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released darktable 1.2.3

released darktable 1.2.3

Dear all,

we just released another patch version for the stable branch 1.2. As usual you can find the source tarball here:

We collected the following goodies for you:

  • Update to RawSpeed r570
  • Canon 70D (preliminary)
  • Olympus E-P5 (incl. preliminary Adobe Coeff.)
  • Samsung NX2000
  • Sony RX100m2
  • Sony SLT-A58 (updated)

White Balance Presets:

  • Sony NEX-5R
  • Sony SLT-A58
  • Nikon D3200 (updated)
  • Pentax K20D

Enhanced Color Matrix:

  • Pentax K20D

Noise Profiles:

  • Canon EOS 1100D == Canon EOS Rebel T3
  • Canon PowerShot S95
  • Canon PowerShot G11
  • Nikon Coolpix P330
  • Sony A580
  • Fuji X10
  • Pentax K20D

Fixes and improvements:

  • Increased maximum cache size to 8GB
  • OS X: fix Facebook uploads
  • Adjustments to default lowpass blur settings
  • Adjustments to dithering slider ranges
  • Metadata viewer: fix display of focal length: indicate unit and hide if invalid.
  • Chromatic Aberrations: fix segfault for small buffers
  • Color pickers: fix various issues, e.g. #9482
  • More guides for Crop & Rotate
  • Improve light table usability: when viewing images in fullscreen wrap around at line end when pressing right arrow key
  • Soften: massive speed improvements by using SSE and OpenMP
  • Deleting images from camera is not supported anymore for safety.
  • Exposure module now supports multiple instances
  • Support for custom meta data burn in (see commit 6ac7ba055440aa27f79f0a67ac112799a0e7785e)
  • OpenCL support for nVidia GeForce GT330
  • PFM: load timestamp as date & time taken.
  • Fix bug prohibiting image rating by mouse
  • Update Picasa uploader: references Google+ now
  • Some fixes for memory leaks, deadlocks, background jobs
  • Fixes of on-screen handles for Crop&Rotate; and GND modules
  • 0 bytes files will no longer be imported but ignored

As usual: enjoy the release!

(and: give feedback, report bugs, read our blog, try the development branch, go out and take photos …)

This might be the last point release of the darktable 1.2 stable branch. Prepare yourselves for some major improvements and new features …

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  1. Dear DT Team,

    My congratulations for this release. DT has become my standard RAW developer since about 1 year, replacing RawTherapee.

    One question: what is the current status of development for the next major release (1.4)?

  2. ghis decorte on Fri Sep 13 18:09:52 2013:
    once more: thanks to all who contributed to this masterpiece
  3. I have been testing this program for the last 2-3 months, and I have to say it's the most powerful toolchain one can have to process raw files. Impressive work, and I doubt many (or any) highly priced soft can beat its processing capabilities in any manner. Support for newest cameras is impressive too.

    However, I want to be totally honest too... (otherwise my comment would not be of any help) the GUI really needs some love. The application's gui design makes the process of developing raw files so slow when you want to process more than 2 or 3 pictures (I do 200 to 400 image batches usually in one go, every 1 or 2 weeks).

    IMHO it would speed up the process a lot if:

    - Most frequent tools were made available in the default toolbar (sharpen/levels/vibrance-saturation... I think it's quite rare to process any picture that does not use any of those?)
    - I do not understand why the tools have icons, if they are not used later on in the lists. That would help a lot locating the tools on long lists
    - It would also be nice to divide the custom toolbar list into several categories. It's not easy to find anything when you have 20 of them enabled ( I have to enable all those not included by default here...)
    - A simple undo/redo from keyboard (rather than a history list) would be nice too
    - The need to import all files before processing them isn't very helpful when one uses other file managers to sort them.

    Do you regularly run tests with your average userbase, to see what difficulties they arise? I have done this in my own projects, and most of the times I found it to be very useful, so I would really suggest this path.

    If help and time effort is needed, I could try helping out with some code if you really are interested on improving it, although I am not the best coding with gtk...

  4. Thanks for the time and dedication. Recently found Darktable and have really been liking it - perhaps even more the the other options.
  5. The status is great. :)

    We have tons of new features and improvements for you. We (more or less) decided not to have another stable point release but now work towards releasing 1.4. So stay tuned.

  6. Robenroute on Sat Sep 14 09:57:13 2013:
    Thanks everyone! Great stuff. Very happy with DT. Using it with my Fujifilm X10; even though X10 RAW files aren't fully supported, processing the X10 JPGs is most enjoyable.

    A little niggle: somehow, Rawtherapee's sharpening (deconvolution) gives me slightly better results than DT's sharpening tools.

