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released darktable 1.2.1
Simon Spannagel

released darktable 1.2.1

Dear all,

we just released a patch version for the stable branch 1.2. As usual you can find the source tarball here:

  • source tarball
  • The Ubuntu PPA has already been updated by Pascal (thanks!),
  • the Mac OSX image will probably take a little longer.

We collected almost 150 commits on top of the last release from April, 7 which bring you quite some bugfixes, new noise profiles and white balance settings for several cameras etc.

One major change concerning the release itself has been made. The development team decided to exclude translations which are not properly finished from releases. The corresponding PO files will however stay in the git version. The selection has been done based on the percentage of translated and fuzzy strings since we are lacking detailed knowledge about the languages in question.

But have a look yourself:

Translation changes

  • New translation: Danish
  • Some translations have been removed from the release due to missing strings

New noise profiles

  • Canon EOS 450D / Kiss X2
  • Canon EOS 1100D / REBEL T3
  • Canon EOS 1D Mark II
  • Canon EOS 1D Mark III
  • All Canon Model names are now recognized, e.g. Canon EOS 350D and Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL and Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT and Canon EOS Kiss Digital N point to the same camera.
  • Olympus E-520
  • Olympus E-1
  • Olympus E-3
  • Olympus E-P2
  • Pentax K-30
  • Panasonic GH-2
  • Panasonic DMZ-FZ18
  • Additional data for Pentax K-5 II
  • Nikon D7100
  • Nikon D5200
  • Sony A57

White balances, color matrices

  • Fix issues with different camera model names for various Canon cameras (see above)
  • White balance for Panasonic DMC-GH2
  • Updates whitebalance list with the latest version of UFRaw’s cvs version
  • Whitebalances for Samsung NX5, NX10, NX11 (copied from NX100)


  • new RawSpeed version r537
  • Compatible with openEXR 2.0
  • Facebook export now allows HQ images (up to 2048px)
  • Blend mode “vividlight” should work for NaNs
  • Fix compile issues for OpenBSD
  • Whitebalance is now relative to daylight, not to camera white balance (this will not change any processing you have done, only the values displayed will differ)
  • Now importing folder via key accelerator is supported.
  • Only one temperature slider in white balance
  • Some fixes to the zoom behaviour in darkroom mode
  • New lensfun geometries now supported (with lensfun >= 0.2.7)
  • More coherent bauhaus UI for the split toning module
  • The color transfer module is now marked as deprecated. Will be superseeded by color mapping in the next major release.
  • Fix some possible deadlocks, memory leaks and null pointer dereferences
  • Status message in top bar should be updated more frequently now
  • Some more elaborate status messages if lens/camera not found in the lens correction module, if export failed
  • Option for parallel export threads removed from config, too dangerous
  • Option for thumbnail cache now specified in MB
  • Updated purge_non_existing_images.sh script
  • CLI option -d nan gives per-module output of NaN values
  • Some minor renamings, typo fixings …

Thanks to everybody who made this release possible. All developers, translators, proof readers, battle testers and the guys who maintain the great libraries we depend on. Furthermore a big thanks to all users which help to make darktable better by providing noise profiles, color matrices and white balance settings for their cameras, you effort is greatly appreciated!

As usual, we have not been lazy, so for those of you which do not need to have a reliable darktable installation all the time: in git master some amazing new features have landed (check the blog …) – try it out!

Cheers, Simon

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  1. Fabio Lima on Tue May 28 18:40:56 2013:
    This is an amazing software. Using it everyday for more than one year and still impressed. Great work!
  2. Great job as usual ! thank you very much guys ! Darktable is simply amazing !
  3. I love Darktable. Thanks!!
  4. How to manually select a noise reduction profile?
  5. Any plans for to include:
    * skin smoothing
    * instagram effects
    * Auto enhancement similar to http://techcrunch.com/2013/05/15/google-photos-can-now-automatically-create-animated-gifs-panoramas-hdr-images-and-better-group-shots/
  6. * No, that's post-processing, not our field.
    * No. We have the feature of "styles" - if anyone wants any instagram styles he/she can just distribute that style, users can import it.
    * Some of the modules already have auto-settings. However, we don not aim to be a one-click application, we provide professional tools to those who want. So :no.
  7. Thanks for this wonderful software. I use it more and more everyday.
  8. SMN:
    "* No, that’s post-processing, not our field." I don't understand that, isn't all you do in DT post-processing? All that sharpening, denoising, colour correction etc?

    (But I agree with the rest...)
  9. @Redi: There is a difference between improving an image's quality (sharpness, noise, white balance, etc.), and altering its content (colloquially known as "photoshopping"). The former is putting on makeup; the latter is getting plastic surgery.
  10. ♥ DT!
  11. Is there a way how to add the noise reduction support for camera which is not on the list yet? Can I help somehow even without programming knowledge?
  12. Yes, it's not that complicated actually. Have a look at the related blog post: http://www.darktable.org/2012/12/profiling-sensor-and-photon-noise/
  13. Hi guys,
    I finished the Italian translation for Darktable 1.2.x and 1.3 (git master).

    You may download the it.po file from:

    Darktable 1.2.x: http://ubuntuone.com/1u89x2sTBkveDyOsGdpyIj

    Darktable 1.3 (git master): http://ubuntuone.com/4sfix8O4mSYER662U8Pu28

    Let me know.


