How to get in contact

Use our mailing lists! Please subscribe instead of just sending mails to the lists - we tend to forget about the moderation queue for unsubscribed mails and they might rot there for some time. We currently have three different lists, choose the proper one for your needs:

  • development mailing list: bugs, ideas, patches, translations - all goes here. This is also the right place to report vulnerabilities. If you are interested in technical details, choose this list (can be about 30 mails per day).
    posts are made by subscribers only, subscribe via email to and likewise unsubscribe via email to (run by mlmmj).
  • users mailing list: for all concerns of a darktable user: usage questions, experience reports...
    posts are made by subscribers only, subscribe via email to and likewise unsubscribe via email to (run by mlmmj).
  • CI mailing list: read-only, high traffic(!) (subscription may not work, mail Johannes directly in that case.) (run by mlmmj).

Join us on IRC! You will find us at, channel #darktable.

Every file released by darktable as of version 1.4.1 gets signed with the GPG key with the fingerprint C4CB C150 6999 56E2 A326 8EF5 BB5C C829 5B17 79C9 for the signing part.

Developers / darktable Team

Here are some people you might meet on the mailing list or in IRC:

photo irc nick real name project role homepage gallery
henrik dinamic Henrik Andersson developer / translator homepage gallery
hanatos hanatos Johannes Hanika project founder / developer homepage
houz houz Tobias Ellinghaus developer / translator homepage
pmjdebruijn pmjdebruijn Pascal de Bruijn color management homepage gallery
prokoudine prokoudine Alexandre Prokoudine translation expert / day one battle tester homepage gallery
boucman Boucman Jérémy Rosen miscellaneous gallery
_smn _smn Simon Spannagel webmaster / miscellaneous gallery
jcsogo jcsogo José Carlos García Sogo miscellaneous gallery
upegelow pegelow Ulrich Pegelow OpenCL expert / blog author gallery
McBofh McBofh James C. McPherson Solaris package maintainer / miscellaneous homepage
GomGom GomGom Edouard Gomez
parafin parafin Igor Kuzmin OS X package maintainer homepage gallery
christte christte Christian Tellefsen miscellaneous homepage
alicvb alicvb Aldric Renaudin developer (masks, multi-instances)
pobry pobry Pascal Obry miscellaneous homepage gallery
LebedevRI LebedevRI Roman Lebedev developer
pedrorc pedrocr Pedro Côrte-Real developer homepage gallery

darktable Translators

The translations of darktable are brought to you by:

Language Name
af Afrikaans
ca Catalan Josep Puigdemont
cs Czech František Šidák
da Danish Thomas Pryds
de German Tobias Ellinghaus
el Greek Dimitrios Psychogios
es Spanish Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo, Tatica Leandro
fi Finnish Mikko Ruohola
fr French Pascal Obry, Olivier Tribout
gl Galician Roberto Quintero
he Hebrew Shlomi Braitbart
hu Hungarian Péter Báthory
it Italian Germano Massullo
ja Japanese "a3novy"
nl Dutch Ger Siemerink
pl Polish Michał Prędotka
pt_BR Brazilian Portugese Guilherme Brondani Torri
pt_PT Portugese Portugese José Carlos Casimiro
ro Romanian Florin Balate
ru Russian Alexandre Prokoudine
sk Slovak Dušan Kazik
sl Slovenian Matjaž Jeran
sq Albanian Besmir Godole
sv Swedish Henrik Andersson
th Thai Phondanai Khanti
uk Ukrainian Nazarii Vitak
zh_CN Simplified Chinese "jiero"

The translations of the darktable user manual are brought to you by:

Language Name
fr French Victor Lamoine, Michel Leblond
it Italian Maurizio Paglia, Federico Bruni
es Spanish Tatica Leandro