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darktable 2.2.1 released

darktable 2.2.1 released

we’re proud to announce the first bugfix release for the 2.2 series of darktable, 2.2.1!

the github release is here: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/tag/release-2.2.1.

as always, please don’t use the autogenerated tarball provided by github, but only our tar.xz. the checksum is:

$ sha256sum darktable-2.2.1.tar.xz
da843190f08e02df19ccbc02b9d1bef6bd242b81499494c7da2cccdc520e24fc  darktable-2.2.1.tar.xz
$ sha256sum darktable-
9a86ed2cff453dfc0c979e802d5e467bc4974417ca462d6cbea1c3aa693b08de  darktable-

and the changelog as compared to 2.2.0 can be found below.

New features:

  • Show a dialog window that tells when locking the database/library failed
  • Ask before deleting history stack from lightable.
  • preferences: make features that are not available (greyed out) more obvious


  • Always cleanup undo list before entering darkroom view. Fixes crash when using undo after re-entering darkroom
  • Darkroom: properly delete module instances. Fixes rare crashes after deleting second instance of module.
  • Levels and tonecurve modules now also use 256 bins.
  • Rawoverexposed module: fix visualization when a camera custom white balance preset is used

Base Support:

  • Canon EOS M5
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These are comments from the old website, archived as static HTML
  1. Bertie Wooster on Tue Jan 03 05:58:44 2017:
    When in Lighttable, I maximize the image size, then mark a few images with let's say five stars, then I ask to see only the ones with five stars, then I ask to see the one star images. At this point, the focus is taken off the five star image I was focused on and some random image at the beginning of the roll is displayed, I can't find a method to the madness.

    When I change from wanting to see five stars to all one star images, I do not expect to lose the focus from the image I was working on to a different random image. As a result, I may have to scroll through several hundred images to get back to where I was. It is really annoying.
  2. I'm not quite sure, if this is the right place to post something like this… What about https://redmine.darktable.org/projects/darktable/issues ?
  3. Birgander on Wed Jan 04 11:29:13 2017:
    The whole focus thing seems a bit messy. Also when switching from darkroom to lighttable (key L) and then back to darkroom (key B), suddenly another image is displayed - the one where the mouse was placed over in the lighttable. Similar, in darkroom it can be tricky to accept and reject the correct images, as the settings are applied to the one where the mouse is placed over the film roll, not to the one currently displayed. So be careful to place the mouse outside of the filmroll.
  4. What's going on here is that the images are not scrolling when you change the star rating in the "view" dropdown. You'll find that the image that you selected is still selected (make sure you're not mousing-over any image, and expand the "image information" on the left panel).

    You can see this better if you zoom out a bit, select an image that has a high star rating, and then change the star rating in the view dropdown.

    Seems to me it makes sense to scroll the images when you change the view dropdown so that the currently selected image is visible, at least when you're zoomed in all the way. Whether it makes sense when you're zoomed out I'm not so sure.

    Either way, the correct place to request a change is here:

  5. Just installed 2.2.1 on MX Linux (Debian). Thank you !
  6. Unfortunately, the current version still can´t read the white balance data from the Nikon D500
  7. Please provide full sample set on https://raw.pixls.us/
    And then open new issue https://redmine.darktable.org/projects/darktable/issues/new
  8. Souhaits collectifs d'amélioration du logiciel (Janvier 2017)
    Du site web : https://darktable-fr.tuxfamily.org/forum/index.php

    – Correcteur de tâches à revoir (++++++)

    – Pouvoir trier les Modules (+)

    – Améliorer et simplifier le traitement du bruit (1 module de 2 ou 3 curseurs) (+++)

    – Tourner la molette de la souris vers le haut pour agrandir un masque plutôt que vers le bas (+)

    – Pouvoir fermer les boites de dialogue (+)

    – Pouvoir exporter de façon multiple (++)

    – Développer le catalogage (comme LR) (++)

    – Améliorer les champs de saisie “jobcode” et “surcharge de la date” dans importation par le boitier. (+)

