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Release Candidate darktable1.0~rc1

Release Candidate darktable1.0~rc1

There are still bug fixes coming, which is good. But nevertheless we just released a release candidate tarball, available for download from here:


which will hopefully help us to get rid of the last couple of remaining bugs before 1.0. For install instructions have a look on how to compile from source.

This is a rough outline of the changes since 0.9.3 (quite sure we forgot something, it’s been > 1000 commits):

  • bugfixes

  • translations (we now have chinese!)

  • new cameras supported

    • Leica M9
    • NX100/NX5/NX10/NX11
    • Panasonic DMC-GX1
    • Pentax K-r
    • Canon Powershot S100
    • Olympus XZ-1
    • Olympus E-P3
    • Sony DSLR A330
    • Sony NEX-5N
    • Canon EOS 1000D
    • Canon EOS 600D
    • Sony Alpha 390
    • Fuji Finepix HS20EXR
  • removed gconf: not used anymore, we have our own backend

  • new modules:

    • shadows & highlights
    • enhanced tone curve. now operates in a and b channels as well
    • keywords. allows usage and reordering of hierarchical keywords
  • new cache:

    • faster
    • reduces needed memory
    • more thumbnails stored on disk
  • read embedded jpegs for creating thumbnails (faster folder import)

  • unity launcher support (ubuntu)

  • increased general speed on sqlite3 (journaled)

  • quicktool bar: exposure, presets and styles

  • shortcuts support – key accelerators (GSoC)

  • modular ui

  • new color picker

  • web gallery export now with next/prev buttons per image

  • refactored modules:

    • import
    • snapshots (enable sliding separation line between before/after images)
    • metadata

In case you didn’t notice yet, there is now also a quite active blog with some insights in ongoing development and new modules, you might want to check it out.

We’ve updated the about dialog and the manpage with a new author list including the period release-0.9.3..master, but please double check if we forgot someone …

Thanks all for being a great community, thanks to all contributors! We know how hard it is to spare a few minutes each week to make dt great!

Enjoy the release, let us know about any remaining issues!

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  1. This is great news, thanks a lot for your hard work!
  2. Daniel Phillips on Sun Mar 04 12:20:06 2012:
    Fantastic work, I have it installed. Thanks for all your efforts
  3. Fantastic work. Can't wait for final version ;)
  4. Excellent! It's still our main tool for our wedding photography efforts, and we're patched into the unstable releases so we test everything fresh off the pipeline. Keep up the good work!
  5. Thanks for your efforts to make this amazing software.

    RAW image edition is a very complex domain, and you guys are making it accessible with an Open Source software that looks and behave very professional!
  6. Mateus Machado Luna on Mon Mar 05 02:40:15 2012:
    Amazing job guys! Thank you very much!
  7. Great work guys! Thanks a lot for all your efforts in developing this great software!
  8. Thanks for all the excellent work. I love darktable!

    I have a question about the xmp files(and can be extended to any file created in the image folder). The ext4 file system I use for the raw and processed images have 64K block size, so the xmp files while just under 4K eats up 64K for each image ID. Can these be relocated in a different location? Or could they all be saved in a single compressed file in the folder? Or could they be maintained in a sqlite DB? The side effect of not modifying or creating any files in images folder could allow for using darktable with read-only media also.
  9. Hi RK,

    those files are created for your data safety. All data in the XMPs is in your sqlite database, so those files are for redundancy only. You can turn of writing XMP sidecar files in the preferences. Go to core options and uncheck "write xmp sidecar file for each image" - but beware: if you loose your database, all oyur processing is gone.

    regards, Simon
  10. i have been on darktable unstable since the release od 0.9.3 and i have seen major improvements, the majority of my complains are now gone...previously i had two major complains, the thumbnail data base refreshing and its slow to generate thumbnails, however since a few weeks this issue has been resolved and it is quite fast....! i know it would be much much faster on high end models, but in my AMD turion Dual Core 2.6 Ghz and 4Gb ram and 512MB ATI graphics the performance is quite fast...! i would say when compared to 0.9.3 it is abot 2-3 times faster in all areas..!

    still the major complain that i still have is the snapshot tool, i am unable to zoom into both images at the same time inorder to get a close comparision! question is will we be seeing a better comparision tool ( before and after tool) in the near future, or is it under development!! i would love to see such a tool..! then that would mmake DT perfect for all my needs..!

    BTW great work....! cheers!
  11. Is there a full camerasupport list of supported cameras? Rawtherapee seem to have better recent out of the box camera support using dcraw than Darktable with libraw. Rawtherapee seems to give better rawconversion for recent cameras than darktable in comparison, while darktable is more mature in many capabilities. In any case they seem to be the two best free (Linux) applications that can compete with Adobe lightroom.
  12. Hi Gert,

    as you say: all cameras supported by libraw are supported by darktable. But libraw is only our fallback - first we try to use rawspeed for raw loading since it's a lot faster.
    Furthermore we have enhanced color matrices for several cameras - best way to check is just firing up darktable and check with one of your images.

    best regards,