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String freeze for darktable 1.1

String freeze for darktable 1.1


As of today we are in string freeze for the next darktable version. Version 1.1 will not only contain bug fixes (that too) but a lot of new features. Some of them long-wanted, some of them you haven’t even dreamed about.

As usual we follow our release procedure:

  • String freeze (as of now). Translators get time to catch up and it’s a good means to stop overly crazy development to be merged into master
  • A couple of weeks of translating and bug hunting
  • Then we’ll release release candidates again, to enable bread testing even from users who aren’t comfortable with “unstable” packages or git.
  • … and finally there will be a new stable version of darktable.

Please help us to make this release another success, translate if there is something to translate, test, find bugs and report them to our bug tracker. If you have any questions, join us on IRC or the mailing lists.

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  1. Darktable is perfect program.

    Thank you
  2. Excitedly waiting for the new features. Good work, keep them coming guys!
  3. Great !

    I am really looking forward v1.1 !
    I'm so impatient that I tried out the unstable repos (I was previously using 1.3). I must say that except for the black squares everywhere in the preview, I really liked what I saw so far (and still no crash after prost-processing half a dozen HDR files coming from Luminance)

    What I liked :

    - Thank you, you finally moved monochrome in the color tab !
    - sliders are much easier to use, especially in the crop / resize / rotate. The additional 90° rotate is also a nice touch.
    - the global tonemap feature, it is great. Will we get as many algorithm as Luminance to play with in the near future?

    Nevertheless, some stuff bugged me :
    -While I see the difference in visual results, it confuses me to have global tonemap and tonemapping as 2 different pluggin.
    - Grouping seems like a good idea, but It confuses me more as it is not obvious weither groups are collapsed or not. Something like a folder icon with a thumbnail would be more straighforward or at least a "+" sign. "G" is not really helpfull in this case.
    - the crop pluggin behavior is still weird (you still have to turn it off and on to modify the cropping window ). I got used to it by now anyway.

    As a side note, will we get local contrast and conditional blending in v1.1?

    In general, I am in awe before all the great work you have put into darktable. I cannot stop bringing it in when I am arguing about open source software quality.

    Please, keep up the good work!
  4. YES! Love this program - thanks for all the hard work
  5. Hi!

    black squares? I heard that once before on the mailing list but that's something that shouldn't happen. Could you please file a bug in our tracker? Thanks!

    Yes, both conditional blending and local contrast will be included - and should already be in your unstable installation since both got merged into the development branch months ago...

  6. Steven Adler on Fri Oct 12 17:58:35 2012:
    Version 1.1 is looking quite strong. Still too many options, IMHO, to do many redundant things, and some interface elements are hard to find and use. There is a consistent use of blend mode option but not a consistent explanation of how its use will change for each plugin.

    And even though I love all the plugins, it is really hard to remember each plugin, its icon, what it does, and how it and other plugins together effect the image.

    But I applaud the work effort and am increasingly using this tool instead of ASP.
  7. Good job :)
    The image quality produced by this app is outstanding :)
  8. BTW would it be possible to add Quantal support for the PPAs?
  9. Great program. Thank you!
  10. I used to develop my ORFs using Rawtherapee and then I discovered Darktable, which is faster and gives me more possibilities, so I began using it.

    But then I discovered Aftershot Pro which is much faster than Darktable even using OpenCL on my Nvidia GT240. Why Aftershot is much faster? Is there any chance to speed up Darktable?

    One of the things that I like of Aftershot is the highlight recovery, which I think does an excellent job.

    Anyway, thanks for such a great tool. !
  11. Are you sure your darktable runs with OpenCL enabled?

    You can check this by running darktable from command line with
    darktable -d opencl
    It should print the status of its OpenCL detection.
  12. Yes, I am pretty sure. The check on the preferences is always enabled and that means that OpenCL is enable, correct?
  13. it used to deactivate itself if not working, but I'm not sure this is still the case. If it is enabled and the speed still isn't what you expect, you may want to open a bug about it in our bug tracker [0] with some additional information (hardware, activated modules, performance log...)
    You can check the processing time by running
    "darktable -d perf"


    [0] http://darktable.org/redmine/projects/darktable/issues
  14. Currently there is no direct UI feedback on the availability of OpenCL. We used to reset the preference option to "off" when OpenCL was not available, but that puzzled users a lot.

    The classical way would be to grey out the preference option when the needed capability is not present, ie. no OpenCL is detected or could be loaded. I am currently thinking how this could be implemented in a more general way.
  15. A thousand huzzahs! Will the big JPEG memory leak (http://www.darktable.org/redmine/issues/8767) be fixed in time for v1.1? I'd really like to go back to using Darktable but quite a bit of my library is in JPEG and that leak was a bit of deal-breaker for me.

