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a new website

A new year is coming on us quickly, so how about a nice new website to go with it? Baby New Year from 110 years ago … houz and I have been working hard over the past few months to migrate the old website from Wordpress to a new static site, using Python/Pelican. This should make things more secure and safer for both you and us (see the problems that rawsamples.

rawsamples.ch replacement

Rawsamples.ch is a website with the goal to: …provide RAW-Files of nearly all available Digitalcameras mainly to software-developers. [sic] It was created by Jakob Rohrbach and had been running since March 2007, having amassed over 360 raw files in that time from various manufacturers and cameras. Unfortunately, back in 2016 the site was hit with an SQL-injection that ended up corrupting the database for the Joomla install that hosted the site.

Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 in Leipzig, Germany

Yes, it’s this time of the year again. The annual Libre Graphics Meeting is getting closer, and we, that is the whole developer community of your favorite free graphics applications, would like to ask you for your help. Some of you might remember our call for sponsoring from last year. Back then we asked for donations for specific people – a task that didn’t work out that well in the end.

Call for LGM donations

Hello everyone, today we have a request to you, the users of darktable. As you might know there is an annual meeting of developers and users of free and open source graphics applications (like GIMP, Inkscape, blender, scribus, and also darktable), the Libre Graphics Meeting. This year it’s held in Madrid, Spain, and it’s a great opportunity to discuss things with other developers face-to-face. Last year this has brought us native colord support in darktable.

Some enhancements to conditional blending

Conditional blending, also known as “blend if”, is a feature which is currently under development in our master branch. A general description of the idea together with some examples can be found here. In short, conditional blending allows you to limit the effect of a module to certain pixels of an image, determined by their color coordinates. For modules in Lab space, you can restrict the effect of a module depending on the pixel’s L, a, and b value.

Community contributions to the project

We heard quite some voices from users requesting better possibilities to contribute to the project. Here they are. In our dev meeting (or if you had a closer look: even before) we decided to ditch the old bug tracker in favor for a new one: Redmine, hosted by PolarFox, just on the same server as our website lives. This comes with some long-wanted features – and more liberty in configuration.