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darktable 2.0.5 released

darktable 2.0.5 released

we’re proud to announce the fifth bugfix release for the 2.0 series of darktable, 2.0.5!

the github release is here: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/tag/release-2.0.5.

as always, please don’t use the autogenerated tarball provided by github, but only our tar.xz. the checksum is:

$ sha256sum darktable-2.0.5.tar.xz
898b71b94e7ef540eb1c87c829daadc8d8d025b1705d4a9471b1b9ed91b90a02 darktable-2.0.5.tar.xz
$ sha256sum darktable-2.0.5.dmg
e0ae0e5e19771810a80d6851e022ad5e51fb7da75dcbb98d96ab5120b38955fd  darktable-2.0.5.dmg

and the changelog as compared to 2.0.4 can be found below.

New Features

  • Add geolocation to watermark variables


  • Mac: bugfix + build fix
  • Lua: fixed dt.collection not working
  • Fix softproofing with some internal profiles
  • Fix non-working libsecret pwstorage backend
  • Fixed a few issues within (rudimentary) lightroom import
  • Some fixes related to handling of duplicates and/or tags

Base Support

  • Canon EOS 80D (no mRAW/sRAW support!)

White Balance Presets

  • Canon EOS 80D

Noise Profiles

  • Canon EOS 80D

Translations Updates

  • Danish
  • German
  • Slovak
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  1. woo!
  2. Sven Akelian on Tue Jul 05 15:12:44 2016:

    I've started using darktable recently and I'm amazed by some of the features and the whole philosophy of the program.
    I've switched to CentOs7 recently and I'm struggling building it from source, missing the libs : LensFun and Lua5.2.
    Do you have any workaround ? How to ?

  3. Edward Kamau on Tue Jul 05 15:16:23 2016:
    Great! 80D support. I was waiting for this.
  4. alex hurt on Tue Jul 05 20:10:09 2016:
    ( m a c : )
  5. No idea about Lensfun, but if your OS doesn't ship Lua 5.2 you can just pass "-DDONT_USE_INTERNAL_LUA=Off" to cmake to use the copy we ship.
  6. As a new mac user I ask: Everytime darktable updates into new version, does it automatically update in mac or do I have to erase former one and DL new dmg? I know it should...
    I mean, Linux PPA updated pretty soon after update was published.
  7. There's no auto-update feature in the Mac package, you have to download the DMG file and re-install darktable (no need to delete old version first, just choose replace option when copying the app bundle into Applications folder).
  8. You can install LensFun from source.

    When installing from source, I always use the checkinstall program (ex: `checkinstall make install` will make a package for the software, and install it), this way it's easier when you want to uninstall it.
  9. awesome update. you are really getting there!
    It only needs a better shadow recovery algorithm and it's almost perfect!

  10. Thanks for the update. I’ve the .svg watermarks files and they disappear with every update. Is there a way to avoid it?
  11. Thanks for all the work and the new release!

    Any idea when Canon's 1DX Mk II will be supported?
  12. Sven Akelian on Tue Jul 12 09:28:27 2016:
    Perfect thanks, I did managed to build LensFun from source.
    Does DT work with Lua 5.3 aswell?
    I'll report success.
  13. Sven Akelian on Tue Jul 12 10:58:08 2016:
    Building fine on Centos 7, thanks.

    So to sum up on CentOs 7 / RHEL7 :

    note: I did not bother building the docs as many deps are missing from Base. Same thing for osmgpsmap (Allowing GPS MAP).

    -Install all the deps from official repos.
    -Build Lensfun, LUA 5.2 and plugixml (shared lib with -fPIC) from source (straightforward.)
    -Install Saxon from instructions.
    -Darktable now builds without doc and gps!

  14. Just to thank you so much for devoloping this fantastic software. As a heavy linux user an photo enthusiast I searched for an appropriate solution for editing Canon EOS and samsung NX raw files in Linux OS.

    All my stuff is recognized with Darktable out of the box (which is not with Adobe lightroom or Canon DDP!). In the Adobe case you have to buy a software upgrade for a lot of money to get the same support you get with Darktable. Canon DDP is for free, but has far weaker options than darktable and is just linked to the manufacturer.

    Darktable 2.0.5 runs perfect under Linux Fedora. Just acitvate rpm fusion for the latest releases. In Ubuntu/Mint an old version is in the sources out of the box. So getting the darktable source key is a good idea.

