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New screencasts for darktable 1.0

New screencasts for darktable 1.0

Pascal recorded some new screencasts using the latest stable version of darktable, 1.0.4.

The first is (one can start speaking of “as usual”) dedicated to the changes and new features of darktable 1.0, giving an overview over improvements, new UI elements and workflow changes.

The second one is a bit more general. Pascal elaborates on raw file archiving and backups, about the pros and cons of DNG and Vendor formats and whether you want to embed your metadata or not.

Find them either on our resource page or on Pascal’s website.

Enjoy watching them, thanks to Pascal!

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  1. Juan J, Garza on Tue Jul 03 08:18:33 2012:
    One very inportant thing I woulf like to know: what about back-up? I like to archive my files unto CD media, however, I've noticed that files as recent as 7 years old are now degrading. Archiving unto the computer's HD I don't think is very safe. One of my computers was fried by lightning and lost all my data. Ewmoveable media (SD cards, XD, USB sticks) I don't think have been arounf long enough to pass the test.
  2. C. McCool on Tue Jul 24 16:58:30 2012:
    2 or 3 options for backing up:

    1) You're buying the wrong CD/DVDs. They're expensive, but buy the Fuji Archivals, get the Gold ones, if you can. These are Archives rated to last decades. A burnable CD/DVD begins to degrade after about 5 years.

    2) I use old IDE hard drives as a back-up. I load an entire quarter, half-year, and year onto a single drive that is then disconnected from my computer and stored in a locked file cabinet. It's my third back-up, as I also keep my files on my computer and they get backed up to an external harddrive once a week.
  3. squelch41 on Sun Aug 12 16:15:18 2012:
    Or can buy an LTO tape drive second hand - can pick up LTO 2 and 3 drives on ebay. Media should last >10years and you get 400Gb/tape from LTO3
  4. Or you can by some space on the cloud and leave the reponsability of your data to some professionals.