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Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 in Leipzig, Germany

Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 in Leipzig, Germany

Yes, it’s this time of the year again. The annual Libre Graphics Meeting is getting closer, and we, that is the whole developer community of your favorite free graphics applications, would like to ask you for your help. Some of you might remember our call for sponsoring from last year. Back then we asked for donations for specific people – a task that didn’t work out that well in the end. So this year we would just like to ask you for a small donation to the general funding campaign instead. This money is only being used to pay the travel expenses of developers and contributors of free graphics projects. Like us. You can see an incomplete list here.

If you want to make sure that good things can happen, like having the first-ever real life darktable developer meeting, please consider to spare a coin at the official Pledgie campaign. Thank you.

Of course you are also welcome to attend LGM yourself. Make sure to ping us beforehand so we can meet. :-)

Click here to lend your support to:  Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 and make a donation at pledgie.com!

Update: The program is now online.

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  1. I would gladly donate if there were a meeting that concentrated on the usability of the application. IMHO the features of the app are far beyond many commercial existing applications, but tends to be very quirky and slow from the average user's point of view.

    As an ex Bibble/Aftershot (and also Lightzone) user, I would be willing to pay a good annual subscription fee even, for this software and thus fund your coding and meetings. But (no offense meant honestly) current coders seem to be more intrsted and focused on new features than usability, while the general complaint about the software is about the second.

    Not only me, many have been left out by Corel and are in the same situation as me (just read their forums and comments on darktable). We have new cameras, all unsupported by Aftershot. And darktable is the only software powerful enough to replace it, just that it's too hard to use when processing hundreds of photos in one go.

    I hope you consider this. Developing is fun, but reading your users can also be interesting!

  2. The LGM is not only a developer meeting. Usually there are user interface experts (e.g. Peter Sikking) there. And of cause it's open to all users.
  3. @Yups:
    I use dt since December 2011, and I can tell you that the developers have done a lot to improve performance.
    So I tell you this as one dt user to the other, you get what you pay for...
  4. @gesti, see? I said usability, not performance. The program is already fast, efficient, flexible... but it's hard to use. Too many clicks to perform the most frequent options.

    And yes, I am very willing to pay, honest. Otherwise I wouldn't have paid for Bibble and Aftershot.
  5. I won't be able assist due to distance, but very glad to know that there are people that know about interfaces. It's challenging to have a whole userbase happy with complex applications such as this one.
  6. I donated what I could afford, hope you guys have a great trip.
  7. Hope my little effort may be of some help: you're doing a great job ad even I'm not a professional I really enjoy darktable.
  8. Maybe I'm special or something but I don't have problem when using DT unlike the unbearable button-cluster that Adobe makes. This is not Instagram, you can't expect to push one button and just export proffesional pictures out.

    Just my 2c
  9. Thomas Ha on Sat Feb 08 17:11:39 2014:
    I did it :-) Thanks a lot for your great software!

    According to the criticism above:
    It took me some time to get used to the concept of the UI but today I reached a real good performance with your software - and it's fun.

    And what's really amazing: I am always using the developers stream of the software and have really very little stability issues (less then with a lot of commercial software).

    Please go on like this,
  10. sure that it's not a one-click fix-all. I would never want such a thing.

    If you ever tried other applications like AfterShot though,it generally takes just 2-3 clicks to process photos, not 15 or 20.

    What I mostly do for example is adjusting levels, fill shadows, and correct highlights. With a simple ctrl+C+V I can copy the same setting to 20 similar photos. Then I am done.

    The same task in Darktable requires navigating through different panes, and collapsing and opening multiple toolboxes.

    If you put them all in your preferred/starred tool list, the tools aren't sorted nor grouped in a logical manner. The screen ends up messy, and hard to find anything.

    I got used to certain quirks of the app already, but it still takes me much longer to do the same tasks I did before.
  11. ctrl-c and ctrl-v work for everything except some auto-settings (like lens correction), and that is a known bug.
  12. I am trying to understand how you use the software. Do you adjust the base curve of your photos very frequently? and demosaicig method? and also invert colors?

    I hope not, because I wouldnt' understand why a photographer needs to tweak that on every single photo.

    My question is then... why are those tools in the Basic group?

    I understand that if you get used to find things, then the program can be fine for you, but it just requires way more clicks than one should imho.
  13. Right, you can copy paste also here. What I was pointing was the easiness of adjusting the first, 2-3 clicks only (litterally). Try the steps I mentioned in darktable. They are pretty basic tweaks which are all available in darktable, just spread all over tabs and toolboxes.

    Btw, once you copy paste wrong by mistake, try to undo all of them quickly, and if you find a way, please let me know ;-)
  14. I mentioned those above, because my understanding is that the base curve and demosaicing method are generally kept constant for each camera+lens, not something one tweaks usually. So I set those once and save them as default. Maybe I'm wrong, but I do not see those mentioned in the basic workflow suggested, either.
  15. Pluribus Unicorn on Wed Feb 12 17:51:33 2014:
    I'm about to head over and donate whatever I can afford, because darktable is an amazing piece of work, and I have also dervied enormous benefit from other libre graphics programs over the years.

    A suggestion, though: why not link the campaign on the main page of the site? A week ago -- before I came across this post -- I was actually trying to find a way to send you guys a donation because I was so impressed with the program. Having hunted around the site for a few minutes I found nothing and assumed that you weren't interested in monetary contributions...
  16. Alexandre on Fri Feb 14 11:34:20 2014:
    It took me some time to get used to the concept of the UI but today I reached a real good performance with your software – and it’s fun.

    Good for you. I'm day one beta tester (that's right, hitting my 5 years anniversary with dt one of these days), and I'm still struggling with its UI.
  17. Thomas Ha on Sat Feb 15 13:51:30 2014:
    I am using the german version - please excuse me if I am not hitting the english names for the GUI things: Some simple things on my workflow:
    - Use auto-applied presets for settings that you always apply (specify eg camera or lens type for auto-apply)
    - Define styles for settings that you want to apply often but not always
    - Collect the settings that you want to change often as favourites
    - Define presets on these settings and all the other settings you want to use
    - disable all the settings you don't want to use in the GUI (darkroom - "more modules") eg if you never change the base curve
    - have fun
  18. @Thomas Ha, thanks for pointing those out, I'll check if I can get any advantage out of your methods