    I even experienced a lot of advantages in comparison to lightroom (besides the fact that Darktable is for free):

    - nearly all new camera bodies are supported, if you install the latest version. I.E. my Samsung NX3000 is supported in Darktable, but not so in Lightroom 4)
    - the workflow is even better in some areas. Its easier to get a picture in a landscape or portrait format which is needed very often.
    - because Linux runs faster, consuming less resources on my machines, darktable is running faster and more stable than lightroom as well. So if you don't have extremely powerful machines for example business laptops with a Linux OS and Darktable are by far the better option.
    - Darktable images get a little darker than lightroom images. In most cases darker images look more appealing. Many manufacturers especially Canon create at least in full automatic mode a little overexposed.
    - look at the size of the packages. Lightroom is consuming a lot of space on your machine. Darktable doesn't. With ten times less file space you get the same results.

    Besides Adobe lightroom via wine installation there are no alternatives to Darktable in Linux. Rawtherapee is not easy to use, Digikam takes a lot of time to load and process pictures. But for some special issues Gimp in Linux is a creat tool. Installing Darktable and Gimp you can't go wrong.
  15. Thanks a lot for the new realease @ all the team !

    Just a things: keyboard to write numbers... only on my macbookpro ? :-)
  16. Dear all,

    loving darktable since long time. Thanks for that brilliant work!

    Unfortunately all over sudden have an isse. LOCALES are all correct (since long time), but darktable don't accept it anymore and insists to talk English to me, rather than German. Downgrading to 2.0.4, the error remains, I know, this implies an issue here, but cannot find anything strange or changed. As I said, LOCALES are correct, other programs do accept them and show the correct language.
  17. Hey everyone,

    I donno other distros, but gentoo has changed the LINGUAS to L10N, which need to be set in /etc/make.conf resp. /etc/portage/make.conf.

    I was struggling getting the language correct again, which worked, now is alright again...


    Thanks for the great great darktable!!!!

  18. Looks like the entering of numerical values by rightclicking a slider doesn't work on the Mac Build any longer.

    Beside this small bug it is really a great piece of Software. It actually solved the limitiatons I had with Ado** and give me way better results.

    Thx for this great work!
  19. Happy to help by providing RAWs if necessary, thanks guys!
  20. Hi all, I am from Uruguay, and there are many things that I don't understand from Darktable, being a usual user of LR, I am finding completely al lost as importing images comes. I have not a single word in the modules that say"Export" I did ctrl plus E, and the image was exported but I don't know where or in which mode. I shoot in raw. To be honest a spanish version would be so much appreciate of the program, on the other hand, I am oldie, but use mac. Again I wish I could really understand this great program. Thanks for your efforts, Best wishes.
  21. Hi all,

    Each time DT starts, the main window is too large to fit the screen of my MacBook. So no access to the panel on the right of the interface...
    I tried to minimize, maximize, close, open again, no improvement.
    I have checked in parameters to be sure that my screen resolution is right, ok.
    I feel also that the font size is bigger than previously. I don't remember the version I had before but it was 2.xx.
    Do you have an idea ?

  22. Lua 5.3 won't work.
  23. Where did you put the watermark files?
  24. Yes, that seems to be an issue in the Mac build. Most likely an issue with GTK on OSX. We haven't figured out what exactly is causing it yet. :-(
  25. Could you provide a screenshot? I am not sure that I understand what is happening for you.
    About a Spanish version: You should already see a translated GUI when your system language is set accordingly. In case that doesn't work you could try to edit ~/.config/darktable/darktablerc, search for the key "ui_last/gui_language" and set it to "es_ES".
  26. Try playing with the settings for "screen_dpi_overwrite" and "screen_ppd_overwrite" in ~/.config/darktable/darktablerc. "-1" means auto-detect.
  27. @ houz: Thx for reply. BTW, could you also adjust the size of the sliders when you are into GTK already? On a 27" Retina iMac with 10.9.5 they are so small, that it is nearly impossible to use them (thats why I use normally the numerical entering). The size of the triangles seem to appear with aprox. a millimeter. Everything else - fontsize etc. is rendered correctly, also the highlighting of entrys is better now.

    There is also a problem with the mouse focus on rightclick context menus that gets sometimes lost. Then it is only possible to make a selection by arrowkeys.

    And: Is there a "feature request" list somewhere? I would like to add RL-Deconvolution there, as sharpening-quality is not up to others at the moment.
  28. I sent the 1Dx Mk.II file to Swiss depository. Could you please add support for this camera? Thanks for your efforts. It is a superb tool.
  29. The sharpening could be improved and adding the RL-Decovolution would be an excellent improvement.
  30. Hey guys, unfortunately, the user interface is badly messed up on Ubuntu GNOME 16.4.1:

    Any idea what could be causing this?
  31. Marc Jeffrey Driftmeyer on Sun Aug 07 19:12:30 2016:
    Building from source matches what Debian builds and produces leaving me to wonder if Darktable needs to create a minimum GPGPU requirement to use it.

