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darktable 3.2: containment effect!

In other languages: Français, Deutsch. Italiano. For the first time in its history, darktable breaks its one year release cycle by releasing version 3.2 in August of 2020. The unfortunate state of global health has led to a marked increase in contributions and improvements. On top of that, version 3.4 is still scheduled for Christmas 2020. 2020 will therefore be the first year in which the darktable team will have the pleasure to offer you two major versions.

darktable 3.0

In other languages: Français, Italiano, Deutsch. Following the tradition, darktable 3.0 has been released for Christmas. After many evolutions in 2018, 2019 has seen many very unexpected changes in darktable, both in its user interface and in its internal mechanisms. This makes darktable 3.0 a more than major version, justifying the direct transition from version 2.6.x to version 3.0. The announcement and release notes for this new release can be found here: /2019/12/darktable-300-released/.