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Call for LGM donations

Call for LGM donations

Hello everyone,

today we have a request to you, the users of darktable.

As you might know there is an annual meeting of developers and users of free and open source graphics applications (like GIMP, Inkscape, blender, scribus, and also darktable), the Libre Graphics Meeting. This year it’s held in Madrid, Spain, and it’s a great opportunity to discuss things with other developers face-to-face. Last year this has brought us native colord support in darktable.

Since traveling around the world can be quite expensive at times we need YOUR help. If you think that you can spare some coin please consider to donate to this Pledgie campaign. The current status is that every Cent will go to tatica’s travel fund.

In case you don’t know who tatica is, she is doing the Spanish translation of darktable and promised to use her time at LGM to translate the usermanual, too. So we are aware that only Spanish speaking people will directly benefit from her going to LGM, but everyone else is welcome to show appreciation for her work, too. And maybe it will encourage others to follow her example and also translate the usermanual to your language next. :)

Thank you for reading

the darktable team

PS: If you happen to be in Madrid mid April some of us would love to meet you.

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  1. Scott Quier on Mon Mar 18 14:01:39 2013:
    I recently moved from Win7 to Linux Mint. I bought a copy of Aftershot and am hugely disappointed with where that product is going (in my estimation circling the drain, being milked for cash until it dies).

    I love Darktable for what it can already do! And the promise of what it might do in the future leaves me very excited.

    I would love to offer a general-purpose donation ... use it for whatever expense needs to be satisfied. You folks are doing wonderful work and I would like to support in the only way I can ... with coin. Your donation campaign for LGM was the only thing I found on your www.darktable.org site even close to a "Donate Here" button.

    Anyway, have you set something up somewhere and I've just missed it?


    Scott Quier
    [Simon: removed your mail from the post, not that you get too much spam... :)]
  2. Hi Scott,

    I'm glad to hear you enjoy using darktable, that's mostly what we want... :)

    But to answer your question:
    No, you did not miss anything. As an (legally non-existing) organization we are not able to receive any money right now (tax stuff, etc...) and no one of us needs money for anything darktable related. All things we use that cost actual money are till now covered by nice people, like e.g. the server we run this website and the tracker on (thanks PolerFox!). Maybe we'll come up with something in the future to cover things like that from a common fund.

    But till then the best thing you can do is: spread the word, write blog posts, tutorials and, if you find the time, join us for improving the documentation.

    Best regards
  3. About documentation, I sent a mail to Johannes a couple of days ago, but receive no answer yet.
    If you need a hand for french translation, especially for the user manual, do contact me.
    In the mean time, I will go on with the translation of Juan's tutorials http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8F1F85AC801013BD&feature=em-share_playlist_user
    and continue to spread the word about new Jean-Pierre's french videos http://vimeo.com/user15808612
  4. Hej toska, if you want to help out with translating the user manual, the best idea is probably to join the development mailing list or have a look at the irc channel (have a look at the "contact" page of this website). At the moment Ulrich is the expert for the user manual, I'd say.

  5. I used to receive the mails of the developer mailing-list, but I don't understand anything; even on the users list, I don't read everything as I'm often at loss when things become too technical. And I've already enough messages to process everyday.
    I've no idea what IRC is, and am not interested in using an additional media, whatever it is.

    Understand I'm only a non-technician user and I have very few time to give to the project; but I'll be happy to give a hand, in english->french translation (that is, if you need somebody) as I have already done in several other projects I'm interested in; just give me access to the english text, and I'll work on the translation whenever I've time to do so.
    With Juan and Paulo, we used Google Drive in order to share work and comments; if you use another tool for the user manual, it'll be fine with me.
  6. Hi,

    thanks for your offer to do the French translation of the manual. My name is Ulrich and I currently take care of the manual to get everything updated for the upcoming 1.2 release. It would be really great to see the manual translated into different languages and I really appreciate your initiative!

    I'd like to suggest the following: we are currently still doing some finetunings for the 1.2 version. This will take maybe one week or two. After that the English version has stabilized and that's the point where translations should start.

    What I then would do is send to you a file where you find a list of English sentences/expressions and for each sentence a blank field where the French translation of that sentence should be put in. The file is just a plain text file. Any editor can be used to work on it. When you have finished your translation work you just send back that file and all is done. Hope this is a way comfortable to you.

  7. Thanks for your answer Ulrich. Could you also send me the whole english texte: it's more more easier/quicker to translate when one can see the whole context, instead of sentences that don't seem to relate to anything. And having access to the images (screencasts and such) would be very helpful too.

    With Juan & Paulo (for the videos), we use to transfer each other the whole text (using Google Drive so we could comment the others' work), but it might be a bit difficult for the whole user manual; but we could also work on one chapter at a time.

    Just mail me at mnaugendre at gmail dot com if you want to discuss this in more details
  8. Sure, you will receive the whole document as PDF. As said, please give me another one or two weeks to have version 1.2 of our manual finished.
  9. No problem. I'm not in a hurry, and have plenty other things to do at the moment ;-)
    Do you use some special translation tool to manage several languages, and generate both HTML and PDF; or is it a "simple" text file with incorporated images?