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user manual updated
Simon Spannagel

user manual updated

Dear all,

we updated both the English online user manual and the PDF version to darktable 1.4. The online version can be found at https://darktable.org/usermanual/en/, the PDF document is available from here.

Many thanks to Ulrich and Jérémy for their outstanding work on keeping our documentation up to date!

Another thing worth mentioning is the current status of the user manual translation. We have several contributors working on translating the manual into French and Italian – thanks, Victor and Federico! We’ll inform you once we have something to release.

Enjoy reading the new chapters about Lua, drawn masks and many other improvements.

Happy new year!

(and yes, we are aware of the fact that in some cultures new year might not have started yesterday …)


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  1. I'm awaiting the new darktable version arrival in Fedora's repo, and am reading the new manual in the mean time. You've done a tremendous job here, too: everything is very thoroughly and clearly explained and though the UI could still seem strange to newcomers, it's now much easier to make one's first steps and enjoy all the program's efficiency.
    Thanks a lot.
  2. Any chance to get the source of the manual ? I'd like to make an epub export and share it...

  3. Hej Ric,

    sure, the manual sources are available as docbook in our regular repository, see here:

    Cheers, Simon
  4. Is it possible to create a pdf version with less margins (top/bottom and left/right)? It would be better to print docbook (now is too many pages with only one paragraph or screenshot).