    Either way, thanks for the hard work! I'm definitely keeping an eye on this project...
  16. Great stuff :)

    One question. I am using Debian stable (Squeeze) with libglib-dev version 2.24.
    I am using Darktable 1.0.5 compiled from sources, but when I tried to compile git version I was getting error messages that I have to old libglib version.
    My concern is if I will be able to compile new Darktable 1.1 on my system (Debian Squeeze) with Squeeze versions of libraries with no problems?

    Thanks in advance for reply to that.
  17. I just pushed a small change that is supposed to disable the features that require glib >= 2.26.0 (that is, the geotagging module). Could you please try to compile again?
  18. Building is stopping on 46% with error message:
    cc1: warnings being treated as errors
    /tmp/darktable/src/control/jobs/control_jobs.c: In function ‘dt_control_time_offset_job_run’:
    /tmp/darktable/src/control/jobs/control_jobs.c:1389: error: implicit declaration of function ‘dt_image_add_time_offset’
  19. Please try again, I forgot something.
  20. Stops with error on 50%:
    48%] Building C object src/CMakeFiles/lib_darktable.dir/develop/imageop.c.o
    /tmp/darktable/src/control/signal.c:69: error: ‘g_cclosure_marshal_generic’ undeclared here (not in a function)
    [ 50%] Building C object src/CMakeFiles/lib_darktable.dir/develop/pixelpipe.c.o
  21. Hmm, is highlight reconstruction in current git master broken only for me?
    No matter if I choose "reconstruct in LCh" or "cutoff highlights" (maybe badly translated from German) - I only have one slider "cutoff threshold", and nothing at all happens with any of the both options.
  22. I think I have something similar in 1.0.5 version.

    Debian Squeeze AMD64 + backports
    Compiled from sources.
  23. Thank you!!!! Darktable is better than LR for me :-]
  24. Thank you :) Will be waiting eagerly for this!
  25. Hey Guys!

    I'm very happy about darktable, hopefully one day it becomes mature enough to break Lightroom and enables me to switch to linux.
    I think the most important is to work on the user interface, to make it more simple and the different plugins and options less confusing. Just keep it very simple and effective like Lr, with some features of Ps and fully customisable shortcuts an ui (with predefined sets) for the folks who come from Lr. That would be great. Keep up the good work and thank you!
  26. I don't think that Adobe products should be followed when comes to user interface :) the UI of PSH is awful IMHO, one think is that you are used to it and the other is that it's really ergonomical
  27. Hi zoltan,

    thanks for your words!

    However, just to make this clear: we will *never* copy any other products or change our processing/UI/whatever just because "they do it this way". We aim to provide a professional raw developer and asset management - and if we change something then because it disturbed *our* workflow and *we* had a better idea.

    So: if you have special wishes, convince us! :)
  28. Hey guys,

    thank you for all the hard work! I love the application and am really looking forward to the next release.

    Do you have any plans of adding support for Ubuntu 12.10 soonish? As I read in several polls (though those are probably not too representative), many people already upgraded their OS to Quantal.

  29. I'd been a long-time user of UFRAW as part of my RAW workflow.
    After a hiatus from digital photography I'm back in the game.
    I found darktable in the Arch Linux repos.
    Bit more of a learning curve than UFRAW, but I'm not going back.
    Looking forward to 1.1
    Believe you me, I will be showing off DarkTable's prowess whenever someone asks about the software I use (I always mention I use only open source software).
    Now, about that file manager capability... (kidding! Awesome sense of humor!)
  30. :D
  31. Yes please, add quantal support for stable and nightly build
    need it ! :-)
  32. Quantal already has our latest stable release (1.0.5) in the main repositories.
  33. Равиль on Wed Oct 31 18:41:59 2012:
    Это лучший raw-конвертер из всех, которые только есть на linux. Спасибо Вам за труды. С нетерпением жду обновления до версии 1.1
  34. спасибо!
  35. Thank you!
  36. @Redi: Indeed, Ps is not the most user friendly, although they improved it since CS2. But Lr is, with its shortcuts provides the most intuitive workflow so far, and not just because I'm used to it. The only handicap it has is that they cripple it deliberately to force folks to use Ps to certain tasks like masking (by the way the OnOne Photo Suite is very interesting in that sense). I think this is the area where Darktable has the promise of a much better workflow and extended usability without the proprietary crap of Adobe, but only once it grows up in general usability as well.

    @smn Sure, just copying in order be like Lr wouldn't make sense, but to enable the user to set shortcuts as he wants (in my case, as I've used it with Lr, which of course would evolve once I get the freedom), does I think. As well as to clearly differentiate sections of the UI to make it more transparent and intuitive.

    However I tried it only on mac yet, so not v1.1.
  37. Let me add, that dt has improved a LOT, since i've first seen, but not too much gui wise.
  38. Hey again,

    I tried 1.1, and I have to say respect, things are shaping up! And I've seen in the dev wiki you are working on the UI, awesome, keep up the good work!
  39. since v1.0 all shortcuts are configurable by user, almost everything can be steered by shortcuts now. Have a look into the preferences...