    Thanks again for a great tool.
  7. alex hurt on Sat Sep 14 11:12:46 2013:
    hi there,
    using OS X 10.8.5
    DT 1.2.3

    where is the masking feature that everyone is talking about?

  8. Wolf-Rüdiger Jürgens on Sat Sep 14 19:12:46 2013:
    I like darktable very much, but the handling of the highlights is uh "problematic", restore of the highlights was much better in older versions.

    Regards Wolf
  9. Thanks for your continued work and dedication. Working exclusively on Linux darktable has replaced my previous tool of choice (Bibble/AfterShot Pro) entirely.
    The only things I currently miss, is a keyboard input of slider values and perhaps some options for configuring the GUI (e.g. font and font size).
  10. Hi, great application! Perfect for my Lumix G3 but with the Lumix G6 it looks like there is a wrong white-balance profile? The RAW pictures have a green cast. Anything I can do or will this be added in one of the next versions?
  11. I like this last sentence very much. :-)
  12. in git master. This will be part of the future 1.4 version. Stay tuned.
  13. It looks like we have some fixes for that in current git master. They need to be tested a little further but then will be part of 1.4

    (Sorry guys for constantly refering to 1.4 but this is really just a point release with new hardware support and bug fixes...)
  14. Sliders: just type away.
    GUI: open your .config/darktable/darktablerc and play aorund with teh font settings there.
  15. >> The only things I currently miss, is a keyboard input of slider values
    Right click on a slider then use the keyboard to type a value ...
  16. Wolf-Rüdiger Jürgens on Mon Sep 16 10:02:28 2013:
    I have found another bug in DT 1.2.3, equalizer creates random red pixels when you do something like sharpen or clarity. It looks like the overexposed warnings but its in the shadows. A few blue pixels also. For me its a showstopper.
  17. Are you sure they are not hot pixels? DT removes them very easily/automatically, you just have to active the module.
  18. Thanks for your excelent work on darktable.
    One question, will the Lumix G6 be supported in near future?
  19. I just can say THANK YOU !!!
  20. Colorista Sam on Tue Sep 17 08:51:07 2013:
    Hi, could you please write somewhere on the official website, if darktable supports MULTIPLE SCREENS, aka DUAL HEAD ??? I just found some threads in the sf user forum and an irritating statement in the wiki:

    Does this really mean: darktable does NOT support a second screen?

    I am asking for an explicit info about this because I can not believe that a graphics intensive software like DT does not support dual head - every photo pro I know does have a second screen for picture viewing.

    I spent several hours trying to fix dual head support - I was digging deep into linux graphics driver land and was running into the wrong direction of "fixing my system" until I finally got that dark thought that a photo app like darktable might not support dual head at all - as it comes out, all these lost hours could have been spent with my family or other more meaningful things if you put this info clearly understandable on your site that there is currently no dual head support within darktable - THANK YOU!

    Hopefully this will save many hours to other enthusiasts that hit this wall.

    BTW you should definitely fix it. It is kind of absurd building such a beautiful tool and not implementing dual head support.
  21. We do not support dual screen at this moment, and have no plans in the short run to implement it. We might in the long run.

    Implementing dual screen is more complex than you'd think, since there are color management concerns as well, which add another level of complexity.
  22. I just tried a few images here (with our development branch), and I see no obvious issues. (And with our latest stable release 1.2.3, I'd expect the same).

    So if you still see this green cast with version 1.2.3, please do file a bugreport in our Redmine.
  23. Did you try by any chance?
  24. Rob Hutton on Tue Sep 17 16:55:50 2013:
    Does it look something like this?

  25. Oh, and don't forgot to supply sample files :)
  26. @most used tools, this can differ from person to person, our category system allows you define "favorite" modules.

    @icons, that's a rememnant of the past, putting the icons elsewhere would be way too space consuming.

    @custom toolbar, do you mean favorite modules? If so, you should put your most used ones in there, and not clutter it up with less commonly used ones.

    @other file manager, this is not really our primary concern, darktable is meant as an all-in-one tool. You're free to use it otherwise, but it's not our main use-case.
  27. Actually, I found some more samples online, and I dug in...