    The entire clEnqueueCopyImageToBuffer call is unimplemented (clEnqueueCopyImageToBuffer.c:15)

    I'll soon own a new RX 480 and look forward to Linux 4.8. For now, Darktable is a no go.
  32. Marc Jeffrey Driftmeyer on Tue Aug 09 18:34:13 2016:
    Trunk runs cleanly on Debian with no OpenCL errors.
  33. The red borders mean that our theme wasn't loaded. Are there any error messages printed when starting darktable from a shell?
  34. What OpenCL driver are you using there? The binary AMD driver?
  35. Hello and
    1) thank you for this fantastic software :-)

    2) on the 2.0.5 I can't removes a file, it write : "Trash not supported on OS X version < 10.8". When I click on "delete definitely" DT removes my photo but just in my collection not on my disk... when I reload the same folder , the photo is here.

    3) after, I installed the 2.0.4 , DT wrote the same message "Trash not supported on OS X version < 10.8", BUT, when I click on "delete definitely", DT remove correctly the file on my disk (good thing :-)).
    I'll stay on this old version

    I am on Mac OSX 10.6.8.
  36. As I am not using OSX I wouldn't know how to debug this, but there should be a preference option which disables the use of the Trash. Maybe that way you can make use of 2.0.5?
  37. I have been using Darktable for a couple of years now, with excellent results. Great fun playing with options and seeing the results!

    However, I upgraded to a 4K screen a few months back , and also upgraded to 4.05. Performance is now very, very much worse, and I do have a pretty powerful system (Intel i3-600 with 16Gb memory running Mint Cinnamon).
    Example - in darkroom mode using the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen it takes 40 seconds to switch to the next image. The memory and CPU usage both stay very low.

    I'm sure there are configuration options that will help, can anyone suggest what could be going wrong, and what I should be checking?
  38. Rodolfo Borges on Tue Aug 23 12:05:06 2016:
    In a 4K monitor, the resolution that darktable has to render the picture (and apply all the effects) is much higher, that's why it takes longer to update the image.

    In "darkroom" there's a pull down menu besides the thumbnail on top left. The default is "fit to screen", try using "small".
  39. Thanks Rodolfo - that seems to make a positive difference!

    Now if you have any advice on how to take decent pictures in the first place . . . .
  40. Very impressive software. I've used Lightroom for years but was surprised how strong a contender this is. Any chance on getting the Pentax K-1 profiled?

  41. The Canon 5D Mark IV is just coming out and be available on 8th September. Can you please add support for this camera.

    Thanks a lot for the hard work and this excellent software. Switching definitely under linux no more need of Lightroom.
  42. l can't download it, please anybody, please help.
  43. If someone uploads samples to rawsamples.ch and provides them to us, too, there might be a chance.
  44. What did you try? You can grab the source code (which is all we as a project provide) from the link in the post. There you will also find parafin's OSX package. For everything else you have to rely on your distribution's friendly packagers and wait for them to ship darktable. Or of course you can try compiling yourself. I am not sure how it works on other flavours of Unix like *BSD.
  45. Hello Houz,

    You can get severals 5d Mark IV raw files samples here :

    Does that correspond to what you need ?
  46. Unlike in Lightroom, you switch to the library to export, in this case called Lighttable. You should see export options in the lower right. There doesn't seem to be a "save in original folder" option, so you have to choose it.
  47. Thanks a lot gals and guys, you are awesome!
    Work nicely on OS X Yosemite.
  48. Rodrigo Araya on Sun Sep 04 02:10:17 2016:
    Please.. fix Resolution to 1280 X 800 Mac 13"
  49. José Sánchez on Sun Sep 04 03:08:38 2016:
    New to DT. I've installed version 2.0.5 overwriting 2.0.4 (Mac El Capitan) dragging the mounted dmg to the applications folder and choosing "Replace", as suggested here. When opening 2.0.5 all "preferences" parameters are the same as in v 2.0.4 where some of the core options were modified. Is this correct or did I fail to remove configuration files in some other system or library folder? Did I have to uninstall or delete v2.0.4 first?
    Thank you.
  50. Joachim Thomalla on Tue Sep 06 15:23:11 2016:
    Hi there,
    thank you very much for this great software. I use it very often. But after the last dist.-upgrade in my "siduction"-linux-os I don't know, where does ver. 2.0.5-2+b1 store the jpgs after developping? (if it really stores them at all?) And how can I make the Letters smaller?
    Thank you for every hint
  51. kevin jan segovia on Tue Sep 06 18:50:55 2016:
    yes pls do
  52. mensch+kamera on Wed Sep 07 15:01:34 2016:
    Cool. A good thing just keeps getting better.

    One feature that may be useful would be to be able to reset the exposure and black point independently by double-clicking in the left or right field of the histogram, respectively.

    Just keep up the good work. Much appreciated!