    – Préciser le poids d’une image en export (comme Gimp) (+++)

    – L’outil Pinceau masque trop noir. Impossible de voir en dessous ni la zone de floue. (++)

    – Valeur en iso supérieure à 52600 impossible. (+)

    - Pouvoir modifier la balance des blancs d'une image par zones (++)

    Je laisse de côté les problèmes de masques.
  9. I've upgraded to the Mac OS X version of 2.2.0. Now when I export jpegs - the exported jpegs are not recognised by my printer software (Canon Pixma Pro-10) - and my one or two other utilities. With the canon One Click utility - when I click on the folder containing the exported jpegs, it shoes the files but with a ' ? ' on them, and does not see them as pictures. Other programs such as Fotomagico can recognise the exported jpegs.

    I've played around by readjusting the export values but it seems to make no difference. If I export as ' copy ' mode - I don't have the problem - but then I don't have the edits in the pictures either...

    Any ideas ??
  10. Awesome work. Adobe should be afraid of this software.

    Just upgraded to 2.2.1 from 2.0.7. I haven't tried all of the new features yet, but I have played with the color lookup table. I don't know exactly how it works yet, but its ability to modify colours is cool. It seems to work more locally somehow that the color zones tool. For example, in one image there was a beach with mostly warm tones, blue ocean, and a mostly grey, slightly blue sky.

    As an experiment, I tried to make the sky more blue with the color zones tool, but in mainly affected the already blue ocean. However, when using the color lookup table, I could select the sky with the eyedropper, and changing the saturation slider to more saturated only increased the saturation of the sky. (I don't really advocate doing this to most pictures though!)

    But the point is, it's an effect that was easy to accomplish using the LUT, but difficult with color zones. Neat.
  11. Roger Smith on Thu Jan 12 07:56:53 2017:
    Jason, thanks for your suggestion with LUT. Had a picture I took in London with an almost white sky. Did the same approach as you and got pretty good light blue sky.

    I agree, I also need to play with the module a bit more to refine my understanding of its use.

    I agree that Adobe should be afraid of Darktable.

    The commitment and skill of the developers is outstanding. Thank you to all of them.
  12. Boris Bruchhaus on Mon Jan 23 20:35:00 2017:
    I was using darktable on CentOS7 successfully with the Canon 6D. Now I switched to the 5D Mark IV - is there a way to get 2.2.1 working on CentOS? So far I didnt get any version to work with the 5D IV on CentOS7.

  13. Report that to CentOS bug tracker :)
  14. Boris Bruchhaus on Tue Jan 24 16:41:04 2017:
    sounds like there will be no update anytime soon?
  15. darktable does not provide any packages for any of the distributions. we only provide the source code. creating/updating packages for new versions of darktable is the distribution/package maintainer responsibility.
    once more: ask your distribution.
  16. It's not that hard to compile Darktable from the source. All you have to do is to install the dependencies, then run the build script provided.

    That can fail if there is no package on CentOS for some dependency, or if it's of a version older than the minimum required. In that case, you would need to install that dependency from source too.
  17. Boris Bruchhaus on Tue Jan 24 17:31:57 2017:
    ok ..I'm still fairly new to CentOS but will definitly give it a go to compile it myself .. don't wanna switch to AfterShot :)
  18. Boris Bruchhaus on Tue Jan 24 20:38:42 2017:
    looking at


    there is only list of dependancies and build instructions for ubuntu and fedora. Not sure how to proceed for CentOS.. :/
  19. Still no full support for D810 raw files ?

    What do you need to include D810 specific base curve https://redmine.darktable.org/issues/10760 ?

    More samples ? beta testers ?

    It is a littlebit boring to have to use RT for my raw workflow instead of using directly Darktable for this reason...
  20. We do not take custom base/tone curves and custom color matrixes because
    1. we have no methodics to verify their validity. 2. we have no one to take care of them
  21. Boris Bruchhaus on Thu Jan 26 13:25:05 2017:
    where can I find a list of needed libraries for compiling it for CentOS?

    doesn't list my distribution (CentOS 7)

    Thanks again