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released 0.5

released 0.5

features, features, features ;)

  • image tagging
  • flexible database queries by exif and custom tags
  • powerful color zones plug-in, to selectively alter only some colors
  • french translation
  • libraw 0.8.5
  • new light table mode layout: file manager
  • inotify support
  • tiff 8-bit and 16-bit export
  • new, more powerful widgets to replace sliders and spin buttons (derived from libphat)
  • reworked, fully color managed processing pipeline
  • supplied some useful base curves
  • image cache can now enforce a strict memory limit
  • snapshots: side-by-side comparisons in darkroom mode
  • fixed aspect ratio and horizontal/vertical flipping in crop module
  • spot auto exposure
  • highlight reconstruction
  • white balance presets with fine-tuning (from ufraw)
  • … countless small improvements
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