
  7. Just want to thank you guys for having such incredible linux distro support. As simple build script for every major distro (including arch!) is so rare to find in a project, and it's very appreciated. Wish more developers packaged like you guys.
  8. How do we get rid of the stupid santa hat icon. FFS. Way to exclude everyone who isn't from a western Christian background guys.
  9. FYI santa has nothing to do with Christianity. It's a Coca Cola ad which is replacing the real Christian background of Christmas.
  10. Thanks a lot for the new release! Another improvement of an already great piece of software! I particularly welcome the addition of drawn masks.
  11. Thanks a lot for your comment. I already envisioned them while drawing the hat and was excited to see them. So again, thank you. You are the people I made this for. You are welcome.
  12. Excellent software, thank you all guys! Awesome Christmas gift!
  13. Thank you and congratulations on the new release! I am really looking forward to trying out the masks. Selective editing is a must have feature for me.
  14. Thanks a lot ! Meanwhile Darktable is my default application. A big thumb also for the ubuntu packager.
  15. Congratz on the release! Great stuff. Thanks
  16. Thank you very much!
  17. François on Mon Dec 30 09:02:57 2013:
    Great ! I’m most grateful for what you’ve done so far
    I take as much fun playing with your piece of software as with my camera
  18. Thanks for this update. Do you have any idea when the D5300 will be supported ?
  19. Steve Adler on Tue Dec 31 04:11:26 2013:
    This is great software. Bravo!
  20. Congrats and well done. My favourite photo app keeps getting better.
  21. Awesome! Can't wait to check out all the new features! Thanks so much for maintaining and developing this amazing software.

    Question: I've been wondering this since the past version... Does Darktable do anything unusual when writing JPGs? When I open JPGs exported from Darktable in Eye of Gnome, they appear washed-out and too bright. I filed a bug here:


    It seems to be an EoG issue because all other programs display Darktable's JPGs correctly.

    But when I export to PNG and then convert that PNG to JPG using, say, Gimp, the resulting JPG displays fine in EoG!
  22. We still need to look deeper into the D5300 issue. I hope we can get it fixed before the next patch release (1.4.1), but I really can't promise anything.
  23. My pleasure :)
  24. Unlike many other programs, Darktable (as it should!) embeds a proper ICCv2 color profile into JPEGs it exports.

    EOG enables display color management depending on the input file it receives, if it finds an embedded color profile or certain EXIF tags, it enables display color management (which is sortof a bug in EOG, display color management should either always be applied, or it shouldn't, it's the dynamic behavior that confuses people). But I'm guessing in your particular situation EOG is actually doing the right thing.

    What is likely happening is that you have a bad display profile setup. The following two articles may assist you into further troubleshooting your issue:


    The PNG works as you expect (even though those expectations may not be correct) because for that format darktable doesn't support ICC profiles to be embedded yet (IIRC). EXIF in PNG is non-standard too (IIRC). PNG really isn't a great format for photography purposes.
  25. This is really a fantastic piece of software. I was wondering, whether a donate button could be implemented somewhere on the website. I would really like to chip in for the server maintenance etc.
  26. Great work. I've been using darktable quite a long time and it is my favourite raw developer so far. Cheers!
  27. ... stunning piece of software with excellent output. This is an even better package compared to others. Rich in colors, beautiful rendering and quite fast :) Thanx

  28. This new version is awesome. Perfect work ... :)
  29. Hey folks, this is fantastic, thank you. This christmas I spent a few days with my family, and it happens that my brother and my father both use Lightroom 5 on macs. So for the first time I gave it a try for a few hours, and it turns out that I clearly prefer darktable in most areas.

    I wish you and this project all the best for the new year.
  30. Thanks for reply. In fact, I can open them but the color is not nice at all, exactly as I would have a "pink" mask all over the picture. Tint is not nice.

    Good luck and if you need any sample, let me know,

  31. Ayan Nath on Mon Jan 06 17:13:10 2014:
    When will be a Windows release coming up?
    Please make a beta release atlest.
  32. Not at all unless a maintainer for that platform appears:
  33. Roland Rainer on Tue Jan 07 12:08:27 2014:
    Thank you so much for your work! I wanted to use 1.4 before writing a comment. Now I've tested the new features - very impressive. Before that version I had problems with large collections of images (max up to 400 images). Now I have a collection of 1100 images and no more problems. Not to mention the drawn masks - excellent.
  34. May I just say a big thanks to all involved in the project for the latest release!!! I think this is the best raw image application I have ever used and it keeps getting better each release. My canon 1DX now has more support and this is awesome! Thanks everyone.
  35. Hi

    Just saw this morning that ufraw is now handling Nikon D5300 raw files correctly. FYI ;-)

    Keep the good job,

  36. Author of libraw greatly recommends to update it to 0.14.8 at least. But with a new release of libraw 0.16 it makes sense to move directly to this version, because 0.14.x will stay unmaintained.
    Here: http://alextutubalin.livejournal.com/366079.html
  37. Manish Shah on Wed Jan 22 11:32:18 2014:
    Hi, is there an Ubuntu package for 1.4? I don't see anything here - https://launchpad.net/~pmjdebruijn/+archive/darktable-release/+packages

  38. I perfectly see them there - all published in Dec 23, 2013 for Ubuntu Saucy, raring, Quantal, and Precise.
  39. Manish Shah on Wed Jan 22 13:40:26 2014:
    Sorry, my mistake. Thanks for a great package!
  40. Hi
    would really love to have a windows version
  41. David Thompson on Mon Feb 17 21:52:13 2014:
    Just discovered Darktable and first impressions are WOW its more powerful than LIghtroom.

    I am using a MAC and running OSX Mavericks 10.9.1.
    I downloaded the latest version 1.4.1 but the
    "indicate focus regions" in the GUI options isn't there. Has this been removed since 1.4 ?