    The following two fixes should improve color rendition:



    They are available in our development branch and should be part of our next major release.
  28. Please see above:
  29. Please consider contributing white balance presets:


    Also, does the G6 have different aspect ratio modes? If so, could you supply a RAW per aspect ratio mode, so we can verify they all work as expected?
  30. Wolf-Rüdiger Jürgens on Wed Sep 18 06:02:38 2013:
    Maybe it was a random failure, i've reset the developing steps and all went ok.
  31. Hi, thanks. Installed the git version. 4:3 works fine 16:9 (most pictures I take are in 16:9) not - currently I do not have other aspect ratios. Here is one in 16:9, hope that helps:


    If needed I will take some pictures with other aspect ratios today or tomorrow...
  32. I understand that most frequently used tools vary from user to user, thus my suggestion to run usability tests with users. I would say that 99% of the people using raw process their photos with a bit of sharpening and levels adjust. At least that's what most other raw processors include in their defaults.

    About the custom toolbar, yes, I was referring to the favourites one (the star). The problem is that I have too many tools in it, all the ones I use frequently and are hidden in other toolbars. So I find myself in need to reduce them or split them in sections.

    you're correct about the file manager. It's due to my own workflow: unfortunately often I find myself processing straight from external USB/CF drives whose content varies, or using a laptop when I travel where contents are temporary while I reach my desktop... so the folder structure changes... adding them to the darktable database just doesn't make much sense to me, but it's just getting used to it.

    Thanks for the responses
  33. Ah great, but I would need a single RAW for every aspect ratio mode, which I'm guessing are four in total.

    Also having a single RAW for each white balance preset would be great, which usually means 5-9 images depending on the camera.

    For both the above the content of the images doesn't matter too much, shooting some bland images out of the window should be just fine.
  34. ok, will try this tomorrow (GMT time ;)) and post the links.
  35. I uploaded a few RAWs with different ratio and WB.
    I hope you can use them
  36. IMHO with the rising popularity of huge extremely-wide screens I dont think that DS should be high priority...

    Anyhow I have my own question for you Pascal :) I saw on the mailing list that there is GTK3 port going on and the dev who does it said that there is absolutely no way to incorporate the Gnome 3.10 close button or any other Gnome specific code. But from what I know you already did some coding regarding Unity/GS, right? Did the team changed their policy about this?

  37. Thanks Gerd =)
    If you need anything else Pascal, just let us know.
  38. Some cleanups to migrate between GTK2 and GTK3 are ongoing. But currently we are still very much a GTK2 project.

    The Unity integration is a very simple library, which is easy to enable/disable (and it's disabled by default in all builds), and has next to to impact on anything.

    The GNOME3.10 close button probably depends on using a recent version of GTK3. So considering our GTK3 cleanup effort isn't finished, and we're not building against it, it's unlikely to be an option in practical terms.

    Once our code is GTK3 clean, and we start building against GTK3 by default, we may reconsider something like this. But I would guess that something like that would happen mid to late 2014 or so.
  39. Ah great, here goes:


  40. Thank you so much for a great piece of software! Just compiled 1.2.3 and it's working fantastic!

    Cheers to all devs!

  41. Cheers to the developers - just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you. Add a donate link on your site so we can contribute :)
  42. Where do you list enhancements planned for 1.4 etc?

    I am about to experiement with the current release on two screens. Interested in lighttable on one screen and darkroom on the other screen, the big colour accurate screen.

    Also interested in a distributable reader so I can send out collections with all the images categorised. Does any other software read your XML files?
  43. François on Thu Sep 26 15:46:08 2013:
    Thank you ! I've just adopted it after having evaluated 10 or more alternative, it's the best free alternative application I found to manage raw files

    I really appreciate the quality of the software, reliable, powerfull and smart

    Besides frequently updated with improvement (local correction coming soon !) Great Job !

    The only remark if I may, would be on the user interface, I see still room for improvement there. Some ideas I would like to see implemented:

    - Cursors are too small in parameter bars (inducing waste in productivity), if it was slightly larger it would be easier and so quicker to adjust values. An idea also could be to change the appearance of the cursor when it has been changed from it original position (ex plain or outlined)

    - Be able to modify module order in groups (or at least in favorite group) by grag and drop (or preference settings). I read somewhere it’s in the order the engine apply the filters but it would be so usefull to match with the user workflow.

    - Preference & Settings menu would need to be revamped, I’m not convinced all options are really needed, I missed some ergonomic options (ex fontsize) and “photo development” options. Take no offence but I have the feeling this menu has been developed by and for software developers than Photographer (fyi I'm a software engineer, photo is my hobby ...)

    - Whereas it’s possible to adjust the size of the left and right side panels in the parameter menu, I would have prefer to be able to adjust it dynamically

    As a conclusion, really good soft, very powerfull and well designed (I can feel the developers technical expertise), but imho it will definitely catch (and overclass !) non-free solutions if it was a little bit more user centered
  44. Here you get it officially (the dev's wiki is just an idea collection):

    darktable currently does NOT support dual head setups due to system issues with color managed output to multiple monitors, which is currently not working.

