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released darktable 1.1

released darktable 1.1


this is a feature release, so there is a lot of new stuff:


  • new camera support, new whitebalance presets, etc., including canon eos m support and samsung nx fix
  • similarity matching search for images that look alike.
  • geotagging, complete with map view (thanks to dinamic for starting that ages ago and to houz for actually bringing it home): “ Geotagging in darktable
  • mac os package: “ Bringing current darktable to OS X
  • a lot of bugfixes (mainly thanks to ulrich for his meticulous work)
  • facebook exporter (for those who have an account there)



  • extensive use of edge-aware filtering techniques to suppress noise, halos and ringing all around darktable: “ edge aware image development
  • conditional blending, and a lot of goodies around it! “ Some enhancements to conditional blending
  • magenta highlights: “ magenta highlights ” improved on high-contrast edges to overexposed areas (should get rid of purple highlights on tiny water waves and purple fringes around tree leaves for example)
  • much improved sharpness for both export and darkroom view, especially for downsampled images and if you use lens corrections or rotations/perspective corrections. check the new options in the preferences dialog, also one more than mentioned in the blog (“demosaicing for zoomed out darkroom mode” to trade performance for even more sharpness): “ Upcoming features: New interpolation modes and better resize

color management

  • improved per-screen color management (should reload the screen profile automatically)
  • more compatible embedded color profiles (should fix problems on windows viewing our images, if that matters)
  • read embedded color profiles from jpg


  • most of our modules now can take advantage of your computer’s gpu power
  • caching for compiled opencl kernels (even in case the driver doesn’t do it) for faster startup times



  • two new translations (both portuguese … ;) )
  • well translated: cs de es fr it ja nl pl pt_BR pt_PT sv
  • half translated: ca fi gl ro ru sq th zh_CN


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  1. JustForFun on Sun Nov 25 20:29:32 2012:
    Great! Now looking only for the Gentoo ebuild :)
  2. There's live ebuild in our git tree which IMHO can easily be adopted for release: https://raw.github.com/darktable-org/darktable/master/packaging/gentoo/darktable-9999.ebuild
    For official ebuild you should ping Gentoo maintainer by creating bump request on https://bugs.gentoo.org/ - from the looks of ebuild for previous release he likes to do stuff a little differently (probably more correctly when it comes to Gentoo quality control requirements).
  3. fedora-user on Sun Nov 25 21:50:22 2012:
    there is no clearlooks-theme-engine in fedora 18: (darktable:9847): Gtk-WARNING **: Im Modulpfad »clearlooks« konnte keine Themen-Engine gefunden werden,

    buttons and tabs lokking very bad :-(

    is ther any solution?
  4. Well, obviously you should install clearlooks engine. Package most likely is called smth like gtk2-engines.
  5. fedora-user on Sun Nov 25 22:22:54 2012:
    thank you!!! gtk2-engines did the trick.
  6. Fantastic news! Good work guys! Can't wait to try it tonight afterwork!
  7. Nice!

    Thanks for the great work and your efforts!
  8. Thank you very much guys. This is a fantastic update!
    As a small note, I find it a little bit confusing that you only can identify grouped images by hovering them with my mouse. A small extra icon for groups would be nice to have :) nevertheless great version!!
  9. Great update! I'm looking forward to trying out all those new features. Conditional blending looks really powerful!
    I've just one query about opencl. I'm running os x 10.6.8 on an iMac with a ATI Radeon HD 5750 graphics card. I believe this spec supports opencl, but when I open Darktable's preferences – under core options I see "activate opencl support" is grayed out.
    Is opencl not available on mac or am I doing something wrong?
  10. Bloody amazing, guys!! This just keeps getting better. Your work is brilliant, and I love this application even more now. Huge thanks to you!
  11. In theory it should work. Please run the following command - it would print some debug data about OpenCL status:
    /Applications/darktable.app/Contents/MacOS/darktable -d opencl
  12. OMG! Brazilian Portuguese! THAT's GREAT!
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. Here is the debug data you asked for I hope this help. It is rather long since I wasn't sure if it was all relevant.

    2012-11-26 23:09:27.006 defaults[77082:903]
    The domain/default pair of (.GlobalPreferences, AppleCollationOrder) does not exist
    /Applications/darktable.app/Contents/MacOS/darktable: line 80: test: argument expected
    [opencl_init] trying to load opencl library: ''
    [opencl_init] opencl library '/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenCL.framework/Versions/Current/OpenCL' found on your system and loaded
    [opencl_init] found 1 platform
    [opencl_init] found 2 devices
    [opencl_init] discarding device 0 `ATI Radeon HD 5750' due to missing image support.
    [opencl_init] discarding CPU device 1 `Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93GHz' as it will not deliver any performance gain.
    [opencl_init] no suitable devices found.
    [opencl_init] FINALLY: opencl is NOT AVAILABLE on this system.
    [opencl_init] initial status of opencl enabled flag is OFF.

    (darktable-bin:77072): Gdk-CRITICAL **: void gdk_draw_drawable(GdkDrawable *, GdkGC *, GdkDrawable *, gint, gint, gint, gint, gint, gint): assertion `GDK_IS_DRAWABLE (src)' failed
    Mon Nov 26 23:09:58 John-Donaghys-iMac.local darktable-bin[77072] : kCGErrorFailure: CGSDisplayID: App trying to enumerate [0 to CGSGetNumberOfDisplays()] instead of using CGSGetDisplayList(). Compensating...
    Mon Nov 26 23:09:58 John-Donaghys-iMac.local darktable-bin[77072] : kCGErrorFailure: Set a breakpoint @ CGErrorBreakpoint() to catch errors as they are logged.

    Thanks a lot for you time.
  14. mogurakun on Tue Nov 27 04:23:59 2012:
    Hi conor,

    this line:
    [opencl_init] discarding device 0 `ATI Radeon HD 5750′ due to missing image support.

    ...means your gpu (or the opencl library) doesn't support manipulating images in opencl (which is a must for DT). You could possibly try to update the opencl library somehow - can't tell you how, i don't own a Mac.
  15. Thank you so much! :) This app is now on par with all the profi SW :)

    Next stop? Donate button! :)

    BTW it would be nice to pack the newest lensfun to the PPA+ ;)
  16. Very, very impressive work with stuff that is truly innovative and very smart. Conditional blending is an absolute killer feature. It will take a very special use case for me to ever paint a mask again...
    You work is much appreciated, everyone!
  17. opencl isn't enabled for me too. installed versions are:
    libcl 1.1
    opencl-nvidia 310.19
    opencl-headers 1:1.1.20110526

    here's my output:

    [opencl_init] trying to load opencl library: ''
    [opencl_init] opencl library 'libOpenCL' found on your system and loaded
    [opencl_init] found 1 platform
    [opencl_init] found 1 device
    [opencl_init] device 0 `GeForce GT 640' has sm_20 support.
    [opencl_init] device 0 `GeForce GT 640' supports image sizes of 32768 x 32768
    [opencl_init] device 0 `GeForce GT 640' allows GPU memory allocations of up to 511MB
    [opencl_init] device 0: GeForce GT 640
    MAX_WORK_ITEM_SIZES: [ 1024 1024 64 ]
    [opencl_init] compiling program `demosaic_ppg.cl' ..
    [opencl_load_program] loaded cached binary program from file `/home/tim/.cache/darktable/cached_kernels_for_GeForceGT640/demosaic_ppg.cl.bin'
    [opencl_load_program] successfully loaded program from `/usr/share/darktable/kernels/demosaic_ppg.cl'
    [opencl_build_program] successfully built program
    [opencl_init] compiling program `atrous.cl' ..
    [opencl_load_program] loaded cached binary program from file `/home/tim/.cache/darktable/cached_kernels_for_GeForceGT640/atrous.cl.bin'
    [opencl_load_program] successfully loaded program from `/usr/share/darktable/kernels/atrous.cl'
    [opencl_build_program] successfully built program
    [opencl_init] compiling program `basic.cl' ..
    [opencl_load_program] loaded cached binary program from file `/home/tim/.cache/darktable/cached_kernels_for_GeForceGT640/basic.cl.bin'
    [opencl_load_program] successfully loaded program from `/usr/share/darktable/kernels/basic.cl'
    [opencl_build_program] successfully built program
    [opencl_init] compiling program `blendop.cl' ..
    [opencl_fopen_stat] could not open file `/home/tim/.cache/darktable/cached_kernels_for_GeForceGT640/blendop.cl.bin'!
    [opencl_load_program] could not load cached binary program, trying to compile source
    [opencl_load_program] successfully loaded program from `/usr/share/darktable/kernels/blendop.cl'
    [opencl_build_program] could not build program: -30

    [opencl_init] failed to compile program `blendop.cl'!
    [opencl_init] FINALLY: opencl is NOT AVAILABLE on this system.
    [opencl_init] initial status of opencl enabled flag is OFF.
  18. mogurakun on Tue Nov 27 15:25:15 2012:
    Hi tim,

    Please see http://darktable.org/redmine/issues/9082

    Also, if you have troubles, next time please open a ticket, or stop by on irc :)

  19. hi mogurakun. thank you very much, the workaround actually works ;) i'll be in irc next time :)
  20. The Darktable-Release-Plus PPA already has the full lens catalog from Lensfun-svn (so it's more up to date than the latest lensfun release), only the liblensfun itself is still at the old version to prevent compatibility issues with other programs linked against liblensfun.
  21. Thanks for the clarification.
    I searched online and is seems (at least for ATI) that opencl image support is only available on OS X 10.7 or later. Is this correct? If so should this be added to known issues/release notes/FAQ's in case other users have the same question?
    I see the bug tracker might have been a more appropriate place to raise this – I'll use it in future.
    Thanks again for this excellent application.
  22. Are there any plans supporting the Sigma DP series x3f raw?
  23. Darktable currently only supports standard Bayer style sensors (as found in most digital camera's).

    Sigma's FOVEON sensors are completely different. There are currently no plans to implement support for them.
  24. Still getting used to Darktable after years with Bibble/Aftershot, but it looks really promising! I just need to learn to use that powerful conditional blending instead of simple masks…
    Is there any way I can donate you some money earned for photoshoot processed with Darktable? :)
  25. Great job again, thank you guys !

    It s tempt me to contribute to this project
  26. grs@fedora17 on Sat Dec 01 10:45:43 2012:
    Could someone help me with install DT at fedora 17 ?
    There is no RPM for f17 so I've decide to install it from source, but i've stuck with this:

    [ 31%] Building C object src/external/osm-gps-map/CMakeFiles/osmgpsmap.dir/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c.o
    /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c: In function ‘osm_gps_map_tile_download_complete’:
    /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c:776:33: error: ‘SoupMessage’ has no member named ‘response’
    /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c:776:60: error: ‘SoupMessage’ has no member named ‘response’
    /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c:778:25: error: ‘SoupMessage’ has no member named ‘response’
    /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c:803:75: error: ‘SoupMessage’ has no member named ‘response’
    /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c:803:99: error: ‘SoupMessage’ has no member named ‘response’
    /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c: In function ‘osm_gps_map_download_tile’:
    /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c:915:17: error: implicit declaration of function ‘soup_message_add_header’ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
    /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c:934:13: error: passing argument 3 of ‘soup_session_queue_message’ from incompatible pointer type [-Werror]
    In file included from /usr/include/libsoup-2.4/libsoup/soup-session-async.h:10:0,
    from /usr/include/libsoup-2.4/libsoup/soup.h:37,
    from /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c:134:
    /usr/include/libsoup-2.4/libsoup/soup-session.h:86:17: note: expected ‘SoupSessionCallback’ but argument is of type ‘void (*)(struct SoupMessage *, void *)’
    /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c: In function ‘osm_gps_map_set_property’:
    /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c:1787:17: error: unknown type name ‘SoupUri’
    /home/silesia/Pobrane/darktable-1.1/src/external/osm-gps-map/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c:1787:32: error: initialization from incompatible pointer type [-Werror]
    cc1: all warnings being treated as errors
    make[2]: *** [src/external/osm-gps-map/CMakeFiles/osmgpsmap.dir/src/osm-gps-map-widget.c.o] Błąd 1
    make[1]: *** [src/external/osm-gps-map/CMakeFiles/osmgpsmap.dir/all] Błąd 2
    make: *** [all] Błąd 2

