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darktable 2.2.3 released
Philipp Haegi

darktable 2.2.3 released

we’re proud to announce the third bugfix release for the 2.2 series of darktable, 2.2.3!

the github release is here: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/tag/release-2.2.3.

as always, please don’t use the autogenerated tarball provided by github, but only our tar.xz. the checksum is:

$ sha256sum darktable-2.2.3.tar.xz
1b33859585bf283577680c61e3c0ea4e48214371453b9c17a86664d2fbda48a0  darktable-2.2.3.tar.xz
$ sha256sum darktable-2.2.3.dmg
1ebe9a9905b895556ce15d556e49e3504957106fe28f652ce5efcb274dadd41c  darktable-2.2.3.dmg

Important note: to make sure that darktable can keep on supporting the raw file format for your camera, please help us by visiting https://raw.pixls.us/ and making sure that we have the full raw sample set for your camera under CC0 license!

and the changelog as compared to 2.2.2 can be found below.


  • Fix fatal crash when generating preview for medium megapixel count (~16MP) Bayer images
  • Properly subtract black levels: respect the even/odd -ness of the raw crop origin point
  • Collection module: fix a few UI quirks
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These are comments from the old website, archived as static HTML
  1. ma : )
  2. Hello,
    I cannot use my mac keyboard (on MBP) since the 2.1 ?
    Do you have an idea to correct that ?
    Best regards, and thanks for this super soft.
  3. Hi again.
    On this last version 2,2,3, it is OK with keyboard.
  4. Hi!
    When I try to work with CR2 files I get a message: failed to read camera white balance information from "IMG....CR2" Can I correct that?


  5. Please report a bug https://redmine.darktable.org/projects/darktable/issues/new
    Also, make sure that we have all the samples for that camera on https://raw.pixls.us/
  6. Mac 10.10.5. yosemite
    Darktable 2.0.6 before update

    I can install and use Darktable, no problems. Whenever I export/save image, the entire program crashes. Every single time. Any ideas?
  7. 2.0.6 is old and unsupported, update to 2.2.4
    Though, 2.2.x+ only supports OS X 10.7+
    EDIT: to 2.2.3, at the moment
  8. darktable 2.2.1 crea problemi con mac el capitan
  9. problemi con mac el capitan con la versione 2.2.1
  10. I was using V2.2.1 on Debian, and the 100% view was so slow that I installed V2.2.3 myself (Debian Testing does not have it). The 100% view is very fast now, but from time to time it clashes for no reason. Not a big problem as it is easy to restart and no data loss. Thanks for the great work.
  11. Is there anyway to save the history stack on the current session and use it to process other files until I save a new history stack. The way it is now, I have to put in a name and include items to be saved and save it. It would be convenient if I just hit a single key.
  12. ctrl-c and ctrl-v work. ctrl-shift-c and ctrl-shift-v let you select the history entries to copy/paste.
  13. Thanks houz. It makes it a lot more convenient and enjoyable.
  14. I can't make work darktable since Kubuntu 16.04 upgraded to kernel 4.4.0-59.

    Seems there is some problem with the database. I've tried to delete .config/darktable files. But then I get other error messages like:

    "the database lock file contains a pid that seems to be alive in your system: XXX"

    "database version of `library.db' is too new for this build of darktable. aborting"

    Finally, the program never starts, and the process appears as "zombi" in the task list.
    The only way I had to make it work was to init my computer with kernel 4.4.0-58. And now I'm on kernel 4.4.0-64 and I don't have this option anymore.

    I'm clueless, and what worries me most is that I can't find any help on forums. Seems nobody else has this problem.

    This is why I'm writing to you with my clumsy english. If you can give any help I'll be thankfull.
  15. Hi,
    I noticed the "indicate focus regions" appears to be missing from recent DT releases:
    Is it really gone? I kinda miss it.
    Thanks, Rob
  16. It is still there. See shortcuts in preferences for how to trigger it.
  17. @ Roman,
    Thanks a lot!
  18. Please add support for Nikon D5600
  19. Please use https://redmine.darktable.org/projects/darktable/issues/new to report new issues, not comments.
  20. Bug Report for Darktable 2.2.3.
    When in Module "Lighttable", history stack and want to copy only certain or one fields value into others, strangely Darktable copies the value of the selected field and sets all the other fields back to DEFAULT. Pretty nasty when this happens, as all the postprocessing is set back to zero.
    Not a big issue when you know about it, just a bit cumbersome (and this did not occur in former versions of Darktable).
    Nevertheless: Darktable is a great piece of software, the best available for any given system! Go on!
    Looking forward to getting support for the Fuji X-100 F, also!
  21. https://www.darktable.org/usermanual/ch02s03s07.html.php
    I'd guess the mode is set to overwrite
  22. I have an issue with a new lense 16-35 f4L with my Canon 5D Mark II. Images are not sharp. I have compared the treatment between lightroom and Darktable and confirm that with lightroom images are more sharp. I haven't noticed such a difference with my other lenses so i was wondering if this lense is compatible or not with darktable, it seems there is a real issue with it.
  23. Is it possible to integrate D810 curves ? There exist a patch for serveral months, and it was said they will be merged into > 2.0.1 but still missing on 2.0.3.

    Nevertheless, really a great job done. Best Linux photo software so far.
  24. Just to complete my assertion : a request is already in the pipe and 100% complete, see redmine :

  25. Hi, I added a sample raw for a Pentx K-5 II s at raw.pixls.us under CC0. Hope it helps.

    Keep up with the great work :-)
  26. Please do note that for Pentax, we are asking for both the PEF, *and* DNG.
    Thanks for the DNG sample.
  27. Perfect, you hit the nail, Roman! Thank you!
  28. Any chance Olympus E-M1 Mark II support will be included in the next point release?
  29. Jürgen Rausch-Schott on Sat Apr 01 10:03:32 2017:
    Hi, darktable team! After about a minute of worrying about a problem i found out the thing with 1st of april... - Big relief! and laugh!
    After having read the posts of 2016 about the joke I can't believe, that there are people who are really "pissed of".
    First of all: You do a great job! The program is awesome and I want to thank you for that! I think, it is necessary to write a positive statement to show, that there is a big grateful community out there...
    And to all of you out there, who don't have any sense of humor or write only if there is a bug: How about to say - Thank you for that great free program!

    Go on, Jürgen from Austria
  30. Rob Dosier on Sat Apr 01 19:57:55 2017:
    Hello... great program but as of April 1 it is no longer working... I searched for forums and such... no help... black screen on launch... was told this was an "april fools" joke and that I have to wait until Apr 3rd for it to work again... HILARIOUS... so glad I rely on this to get work done and that an april fools joke includes making the software completely unusable... please fix this
  31. JoaoLamares on Sat Apr 01 23:28:03 2017:
    Whats this?
    I open darktable and comes a game?
    Darktable doesn't work.