about basecurves

the purpose of the basecurve is to make the otherwise scene-referred linear (linear raw rgb) color look good on your output devices. this is done independently of any color managed transforms which are also done in the pipeline, so we can establish a certain look independent of the devices. this …

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Using Lua with darktable

The next major release of darktable will contain multiple features that have been discussed on this blog and that will make it more powerful than ever. These new features will allow you to process your images in new and creative ways.

However there is one new feature in the upcoming …

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have your lens calibrated!

just a quick plug for torsten’s great new service which allows you to calibrate your lens for lensfun. this will enable you to use darktable’s lens correction module with your lens if it hasn’t been calibrated by others for you yet.

all you need to do is …

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Display color management in darktable

The general picture on the modern Linux desktop

Modern Linux distros featuring either GNOME, Unity or KDE offer fairly easy configuration of color management, this system level configuration mostly pertains to the handling of an ICC display profile.

If you have set a display profile via your system configuration tool …

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In darktable, selective editing was a long awaited feature. Our development version now allow limiting module effects to a region of the image.

Remember the old times, the red light of the darkroom, the smell of the developing bath …

Remember when you were using your hands or a small piece …

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Color Mapping

I’d like to give a few words on a new module named “color mapping” that is currently under development in our master branch. This module is a rework and enhancement of the older “color transfer” module. That older module had several issues which made a migration impossible. So we …

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String freeze for darktable 1.2

Dear all,

since March 3 we are in the string freeze phase for the upcoming darktable 1.2 release. This release will be a major new version introducing tons of new features (as you might have guessed by all the blog articles in the last months …).

Please don’t push …

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