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If you feel like contributing to this project, here are a few suggestions.


Just use it! And afterwards let us know how you like it. Send your bug reports, feature requests, suggestions or just your personal opinion to our mailing list. You can file a bug to our bug tracker as well – but you want to discuss it first (on IRC or mailing list).

If you found a bug or managed to crash darktable, please submit a helpful backtrace! Instructions are below.


A short introduction can be found in our git repository, TRANSLATORS.md.

Supplying a color matrix for your camera:

Color matrices are specifications on how camera-native color is transformed into something that an end user might like, and ideally will be correct when viewed on a calibrated display. Read more about this in Pascal’s detailed blog post or watch his screencast.


Write image operation modules! Submit patches! Help to track down bugs by supplying backtraces! See the GitHub wiki for more details.