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have your lens calibrated!

have your lens calibrated!

just a quick plug for torsten’s great new service which allows you to calibrate your lens for lensfun. this will enable you to use darktable’s lens correction module with your lens if it hasn’t been calibrated by others for you yet.

all you need to do is take some sample images and upload them here:


the page contains some more detailed instructions about which images are useful and which aren’t.


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  1. I was slowly working by myself for adding Coolpix P330's lens profile. I give up immediately and I upload soon some sample.

    Thanks again dt and all the people involved
  2. My lens (Tamron 18-250) is already calibrated by lensfun. However, the calibration is not good (especially at 18mm, over-corrected). I think the problem with this type of zoom (very long and plastic), is that they often suffer from misalignment. The misalignment vary with time (they become worse) and are not the same for each lens.
    it could be interesting if we could use a local definition of correction (eg in ~ /.lensfun) and that darktable uses it. (maybe this is already possible ?)

    Sorry for my bad english, and thank you for darktable, I love this software!
  3. Mr. Torsten is a lightning. I've got it.
  4. Torsten Bronger on Mon Aug 19 14:43:00 2013:
    I had to move the service to http://wilson.bronger.org/calibration
  5. http://wilson.homeunix.com/calibration is currently unreachable...
  6. Thank you! Will try and upload the necessary photos for calibrating several currently unsupported lenses later today or tomorrow.
  7. Great service!! Got my Nikon 14-24 2.8 callibrated :) Now my dt setup is really ready fir editing my architecture photos!
    Thanks, Torsten!!
  8. While I was looking for a way to calibrate my lens, I found out that in lensfun my lens is already available, nice. But only in the lensfun trunk (not in 0.2.7)
    No sweat, installed 0.2.8 via the repository.
    After installing I still can't find my lens in DT. Am I missing something?
    Via the repository the lensfun database is installed in /usr/local/share/lensfun. However I found also a database in /usr/share/lensfun.

    Which location is DT using as lensfun database.
  9. Augestflex on Fri Sep 27 22:13:01 2013:
    I'm considering switching to Linux and Darktable away from Windows and Lightroom.

    Does anyone know if Darktable will calibrate for a Sony NEX-6 with SELP1650 kit lens?