compressing dynamic range with exposure fusion

modern sensor capture an astonishing dynamic range, namely some sony sensors or canon with magic lantern’s dual iso feature. this is in a range where the image has to be processed carefully to display it in pleasing ways on a monitor, let alone the limited dynamic range of print media. example images use graduated density filter to brighten foreground using the graudated density iop works well in this case since … Continue reading

colour manipulation with the colour checker lut module

colour manipulation with the colour checker lut module [update 2016/07/31: there was a section about intermediate export to csv and manually changing that file. this is no longer needed, exporting the style directly from darktable-chart is fine now.] motivation for raw photography there exist great presets for nice colour rendition: in-camera colour processing such as canon picture styles fuji film-emulation-like presets (provia velvia astia classic-chrome) pat david’s film emulation luts … Continue reading

darktable 2.0 released

we’re proud to finally announce the new feature release of darktable, 2.0! the github release is here: as always, please don’t use the autogenerated tarball provided by github, but only our tar.xz. the checksums are: $ sha256sum darktable-2.0.0.tar.xz d4f2f525bbbb1355bc3470e74cc158d79d7e236f3925928f67a88461f1df7cb1  darktable-2.0.0.tar.xz $ sha256sum darktable-2.0.0.dmg 1019646522c3fde81ce0de905220a88b506c7cec37afe010af7d458980dd08bd  darktable-2.0.0.dmg and the changelog as compared to the 1.6.x series can be found below. when updating from the currently stable 1.6.x series, please bear in … Continue reading

second release candidate for darktable 2.0

we’re proud to announce the second release candidate in the new feature release of darktable, 2.0~rc2. as always, please don’t use the autogenerated tarball provided by github, but only our tar.xz. the release notes and relevant downloads can be found attached to this git tag: please only use our provided packages (“darktable-2.0.rc2.*” tar.xz and dmg) not the auto-created tarballs from github (“Source code”, zip and tar.gz). the latter are … Continue reading

released darktable 1.4.1

hi all, as most of you probably noticed already, we published a point release, 1.4.1. the tarball is here: make sure you check the signature: the macintosh computer disk image with signature here: this is just a point release, so not really any new features. detailed release notes are as follows: export: consistent names for output formats export to disk: overwrite file option grain plugin now … Continue reading

determining focus in lighttable

wouldn’t it be great if you could judge sharpness of your images in lighttable mode? this mode is limited to small and medium sized thumbnails of your images, so we can deliver the required speed to browse a lot of them. to tell whether or not you got the focus right during the shoot, we would like to look at the full resolution. the most you get out of lighttable … Continue reading

about basecurves

the purpose of the basecurve is to make the otherwise scene-referred linear (linear raw rgb) color look good on your output devices. this is done independently of any color managed transforms which are also done in the pipeline, so we can establish a certain look independent of the devices. this will affect how highlights and shadows are balanced against each other, the overall contrast of the image, as well as … Continue reading

have your lens calibrated!

just a quick plug for torsten’s great new service which allows you to calibrate your lens for lensfun. this will enable you to use darktable’s lens correction module with your lens if it hasn’t been calibrated by others for you yet. all you need to do is take some sample images and upload them here: the page contains some more detailed instructions about which images are useful and which … Continue reading

released 1.2

we released the next feature release (1.2): source tarball user manual macintosh disk image as a feature release, it comes with a lot of new goodies: profiled denoising: adapt to the properties of your camera’s sensor (72 cameras already profiled for you). lightroom import: convert some basic edits from your lightroom collection to darktable operations. multi instance support: duplicate your modules and apply them more than one time with different … Continue reading

released 1.2rc2

we just released a new tarball for the second release candidate: here is the macintosh disk image: and this time it comes with an updated usermanual: the changes on top of rc1 are minor, some details: fixed a spurious crash/deadlock when switching images in filmstrip mode fixed a couple of exif strings for profiled denoising fixed gcc 4.8.0 build new noise profiles fixed gphoto 2.5 issues updated … Continue reading