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darktable 1.0.3 released

darktable 1.0.3 released

Pascal de Bruijn did some good work backporting some of the progress from git master to the 1.0 release. We packed that into a tarball, here it is:



(We had a problem packaging sources, so 1.0.3 is now on air. Please use it instead of 1.0.1)

As usual we have Ubuntu Packages are readily available on Pascal’s PPA, for Lucid, Natty, Oneiric and Precise:



And these are the major changes:

Usability improvements:

  • Filmstrip centers on selected image

Behavioral changes:

  • Improved (hierarchical) tag export for flickr and friends

Camera support:

  • Improved Sony NEX-7 support
  • Initial camera support for Nikon D800 and Sony SLT-A57 (color rendition of these cameras might still be suboptimal due to the lack of a proper color matrix, and is subject to future change.)
  • White balance updates for Canon EOS Rebel T3, Olympus E-5 & Nikon D800

Platform support:

  • Fixes for FreeBSD


  • New subtle denoise preset for equalizer
  • Various build fixes
  • Numerous other fixes

James C. McPherson provides a preliminary Solaris 11 package for this release:



with associated verbiage at


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this and especially to Pascal for taking care of this release.

Enjoy it!

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These are comments from the old website, archived as static HTML
  1. will the upgrade come to the ppa so i can update darktable from synaptic?
  2. Hi,

    it seems like there is only a 1.0.3 tarball on sourceforge. Is that correct?
  3. Yes, use this instead. We had some problems packaging it, and the wrong sources were released.
  4. I still have the memory usage bug, as I reported on the 1.0.0 post. DT is rising ram memory each time I open a new picture, and ends up using swap, making the computer and the software really slow, almost unusable.
    No clues on this bug ?
  5. yes, the new version is already in Pascal's PPAs.
  6. Tried it yesterday and i really like the improved speed while loading up thumbnails. Good job!
  7. Thanks for the awesome release! It's much faster on my machine now. =D
  8. Planned you the support of Fuji X10 for a next version?
  9. This has apparently happened now. :-)
    I'm now running DT 1.0.3 after a regular system update (ubuntu Orecise)
  10. Is there a full changelog available? - If so, where?
    I Haven't found it on trac.
  11. currently i am uswing ubundu 10.04 and what on earth am i supposed to do to get this software installed in my system??
    i tried my best ... can anybody help
  12. Hi amey,

    it's quite simple actually, we provide packages for Lucid (10.04LTS) in the PPAs.
    If you need to know how to use PPAs in general have a look here for example: http://linuxers.org/howto/how-install-software-ubuntu-ppa

    The infos concerning the darktable PPAs are on out install page:

    best regards,
  13. Hi Richard,

    git log is our full changelog :)
    Find it here for release-1.0.3:

  14. Hi Thierry,

    if I'm not mistaken the X10 has a superCCD sensor. We don't do demosaic for any other than standard Bayer pattern. If you want to write a demosaic algorithm than can cope with different layouts you're very welcome to join IRC or the mailing list.
  15. this is a bummer, the installation is too complicated for me, have to stick with 0.9 until the software center in ubuntu updates their links...
  16. Maybe you want to join our IRC channel, there are a lot of people that can help you with this - it's really worth the efford, 1.0.3 is _alot_ better (in terms of speed, functionality, stability) than 0.9.3...
  17. ... or you can switch for another distro that provides more frequent package updates; I've left Ubuntu for Fedora a couple of years ago (at that time, I was looking for Digikam updates) and have not regretted since.
  18. What about Mac OS X Lion support? When will it be available?
  19. I love Darktable, but this version crashes constantly. Perhaps you guys can work on this? I'd love to keep using it, but right now, I'm incapacitated with it. Check out the image here:


    When you click on "Highpass" in the history, the program insta-crashes. Same happens in Darkroom mode, when clicking on the Spot Removal plugin in the "More Plugins" section.

    And when I try to export the above image to anything, I get an insta-crash as well, or Darktable freezes and quits after 5-10 minutes.

    I installed it from the release-plus repo on Ubuntu 12.04, 64 bit. Hope you can help/figure this out!
  20. Pascal S. on Sat May 12 19:23:19 2012:

    First I must say thank you so much for your work on Darktable. It's been nearly a year that I use it for all my raw developement and editing (DNG from a pentax kx). I am very pleased with it and all the new features that are constantly added to brew (keep it this way!). By the way, I love the level widget, I no longer have to use gimp for this one.
    Thanks to you, all my image work flow is done with open source softwares!

    But now with the stuff that I'm less happy with :
    [I'm currently running Darktable 1.0.3 updated via synaptic from the 0.9
    on Ubuntu 11.10 on an AMD phenom X4 64 bit and a GeForce GTS450 plus 8 Go of RAM]

    I noticed the followings:

    - hdr creation in the light table panel will make darktable crash as soon as there are more than one dng selected. This weird behavior started with v1.0.
    - tone mapping is completely off. I'm positive this a regression of the feature. It produces some weird line along the tone of the pic and the overall the pic look like I applied a cut off filter, reducing the color range. The lines appears in the preview as well as in the final output.
    I'm don't think I can provide you a bug report on this one.

    Thank you for your help!

  21. thanks, ill have a look :)

    you know, ive seen this really cool function during a photography workshop = instead of zooming the whole picture, the teacher had something like a magnifying glass (mouse hovering over an area and an small peace which had the 1:1 resolution appeared, she used that to find the focuspoint in the pic. I really, really like that :) any chance that this feature is in darktable ?
  22. Hi Matt,

    sorry for the late reply - could you file a bug in our tracker (http://www.http://darktable.org/redmine/projects/darktable/issues/new) so that we keep this in mind?

    thanks a lot!
  23. Hi Pascal,

    yes, we experienced some strange behavior with HDR creation and tonemapping as well. We're working on this and hope to get a solution for some of the next patch releases.

  24. Processing JPEGs or RAW files?