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String freeze for darktable 1.0

String freeze for darktable 1.0

We are in string freeze for the master branch now. Translators might now update their translations for the upcoming release of

darktable 1.0

There will be tons of new features, stay tuned!

If you’re willing to help getting this out of the door soon you might want to install the development version and help out to track down some bugs. You can find an installation guide here and some informations for contributing backtraces for bugs here.

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  1. Guys, I will never say how much I love you!

    My computer is broken at the moment, I'm waiting to get a new one, I don't think I'll be able to help with the testing of dev version, but I just wanted to thank you for that amazing software!

    Keep up the good work!
  2. Wery wery goooood !!!!!
  3. That's great! I'm looking forward to seeing the novelties you've prepared. Thamk you very much.
  4. Can't wait to see the new features. I just started using darktable a few days ago and i like it.
  5. Been using DT for more than a year now and actually prefer it over Adobe LR. Keep up the good work guys, and a big thank you to the team and developers. :D
  6. I'm using DT since 0.6 and I love it. Its quick simple and efficient. Thanks guys, keep going !
  7. Mohamed Malik on Sat Feb 25 15:00:44 2012:
    Been using it since 0.7 liked a lot and loved the increase in performance from one version to other its really nice and feature rich...! will we be seeing a new before and after tool...! the snapshot tool doesnt work very well for me!
  8. liquidkermit on Sun Feb 26 20:59:41 2012:
    I've been using darktable dev version from pascal ppa so I guess I know what version 1.0 would be, so I can say that it will be a great update from 0.9.3. I hope in the future version (2.0 maybe?), darktable could add plugin management feature so 3rd party devs could write plugins for darktable. Who knows niksoftware, the creator of very famous b/w plugin for lightroom, and others will be interested.
  9. 1.0 is great, but I *really* love the new blog content. And the various thumbnail pictures scattered throughout this website.
  10. Francisco on Sat Mar 03 02:09:11 2012:
    Greetings from Brazil! Many thanks for producing this wonderful software! I can't thank you enough.