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Introducing The Levels Module

![Screenshot](Screenshot.png) For my final GSOC 2011 task, I set out to build a levels module for darktable, which would behave more or less like the levels tool in GIMP and similar image editors. The user sets a white point, black point, and middle grey point for their image on a histogram, and the tool adjusts the image to match the chosen boundaries. In my git branch, I now have the levels module functional.

A Tour Of The New Colorpicker

For my third GSOC task, I’ve replaced darktable’s old bottom-bar colorpicker with a new one one that acts as a module in darktable mode. The new picker adds some features over the old version, which some of you will hopefully find helpful. Specifically, we have four new additions: You can now choose point or area color picking modes. I’ve added a simple storage system for color samples. The big new addition is live samples, which will allow you to mark an area or point in your image and keep updated as the color at that location changes.

darktable’s New Keyboard Shortcut System

It took longer than I expected thanks to some unforeseen twists and turns, but the new keyboard accelerator system is basically finished. There may still be some need for minor bug fixes and string changes (in particular, the new translation system needs to be tested out), but by and large everything that needs to be in place is, and next week I plan to start working on changes to the color picker module.

The State of darktable Keyboard Input

I’m about a week in on my work on darktable’s keyboard input system, and I’m hoping by the end of this week to be more or less done. Here’s a quick look at where I am and where I’m going. The Current Status If you check out my git branch (it’s called bieber), you’ll find that so far I’ve removed all of the explicit calls to darktable’s old accelerator registration system, and replaced them with calls to gtk_accel_map_add_entry and gtk_accel_group_connect_by_path.

Glade Removal Complete, Moving on to Keyboard Accelerators

As of last week, the removal of libglade from darktable is functionally complete. The gladefile has been deleted, along with all references to libglade in the code and the Cmake files. Some refactoring may still be ideal, and I’ll be rearranging some code in my free time, but the task is basically completed. Now it’s time to move on to handling keyboard shortcuts. My plan is to make all keyboard accelerators in darktable application-wide, so that the user won’t have to worry about the current focus when entering a shortcut.

libglade Removal: The First Week

I’m now a week into my first task of removing darktable’s dependency on libglade, so here’s a quick look at my progress so far. In the first week I started out by diving in and figuring out how to instantiate all the widgets I would need, starting with the lowest levels and working my way up. It took a little while, but with a combination of the Gtk documentation and some guesswork aided by autocomplete I’ve more or less figured out all the function calls that I need to create widgets, modify their states, attach them to containers, and so forth.