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String freeze for the upcoming 2.2 series

String freeze for the upcoming 2.2 series

This is a call for all our translators, now is the time to bring your .po file in the master branch up to date. We will not ship any translation that is not relatively complete, the exact threshold is still to be determined.

As a quick reminder, these are the steps to update the translation if you are working from git. language_code is not the whole filename of the po file but just the first part of it. For example, when for Italian the language code is it while the filename is it.po. You also have to compile darktable before updating your .po file as some of the translated files are auto-generated.

cd /path/to/your/darktable/checkout/
git checkout master
git pull
cd po/
intltool-update <language_code>
<edit language_code.po>

If you don’t have a build environment set up to compile darktable you can also use this .pot file.

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