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1.1 release candidate 1

1.1 release candidate 1

as commits are easing down a little lately it seems appropriate to push out the first release candidate of the new version:


[update: mac package is available from https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.1/darktable-1.1~rc1.dmg/download ]

That doesn’t mean this tarball is final or perfect by any means. we’ll probably go on releasing a couple of these on our way to the final release in a few weeks. This will be a feature release, as opposed to the bug fixing point release series 1.0.x, so we’ve got a huge bunch of changes for you this time. The changelog is not the final one either, but here it is:

  • new camera support, new whitebalance presets, etc.
  • similarity matching search for images that look alike.
  • geotagging, complete with map view (thanks to dinamic for starting that ages ago and to houz for actually bringing it home): “ Geotagging in darktable
  • image grouping: “ Grouping
  • extensive use of edge-aware filtering techniques to suppress noise, halos and ringing all around darktable: “ edge aware image development
  • mac os package: “ Bringing current darktable to OS X
  • conditional blending, and a lot of goodies around it! “ Some enhancements to conditional blending
  • magenta highlights: “ magenta highlights ” improved on high-contrast edges to overexposed areas (should get rid of purple highlights on tiny water waves and purple fringes around tree leaves for example)
  • command line interface! “ Exporting images on the command line
  • much improved sharpness for both export and darkroom view, especially for downsampled images and if you use lens corrections or rotations/perspective corrections. check the new options in the preferences dialog, also one more than mentioned in the blog (“demosaicing for zoomed out darkroom mode” to trade performance for even more sharpness): “ Upcoming features: New interpolation modes and better resize
  • live view for tethered shooting! “ Live view
  • tone and base curves got a new user interface to better support fine grained workflow as in: “ Mastering color with Lab tone curves
  • visually low-profile controls with finetuning: “ bauhaus widgets
  • color correction module (" color correction ") got a GUI update since the blog post (two circles indicating shadows and highlights instead of the quad).
  • Facebook exporter (for those who have an account there)

color management:

  • improved per-screen color management (should reload the screen profile automatically)
  • more compatible embedded color profiles (should fix problems on windows viewing our images, if that matters)
  • read embedded color profiles from jpg


most of our modules now can take advantage of your computer’s gpu power. caching for compiled opencl kernels (even in case the driver doesn’t do it) for faster startup times.

Furthermore there are tons of updates to the usermanual and many updated translations:

  • french: perfect! thanks to Olivier Tribout!

  • italian: all done, thanks to Eugenio!

  • japanese: great, thanks a3novy!

  • nl: Ger Siemerink got it all covered :)

  • sv: Henrik and Richard Levitte (all done in git)

  • es: thanks to tatica! (git is good)

  • de: 1400 translated messages, 64 fuzzy translations, 45 untranslated messages.

and those lag behind a little more. any takers?

  • ca: 261 translated messages, 371 fuzzy translations, 877 untranslated messages.
  • cs: 1107 translated messages, 224 fuzzy translations, 178 untranslated messages.
  • fi: 639 translated messages, 478 fuzzy translations, 392 untranslated messages.
  • gl: 418 translated messages, 531 fuzzy translations, 560 untranslated messages.
  • pl: 1122 translated messages, 210 fuzzy translations, 177 untranslated messages.
  • ro: 747 translated messages, 417 fuzzy translations, 345 untranslated messages.
  • ru: 1118 translated messages, 215 fuzzy translations, 176 untranslated messages.
  • sq: 1104 translated messages, 219 fuzzy translations, 186 untranslated messages.
  • th: 180 translated messages, 176 fuzzy translations, 1153 untranslated messages.
  • zh_CN: 1116 translated messages, 205 fuzzy translations, 188 untranslated messages.


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These are comments from the old website, archived as static HTML
  1. wow, it has been ages since I have been so happy about an update! I love it! Love the new look and feel of the ui, love all the tweaks of things that have been bugging me (for example the new implementation of the tone curve is so much better!), love the conditional blending and - it's so crazy how much faster everything runs! But what seriously blows me away is the improvements by edge aware techniques ... crazy what I can do with the denoise module now ...! Thank you so much for all the work you put into this, making it my hands down most used and loved open source editing tool out there! keep up the awesome work!
  2. Steven Adler on Sat Nov 03 01:49:27 2012:
    Wow! The speed is excellent. Noticed however that lens correction reduces sharpness from my images - Olympus OM-D, Panasonic 20mm f1.7.

    Keep up the good work.
  3. Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for this project, it's really great having an open source piece of software like this. Thank you! :D
  4. This is an amazing tool and makes my post-processing so much faster and easier. I've stuck to Linux for my PP just because of darktable! Thanks so much for all the hard work you guys put in!
  5. Most excellent work.
    Working at last on my Mac, I'll be exploring it soon.
    Thank you
  6. Someone know how to set a value manually in darktable 1.1 rc1, I mean there's an slider which you can drag but it you right click in the value it only display a graph for changing value but can't write it directly anymore
  7. right click, type.
  8. Thanks :)
  9. Hi,
    thanks for update.
    But i don't understand why you don't release windows build of this great photo editing software?
  10. Thanks for this great job !

    "french: perfect! thanks to Olivier Tribout!"
    Sorry to say that but the available french version from the following link isn't the good one : only 16 pages, and only some titles have been translated... :-/

    Even if you change the link to get the 1.1 version instead of the 0.9 version, you'll download the same file.
  11. http://www.darktable.org/2011/07/that-other-os/
  12. Translations of darktable's UI was meant in announcement text, english version of usermanual is being worked at ATM, there's no point in translating it until original is finished.
  13. I could help with the Finnish translation. While I'm a newbie to Darktable and RAW workflow there are some things that are easy to translate.

    I'm also fascinated by the fact that there's a CLI binary in 1.1 and I'm interested to see how it will develop. That's because big part of my current workflow is a pile of Python code - I don't want to use time for developing pictures on holiday so I just want convert my photographs from RAW to JPG of reasonable quality and move them to net where they are safe but I would like it to be as Darktable compatible as possible (variables, for example).