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Running on non-x86 platforms

Running on non-x86 platforms

For many years darktable would only run on x86 CPUs that also support at least SSE2. While that is nowadays almost everything looking like a PC it’s still limiting. Consequently Roman sat down and started work on dropping that hard requirement. While his work isn’t complete yet it’s definitely becoming useful. So with a little tweaking you can for example use the development versions on an ARM, like the Raspberry Pi. Together with a touchscreen that has the potential to make a fun little package.

At the moment this is still in heavy development and you have to compile darktable yourself, but we expect it to be ready for the next feature release.

If you want to meet us and see stuff like this live you should come to LGM in London. If you can’t go we’d like to ask you for a little donation to the Pixls.us Pledgie. The money collected will be used to pay our stay in London.

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  1. junkyardsparkle on Sat Apr 02 01:08:41 2016:
    April fools?! :P
  2. Pascal Obry on Sun Apr 03 07:48:14 2016:
    Not at all!
  3. As Pascal said, it's totally real.
  4. Please make it real. This would be awesome on some ARM boards with real GPU and OpenCL...
  5. Out of interest - which ARM boards exactly do you have in mind that have GPU OpenCL support?
  6. How about the NVIDIA Jetson TX with big GPU in the PCIe slot?
  7. Are there drivers for ARM architecture? Especially with OpenCL support...
  8. Will it work on the Bq Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition?
  9. I have a Nikon D7200 camera and processing photos in Darktable photos are red. Well thank you.
  10. Interested to know if Darktable will run on BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu