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released 0.7

released 0.7

we released version 0.7 this weekend. some of the changes:

  • .xmp is now used instead of .dt for sidecars
  • libraw with dcraw 9.05
  • plug-ins of darkroom mode are now in groups/tabs
  • new darkroom plug-ins: zone system, relight, graduated neutral density, watermark
  • changes can now be saved into named processing styles
  • initial preferences dialog was added
  • custom shooting settings can be added in tethering mode
  • initial user manual was written, available in english, german, french, dutch, and swedish
  • moved to xdg config file standard
  • languages: ca cs de es fi fr gl it nl pl ru sq sv
  • reset labels: double click the label to only reset this option, not the whole plug-in
  • a cropped image can now be recropped without resetting the whole plug-in (press backspace)
  • lots of new cameras with enhanced support (input profiles and base curves)
  • recursive image import
  • 962 commits since release-0.6 :)

again thanks for the great support from all our contributors (see about dialog, press on darktable version number in gui), and stay tuned for 0.8 to come soon, with a lot more features!

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