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released 0.9.2

we released version 0.9.2, with a few bugfixes on top of release 0.9.1. this is a new point release in the stable branch thus there are no new features, just

  • updated translations
  • tiling for memory hungry operations and as workaround for old opencl 1.0 drivers …

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released 0.9.1

we released version 0.9.1, with a few bugfixes on top of release 0.9. and 184 patches, among them

  • new rawspeed, dcraw, libraw
  • fixed various segfaults and deadlocks
  • the pipeline is now more real HDR (unbounded color management, no more gamut clipping in between)
  • fixed a nasty bug …

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darktable book draft v0.6 available

we released draft 0.6 of the book darktable. this is meant to be a comprehensive guide to the use of darktable for the most common development workflows. this is a book for beginners who do not want just to know how to develop an image, but looking for more …

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released 0.9

we released version 0.9, with many new features:

  • run-time switchable opencl to exploit all the power of your GPU whenever you decide to install the driver
  • many new modules, including a spot removal tool, better denoising (on raw pixels and non-local means) and many more
  • blend operations, overlay your …

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GSOC 2011 Starts Today

Today I’ll be starting on my Summer of Code project for darktable, so I thought I’d start off with a blog post about just what I’ll be doing. This Summer I’ll be focusing on UI improvements in darktable, and I have four separate tasks to complete …

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GSoC 2011

As some of you might have noticed, darktable got accepted for this year’s Google Summer of Code (warning, site doesn’t work with every browser …). Currently we are seeing a few possible students lurking around in IRC, preparing their proposals in our Wiki and getting familiar with the program …

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released 0.8

we released version 0.8, which obsoletes 0.7.1 in a lot of ways:

  • much faster image loading due to rawspeed, an awesome new library by klaus post @rawstudio
  • lots of performance improvements in our caches and pixel pipelines (together with the above like 5x—10x)
  • gpu computing using …

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released 0.7.1

we released version 0.7.1, a small bugfix release to fix up some nuisances in 0.7:

  • some more white balance presets
  • layout fixes for overlong profile names
  • styles now actually work
  • extensive documentation in form of screencasts

enjoy the release, but be aware that you’ll be missing …

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