    If this is not place for this kind of questions, please delete thist comment.
  27. You need to install libsoup2.4-devel (or whatever its exact name is on fedora).
  28. grs@fedora17 on Sun Dec 02 10:34:49 2012:
    I've got libsoup-devel, even libsoup22-devel. Is is something else.
  29. You don't need version 2.2 but 2.4. IIRC there are several versions available in Fedora.
  30. Awseome guys. Just did an APT upgrade in Ubuntu Studio. Importing some 2500+ images now (iMac, 2GB, duo Intel).
  31. I am really liking darktable. It is a very capable and powerful program.

    Something I have noticed, though, is that there are a lot of mouse clicks involved in using the program. One suggestion to lessen this, in at least one area, in the image browser bar (I do not know if this is its name) that is at the bottom of the interface in the darkroom mode, is as follows.

    It would be great if the image could be activated/selected as the image that is currently being displayed/edited with a single click instead of a double click. And, it would also be nice if you could navigate through these images, once one of these thumbnails has been clicked and this is the "active area", with the arrow keys.
  32. you can zoom in in lighttable mode using ctrl+mousewheel, alt+1, or the slider at the bottom bar. arrow keys (or whatever you bound to it in your preferences) will navigate (i use aoe, instead), mouse wheel will do, too. also try holding `z' to zoom in to the picture currently under your mouse cursor.

    double click an image only if you intend to go to darkroom mode (develop it).
  33. I installed DT 1.1 and it always crashes when exporting to jpg using OpenCL.

    The log says that OpenCL is enabled on my system (ubuntu 12.10, 8Gbs RAM, NVidia Gt240 1Gb, AMD 640 Quad core) and before crashing there's always a trace saying something like "Could not attach to process".

    If I uncheck OpenCL, restart and export again, everything is fine.
  34. Thanks for the tip. I like the 'z' to zoom the image in lighttable mode. What I was referring to above is the image browser or film roll display at the bottom of the screen in darkroom mode. It would be great to have single click activation and arrow key switching of images here.
  35. I have just discovered, looking at the shortcuts in the preferences, that 'Space' and 'Backspace' go forward and backward throught the image browser or film roll display at the bottom of the screen in darkroom mode. And, it looks like you could potentially configure the shortcuts to use arrow keys, if desired. So, that is nice.
  36. Our next minor release (1.1.1) will have lots of OpenCL related fixes. You can preview this version using my Darktable Unstable PPA:


    Please let us know if that fixes your issue.

    Once 1.1.1 is released don't forget to switch back to the Release-Plus PPA.
  37. Please file a bug report on www.darktable.org/redmine.

    You should attach the debug output of darktable when you call it with 'darktable -d opencl'. Please also make a remark if there are certain modules which trigger the crash.

    When crashing darktable normally writes a backtrace file which is invaluable for us to find the cause. In your case the system prevents darktable from doing so. That's the background of the "could not attach" message. I think you will find here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Roadmap/KernelHardening#ptrace_Protection some info on how to activate backtrace file generation.
  38. Thanks for Darktable!
    it's amazing app and I like it!
    But, when I update to 1.1 (on ArchLinux), I was confused.
    I open module "highlight reconstruction" and switch to reconstruct LCh.
    I did not find corresponding channels "L" "C" and "h".
    Maybe I missed something?
    Help me please.
  39. these options made no sense and i removed them (were blending over to false color). let us know if you have a compelling use case for them.
  40. No I didn't have compelling use case for them. I just wanted "play with the blend weights for LCh separately" (as say in blog post "Why you want raw" and something like that in "Magenta highlights") when develop my photos.
    I recently started to learn darktable.
    Thanx for reply!
  41. Sorry guys, no matter what I do, install 1.1 via the repo or build it myself I keep getting the error (running with darktable -d):

    (darktable:20012): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_dir_read_name: assertion `dir != NULL' failed

    Import starts, but no images get displayed.

    1.0.5 worked great. Please help. I am a photographer with just a bit of Linux knowledge.
  42. upegelow, bug filed.

