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darktable 1.4 release candidate

darktable 1.4 release candidate

We just packaged darktable 1.4rc1 for more testing before releasing 1.4 proper in a few weeks. We’ve got tarballs,


debian packages,


a Macintosh DMG,


and Pascal’s Ubuntu darktable Unstable PPA has been updated, too:


Preliminary release notes are (also see RELEASE_NOTES in git/tarball):

  • darktable now integrates a lua engine that allows writing scripts to make it easier to use with other image processing software. These scripts can be run when a particular event takes place (for example when a new image is imported) or when a particular keyboard shortcut is used. There are very few scripts available at this point but we expect the community to provide some more during the next release cycle.
  • darktable now include several kinds of drawn masks: brush, circle, ellipse, path and gradients
  • exporting in WebP format
  • serious speed enhancements of lighttable when using large collections
  • focus detection on lighttable
  • local cached copies of images for offline files
  • a few new blend mode like “HSV lightness”, “HSV color”, “Lab lightness” and “Lab color”
  • new modules “contrast brightness saturation”, “color balance” and “color mapping” which replaces the now deprecated “color transfer” module
  • new histogram mode “waveform”
  • added a setting to automatically collapse modules to only have a single one expanded
  • better user experience for bauhaus sliders: the popup now has a blinking cursor to make possible text entry more discoverable
  • the text entry for bauhaus sliders and vimkeys’ :set command can now evaluate mathematical expressions
  • many bug fixes and small improvements
  • a tool for measuring basecurves from a sample image
  • updated usermanual
  • darktable now requires Gtk+ in version >= 2.24, Glib in version >= 2.30

Thanks to everybody helping out! please double check your credits in the about dialog and the AUTHORS file and give us a shout if you’re missing.

This is still a testing version, so please report all bugs you find to our bug tracker https://darktable.org/redmine/projects/darktable/issues so we can take care of them and make the release an outstanding one.

Hope you enjoy the release!

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  1. Thank you so much !!
    This release is a big step forward.
    This is cool to have a "contrast brightness saturation" module for quick tunings.
    Keep up the good work !
  2. Thanx for masks, guys!
  3. Nice! Are there any new cameras supported on this release?
  4. Thank you so much!
  5. JustForFun on Mon Dec 02 17:09:58 2013:
    > deprecated "color transfer" module

    I cannot find this module anywhere (Darktable 1.2.3). Does it have some different name in the GUI? Is there any way to locate all the images using it (some search of the .xmp files content maybe...) and painlessly migrate to new modules?
  6. Congratulations ! it's really a great job !
    Can we hope to have a printing module in a next version ?
  7. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see the release in Kubuntu
  8. Nice work !!!
    Thank you so much !!
  9. The name should have been "color transfer". However, it was deprecated in some newer 1.2 releases already, so you probably can only see it with 1.2 or older but not with 1.2.1 and newer.

    Deprecating a module doesn't mean that it stops working in darktable, it just means that it won't be usable for new images any longer. Images that already make use of these modules should keep working, since we still ship the deprecated modules.

    I am not aware of a way to collect all the images that make use of such a module. And there is not automatic way to switch over to the new one. If there was we would have taken care of that for you automatically.
  10. There are a bunch, it's just that no one kept track of that it seems. I had gone through the whole git log since the last release (more than 11000 lines of text) but looking for every supported camera was too much for me.

    I hope to find time for that for the final 1.4 release notes. Thanks for the reminder.
  11. Maybe. There have been ideas about that, but nothing to hold your breath for. And definitely not in the next one following 1.4.
  12. Thank you so much for your good work. DT works very nice on my macbook pro. The performance is very good, better than LR5. I tried a few "negatives" yesterday evening and all works as expected.
  13. Many thanks to the developers, the new features are amazing!

    I have been using the drawn masks in the development 1.3 vesion during several months (many thanks also to Pascal for the "unstable" Ubuntu ppa) and they are great! The focus detection feature is very useful, also.

    But I do not see the way to change the histogram to waveform view. Is there a shortcut key, or a setting in global preferences to show the waveform?

    And somebody could give us an explanation to help understanding and reading waveforms? I know they are common in video applications, as a fast way to read the overall exposure. And I have seen the waveform view in Magic Lantern, and searched for info on the web ... but I still don't understand it :-(
  14. Sorry, I have seen just now the way to show the waveform, simply clicking the "set the histogram to linear" icon three times.

    But I still will appreciate very much a bit of explanation. Thanks!
  15. Thanks a million!
  16. Merci à toute l'équipe pour la qualité et le suivi du projet. Vous nous offrez là une alternative sérieuse à Lightroom!
    Bravo, bravo et encore bravo! ;-)

    Ps: Un grand merci aussi à tous les acteurs de la liste de diffusion qui répondent avec beaucoup de gentillesse et de spontanéité...
  17. What version of OS X are you using? Latest 10.9 Mavericks?
    I'm just trying to get some statistics and record which versions were successfully tested.
  18. We only need to look at the diff to darktable-1.2.x since all those new cameras supported have already been announced for the stable point releases over the last year.
  19. Great job. All the 'behind-the-scenes' work that has gone into darktable is showing up as more and more new user-facing features with every release.

    Love the new mask functionality and the new color mapping module.
  20. I will try to find some time to write a blog post about the waveform "histogram". In the mean time you can watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVoUgR6bhBc
  21. Great ! A lot of work had been done since the begining of this project.

    Now opencl works without bugs on my computer, wich is very good to process my D800 nefs.

    Where is the new tool for measuring basecurve on a sample image ? Is there any documentation on it ?

    Thanks a lot for all the work !
  22. documentation:

    But I don't find it in the file list of the Debian experimental package eg. So it's only avaliable in the GIT repository?
  23. Distributions don't build these tools, so you have to compile them yourself.
  24. Thanks a lot! A suggestion: what about pushing the -rc to the "Release Plus" PPA? Will add a lot of testers and probably would be appreciated by most...
  25. "Release Plus" is for releases (as the name says) plus additionally updated external dependencies like liblensfun. Therefore the users of this repository will have to wait another two-three weeks to receive the fully-grown released darktable 1.4.

  26. Thank you for the efforts and good work. Can't wait for the update. It is my favorite raw converter (Ubuntu) after working with different programs. Please keep this good work! Million thanks guys for providing this free!

    If I could make donations with PayPal, I would do it.
  27. Thank you, the video has been very useful to me. And a blog post would be great, thanks.

    (Something in my previous post is incorrect: to show the waveform, the icon in the histogram must be pressed twice. Pressing it three times returns to the logaritmic histogram view)
  28. Here you go: http://www.darktable.org/2013/12/of-histograms-and-waveforms/
  29. Thanks so much! I especially love the math expression input, I always thought it was one of the Blender UI's coolest features.
  30. Thanks for your offer! A nice way to do donations for darktable is supporting the Libre Graphics Meeting pledgie which will allow some of us and other people in the field to come to the meeting and gather - a very fruitful thing!

  31. Great, thank you guys ! In the release notes, you did not mention the log-scale editing of curves, in particular the base curve. While this may sound a small one, it is actually what made me build the dev version a few weeks ago.

    Hurra :)
  32. Thank you so much for your great work on Darktable!!!
    PLEASE keep Darktable working with new versions under Snow leopard 10.6.8.
    I know, it's an "outdated" system, but there are reasons to not upgrade to newer versions. Apple canceled Support for Aperture on this system and i look after an alternative software. And Darktable is this realy great peace of Software i like to change my picturedatabase to. On this system.
  33. OS X 10.6 should be supported, have you tried 1.4~rc1 DMG image? If it fails to start, I would like to know what error do you get.
  34. Markus Senn on Tue Dec 10 15:08:03 2013:
    thanks! great!! the only missing software for me in order to switch from mac to linux is a fine raw-processor - seems you are delivering!! keep up the good job and enjoy! Markus
  35. Yes the latest version, Mavericks.
  36. Thanks for the reminder, I added it to the list.
  37. Karl Huysmans on Sat Dec 14 18:22:49 2013:
    The drawn masks take Darktable to a whole new level, and they are well designed, fast , easy to use and yet very powerful ...

    Thank you for the good work, I think Darktable is one of the best open source projects ever!
  38. Sergio A.D. on Sun Dec 15 11:16:08 2013:
    Great job! But why in masks manager to again use a brush, you must deactivate the brush by right-clicking? At the same time in the modules can just reselect brush.
    (Sorry, my English is very bad)
  39. Great stuff. I have Pentax K-3 and when using multi-pattern white balance and importing RAWs to Darktable software is reding white balance parameters wrong. Any chance new Darktable will be supporting features of new Pentax K-3 DNGs / PEFs?
  40. Great stuff. I have Pentax K-3 and when using multi-pattern white balance and importing RAWs to Darktable software is reding white balance parameters wrong. Any chance new Darktable will be supporting features of new Pentax K-3 DNGs / PEFs?

    P.S. If you want I can send you samples of DNG files with normal auto white balance and multi-patern auto white balance if this will help to make the new K-3 DNGs work with Darktable. Just sent me an e-mail to which you want this samples sent to.
  41. Darktable is for me the most exciting OpenSource project since years! Keep up the good and innovative work!
  42. Hi, Thanks for this nice piece of software! Unfortunately when loading up a RW2 image from a Panasonic FZ200 it looks very magenta. UFraw reads the file correctly.
    Does is mean the FZ200 is not supported? Thank you!
  43. > blacklist_t blacklist[] = { { "fujifilm", "x-pro1" },
    > { "fujifilm", "x-e1" },
    > { "fujifilm", "x-e2" },
    > { "fujifilm", "x-m1" },
    > { NULL, NULL } };
    Sob, does this permanently mark the end of my hope?
  44. I never noticed that before but it's true the image is magenta. I'll look into that and submit this to the developpers :)

    I recently calibrated the lens (it's not perfect) :
  45. Great job, thank you a lot!!! Swapped from Rawtherapee 1.5 years back as found DT more advance and user friendly. All my Canon's line and Fuji x100 worked great. Just got new Fuji x-e2, just wonder if the support by Darktable of this camera on your roadmaproadmap? Thanks again, Vladimir
  46. I can not more export my pics after the 1.4 upgrade my computer work with 8Gb RAM this is the maximun allow amount of RAM.
  47. We probably need some more information to solve this problem - having "only" 8GB of RAM is certainly not a reason for broken export (me working here with 2GB which is fine).

    Please open an issue in our tracker: http://darktable.org/redmine/projects/darktable/issues
    and try to supply as much information as you can (system, version, source of installation, error messages/logs...)