  14. Jose Luis de la Fuente on Sun Jun 02 09:24:42 2013:
    Great job!! DT is amazing!
  15. Darktable 1.2.1 fresh build&install. Color zones module presets are disabled with error message: "disabled, wrong module version". Any thought?
  16. This is already fixed and will be included in darktable 1.2.2. Thanks for reporting anyway.
  17. Thanks, pushed to the respective branches
  18. Hi there,

    I've just started using dt and I'm a bit novice when speaking of raw. I have a
    Nikon COOLPIX P330 and when I try to import a raw image (.NRW) dt displays the following error in the lighttable window:

    file has unknown format

    I've start searching a bit more on this but I've not found anything related yet

    if I try to manage the .NRW w/ dcraw it succeds:

    $dcraw -v -w -o 1 -f -T DSCN0090.NRW
    Loading NIKON COOLPIX P330 image from DSCN0090.NRW ...
    Scaling with darkness 200, saturation 4095, and
    multipliers 1.777344 1.000000 1.703125 1.000000
    Bilinear interpolation...
    VNG interpolation...
    Converting to sRGB colorspace...
    Writing data to DSCN0090.tiff ...

    any hint/help would be very appreciated


    I'm using the latest development dt version i.e. 1.3+417
  19. I'm having problems with DNG files in the new Darktable.
    Darktable consistently crashes when I try to open (doubleclick in lightroom) DNG files. JPEGs are fine, and the thumbnails from the imported DNGs show up fine - but thats just the embedded JPEGs I guess.
    Linux Mint 14, Cinnamon.
    Any clues?
  20. alex hurt on Tue Jun 04 17:14:00 2013:
    PLEASE DT for MAC ...please pretty please
  21. could it be these code lines (taken from latest Coffin's dcraw)

    - { "NIKON COOLPIX P330", 0, 0,
    - { 10321,-3920,-931,-2750,11146,1824,-442,1545,5539 } },

    are missing from darktable/src/external/dcraw.c ?
  22. ...(doubleclick in lightroom)...
    Should have been ...(doubleclick in lightTABLE)...
  23. We already have it in the development tree, and it will become part of darktable 1.2.2
  24. Please consider filing a bug:


    Please do provide a sample DNG file with which we can try to reproduce the issue.
  25. Though that matrix does not account for the loading of the RAW... But I don't think RawSpeed has support for the P330 yet.
  26. Thanks for your answer.

    do you mean libraw?

    0.15.0 has support for COOLPIX P330 & A
  27. Please be patient, the package maintainer for OS X just has some days of. You can wait some days, no?
  28. No I didn't mean LibRaw.
  29. ok. so next steps are:

    i) http://www.darktable.org/2012/10/whats-involved-with-adding-support-for-new-cameras/


  30. Done.
  31. Good news, Klaus Post (the RawSpeed author) just added P330 support, which I've just imported into Darktable, and it seems fine over here. So we now have experimental P330 support in our development tree.

    Those are articles are very relevant yes... Particularly the white balance presets from the first article, which are fairly easy to contribute.
  32. such a fortunate day for the P330 owners!
  33. Hi , I understand this tool is very highly rated. Was wondering if you would be releasing the same for Win Vista /7 32 bit in near future. Regards TB
  34. Nope. Read here:
    and here:
  35. hi there,

    here they are the white balance presets for the Nikon COOLPIX P330 (fw 1.0)

    { "COOLPIX", "P330", "Auto1", 0, { 2.070313, 1, 1.453125, 0 }},
    { "COOLPIX", "P330", "Auto2", 0, { 2.011719, 1, 1.507813, 0 }},
    { "COOLPIX", "P330", "Direct sunlight", 0, { 1.792969, 1, 1.65625, 0 }},
    { "COOLPIX", "P330", "Incandescent", 0, { 1.171875, 1, 2.730469, 0 }},
    { "COOLPIX", "P330", "Cool WHT FL", 0, { 1.867188, 1, 2.421875, 0 }},
    { "COOLPIX", "P330", "Day White FL", 0,{ 1.8125, 1, 1.742188, 0 }},
    { "COOLPIX", "P330", "Daylight FL", 0, { 2.046875, 1, 1.390625, 0}},
    { "COOLPIX", "P330", "Cloudy", 0, { 1.929688, 1, 1.480469, 0 }},
    { "COOLPIX", "P330", "Flash", 0, { 2.039063, 1, 1.578125, 0 }},

    sorry I'm not subscribed yet to ml. Please let me know if I was wrong or I've omitted something.

  36. Thanks a bunch, I've committed them:


    So if all goes well, they should popup in the next release of Darktable.
  37. ok, I'll give it a try and soon later I'll try to profile the sensor.

    thanks a bunch you too!
  38. Merci infiniment ! Incroyable ! Un mois que je l'utilise avec Debian Testing. J'ai repéré mes outils préféré. Je suis comblé.

    Thank you so much! Incredible! A month that I use in Debian Testing. I spotted my favorite tools. I'm thrilled.
  39. Thanks for released 1.2.1, I would like if you added noise from 400D+ in this camera can get images with iso 3000 with the 400D+ added
  40. hi,

    here its is the COOLPIX P330 noise profile:

  41. When will Raw support be added for the Olympus E-PL5?
  42. Eduardo Bohoyo Díaz on Tue Jul 09 20:02:00 2013:
    Congratulations: DT is amazing.

    Have you in mind future support for X3F files?

    I can open the SIGMA files of my DP2s in DT, but always with a bluish tint and a weird behaviour with many tools. It's like as DT doesn't recognize every chanel.
  43. Since the SIGMA features a Foveon sensor we are not supporting it at all right now. Even though it might become supported in the future, there are no plans to do that. Currently we only support classic sensors using the standard Bayer pattern.