  43. Pascal, I switched to unstable and when I try to export it says: "faild to get parameters from storage module, aborting export..."
  44. Are you sure, you have "File On Disk" selected? Because it sounds you're accidentally trying to export to Picasa, Flickr or Facebook.
  45. could you try to produce a stack trace for that? or at least provide some details to give us a chance to reproduce it? like, was recursive import enabled, did you load jpg as well, etc. this is detective work, every hint counts ;)

    and best would be to open an issue for it, so we can attach all relevant data and discuss it at length:

  46. urcindalo on Thu Dec 06 23:08:33 2012:
    Congrats for the impressive work. Darktable is simply awesome.
    Also, as a Gentto user, I really, really, REALLY appreciate the ebuild you provide. It compiled and installed finely.
  47. Thanks for updating darktable!

    However, the new slider adjustment, I cannot work like this! It actually slows down my workflow. I want to directly input values by right clicking the bar just like in version 1.0.5. At least make it to where you can use the slider AND directly input values, to please both crowds.

    If there is a way to do this in the current version, please let me know how. If not, I will be reverting to 1.0.5.

    Thank you for all the hard work.
  48. It still works - right click and type
  49. Pascal,

    I have not changed the output settings so I not checked that part.

    But, when switching back from 1.1.1 (unstable) to 1.1 (without touching the ouput settings) darktable exported to disk as it was supposed to do.

    This morning I did an update from stable repo and now I got installed version 1.1.1. When I tried to export one of the pictures that makes Darktable crash, the program throwed the same message...
  50. OH WOW. Thanks! I thought all I could do was move the new graph with a right click! I was seriously debating actually PURCHASING Lightroom. Now, I do not have to. Thank you!!!!!!!!
  51. Pascal, you were right. "Facebook album" was selected and I think it is because some items have been added and now item nº1 (based on 0) is "facebook album" and before 1.1.1 it was "file on disk"...

    Anyway, version 1.1.1 does not solve the crashes mybe I'll try to purge my installation and install it again.

    Also, on redmine upegelow says he has find also that could make it crash.

    Maybe on the next release it'll be fixed...
  52. How I can install this version in Fedora 17? I can help. Thank you very much.
  53. Thinking of moving from ubuntu to fedora and I got darktable 1.1 installed with terminal ok on Ubuntu but having problems with Fedora cannot install it at all. Anyone know how this can easily be done as I am not an expert linux user.
    I must say however what a great piece of software Darktable is!!! Thanks for all your hard work!! who needs Lightroom?
  54. Is it possible to make sliders bigger, as before? I can hardly target them with my mouse.
  55. Hi

    I love Darktable a lot. But there are two big annoying things about it:

    Black characters on dark grey background on certain dialoges. Impossible or very hard to read.

    The most annoying thing is - if I display folders and subfolders (and subfolders within) on the left side and I double-click on it to view the images insidxe the whole list resets uncollapsing the folder structure. In order to go to the a different sub-folder again is to collapse everything again. My image folder structure is very deep sometimes, so thats extremely annoying and makes working with dt almost impossible.

    Is it possible to just let everything as it is. Do not reset the windows and folder.

    I'd be very thankful
  56. Just in case I made myself not really clear - I suck in explanations:


    No I double-click on ee and after that the windows is reset and shows:


    Now I will have to click me through again to view images in sub-folder

    ff or any other) again.
  57. make your fontsize bigger:

    copy /usr/share/darktable/darktable.gtkrc to ~/.config/darktable and set

    font_name = "Sans 10"

    in line 38 (this is what i do).
  58. Hi, the lenscorrection module does not work with my Panasonic DMC-LX3. The camera shows up in the menu but the correction is never applied...

    Furthermore I find the program quite sluggish on my Debian box with Athlon 7750 dualcore. Is this fixed with the better memory management in 1.1.1?
  59. Just noticed the comment about the user manuel "not translated so far"...
    I'm a bit busy at the moment, translating Juan's video tutorials, but could find some time after we've completed the series if you need some help to do a French translation.
    Feel free to contact me about this.
  60. How is a program being sluggish on your Debian box with a certain processor got much a'do about memory management issues that you believe exists?