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released 0.9

released 0.9

we released version 0.9, with many new features:

  • run-time switchable opencl to exploit all the power of your GPU whenever you decide to install the driver
  • many new modules, including a spot removal tool, better denoising (on raw pixels and non-local means) and many more
  • blend operations, overlay your module only 20 percent if you want
  • spot removal tool
  • low light vision tool
  • non-local-means denoising (relatively fast for nlmeans, but still slow)
  • first part of the google summer of code project already merged
  • framing module (adds postcard borders to match given aspect ratio)
  • tonemapping a lot faster now (probably the fastest high-dimensional bilateral filter available today)
  • changed images come with the darktable|changed tag

more updates to the page/install instructions to come, but you should be good by just extracting the tarball and typing ./build.sh. enjoy! and thanks to all our many contributors!

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