    This means this needs to be fixed system wide before we can start implement some smart dual head interface.
  45. There is no feature list for 1.4, but if you scroll through our blog section you will find many preview articles for upcoming features.

    As stated above: dual head is not supported.

    The sidecar files written by darktable comply with the XMP standards so in principle that should be possible. darktable uses its own namespace in order not to overwrite anything else.
  46. Hi, and thanks for the flowers.

    some of your remarks are indeed valuable, but noone had the time to really take care of them:

    @cursors: have yopu tried the right-click functionality?

    @module order: this has been discussed many times, it's not gonna change. However, you have a favourite group at your finger tips even though dnd is not possible.

    @preferences: agreed, needs some love probably. Most of the options make sense but some are maybe not described enough, some could be removed and are artifacts from earlier versions. Font size etc can be edited in your darktablerc config file directly (just for your immediate convenience... :D)

  47. I know this is not the right place to post this question but i couldnt find any other place to get some support.

    Is there any way to apply same settings to all the photos in a group without doing it individually. like s "sync" ing functionality. thanks in advance
  48. either
    a) create a style, mark all images, apply it to all or
    b) copy history stack of one image, drop it onto all the others.
  49. Impressive. I just installed it to give it a try and I met a fully functional RAW developer. It even improves some of the tools that many of the commercial softwares have.

    I am going to give it now a serious try on a project I am planning now that involves the processing of 300+ pictures I will take. After this I will let you know how it went.

    Keep on the good path, don't abandon the project and if there is something I can do to collaborate with it, just let me know.

  50. Hello!
    Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit, Darktable 1.2.3 from Release Plus PPA
    I don't have denoise and spot removal (at least). How can I get them?

    Thank you.
  51. Hi! Better use the mailing lists, forum (on sourceforge.net) or irc to ask questions as they get easily overseen here. :) You can find the links here: http://www.darktable.org/contact/

    To your questions: My guess is, that you didn't activate these modules under "more modules" (bottom right". Have a look at the manual: http://www.darktable.org/usermanual/ch03s03s07.html.php I can recomend to read the whole manual, you can find a html and pdf version here: http://www.darktable.org/resources/ It's worth it! :)

    HTH Simon
  52. Gerhard Janse van Rensburg on Fri Oct 18 10:18:15 2013:
    Thank you for great peace of software.
  53. Licaon_Kter on Sat Nov 02 18:57:11 2013:
    Any reason for the unstable Ubuntu PPA builds to suddenly require libunity? I've been using these (in spite of the warning yeah yeah) on Debian Sid with no issues what so ever, this requirement introduced in build 1.3+1251~g09f7c1d on November 01 blocks me .
  54. Thank you guys for your awesome software that allow me to have a full linux photograhic workflow.

    All my pictures at http://500px.com/didierb were developped using Darktable, as stated in my 500px profile. I also, rarely, use gimp for finishing touch on some pictures, but Darktable is my main software.

    Looking forward for features on the future version.
  55. Griffin Cheng on Mon Nov 18 15:55:57 2013:
    I download the 1.2.3 on OSX Maverick but it always crashes. Is there anyway I can send you the crash log?
  56. If it happens only when you have 2 monitors connected then it's a known issue. Otherwise create a new bug report here: http://darktable.org/redmine/projects/darktable/issues/new
  57. Griffin Cheng on Tue Nov 19 00:42:26 2013:
    Oh I see. I have 2 monitors hooked. Should it launch successfully if I just switch off the other monitor.
  58. Yes, it works as long as darktable is confined to the first monitor.
  59. Josef Šmolík on Mon Nov 25 10:08:53 2013:
    Thank you for an excellent program. I have a problem with localization in OpenSUSE 13.1. DT version 1.2.3 - I can not set up Czech. For older versions of DT about 1.0.8 English was fine. You provide support in 18 languages:
    - „darktable currently comes with 18 translations: Albanian, Catalan, simplified Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian and Thai.“
    As with Czech localization is?
    The second question - will a filter for red eyes?

  60. Hi,

    1) the Czech translation should be alright. darktable takes whatever you have set as system default language and we currently do not provide a way to set this somewhere in the options. However, you can try running darktable from command line using
    $ LANG=LANG_CODE darktable

    2) Nope, most likely not.

  61. Hm, should be optional. I don't find any offending commit there. Could you please check if this is still an issue with the latest git version (1.4 release candidate) and open a bug in the tracker [0] if so?


    [0] http://darktable.org/redmine/projects/darktable/issues