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darktable 2.0.2 released

darktable 2.0.2 released

we’re proud to announce the second bugfix release for the 2.0 series of darktable, 2.0.2!

the github release is here: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/tag/release-2.0.2.

as always, please don’t use the autogenerated tarball provided by github, but only our tar.xz. the checksum is:

$ sha256sum darktable-2.0.2.tar.xz
75ea6354eb08aab8f25315a2de14c68dc6aad6ee5992061beea624afc7912400 darktable-2.0.2.tar.xz
$ sha256sum darktable-2.0.2.dmg
33789b5a791770f9308cc653aaf50b0e9c054a0fbdd5e4a1d2e48e2bf6553f95  darktable-2.0.2.dmg

and the changelog as compared to 2.0.1 can be found below.


  • Require glib of at least version 2.40

New features

  • Add support for DNGs from x3f_extract
  • Support XMP files from Ramperpro timelapse controllers from ElysiaVisuals


  • Fix some problems with sluggish GUI when Lua is compiled in
  • Some High DPI fixes
  • Small theming fixes
  • Fix some strings being too long in the GUI, especially when using localized versions
  • Fix a potential crash with malformed GPX files
  • Fix wrong zoom level of the map when searching for a location
  • Put XMP metadata into the right Exif fields
  • Fix a crash in masks.
  • Fix a crash in demosaicing
  • Fix Markesteijn demosaicing
  • Fix a crash when moving the mouse while going to darkroom when crop&rotate is active
  • Fix discrepancy between CPU and OpenCL codepath in invert
  • Fix some crashes with certain TIFF files
  • Fix build with GCC6
  • Fix build with osmgpsmap older than 1.1.0
  • Fix compilation when there are spaces in the path names

Camera support

  • Fujifilm X-Pro2

White balance presets

  • Pentax K-S2

Noise profiles

  • Fujifilm X-T10
  • Pentax K-S2


  • new

    • Hebrew
  • updated

    • German
    • Slovak
    • Swedish
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These are comments from the old website, archived as static HTML
  1. Will the Mac .dmg be made available soon?
  2. You folks Rock, Thank You!
  3. Keep up the great work.

    It's always nice to see my favourite RAW editor getting even better.
  4. SuperManu on Tue Mar 08 16:48:51 2016:
    I love the quality of your work. DarkTable is, according to me, the best solution for photograph enthousiasts. Thanks you all !!!
  5. After Update to darktable (1:2.0.1-0pmjdebruijn1~trusty) to 1:2.0.2-0pmjdebruijn1~trusty
    it doesn't work. Darktable freez when I open some pictures.
    With Version 1:2.0.1 it was all fine
  6. just GREAT, thank you very much indeed!
  7. DMG has been uploaded.
  8. Larry (IdahoPhotoist) on Fri Mar 11 20:58:00 2016:
    I am a photographer, not a programmer I want to install the 2.x.x on my Linuxmint 17.3 computer, is there a Deb version out there? I can use?
  9. Why won't you acknowledge Partha Bagchi work on the Windows port?
  10. Because we won't support it and it's completely unofficial. Please read http://www.darktable.org/2015/07/why-dont-you-provide-a-windows-build/
  11. Yes, but you could still acknowledge it.

    Like a link on the download page, thanking him for the port,
    and stating clearly that it is unsupported by the Darktable team
    and completely unofficial.
  12. Thank you very much! It´s great to have an alternative to Adobe. This gives me a much better feeling while working with my images. Thanks again!
  13. I think the deb for darktable in the repositories is the old version.
    To get 2.0.X You have to add another repository using the terminal:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmjdebruijn/darktable-release
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    More info:
  14. Hi to all!

    Anyone can help me with this?

    I recently installed Dark Table and I want to migrate my collections from Adobe Lightroom... I found some old post, but I want to know if it is a good way now and where I can learn it.

    Thank you.
  15. I dont know much about programming.I want to install darktable in my windows 10 pc..I use canon cameras.Can I install it?
  16. No. Windows is not supported. Only different kinds of Unix.
  17. OK! I think I got it!

    "Specify where to write metadata changes

    Lightroom automatically writes adjustments and settings metadata to the catalog. You can also instruct Lightroom to write the changes to XMP. In order for changes made in Lightroom to be recognized by other applications, metadata must be written to XMP.

    Choose Edit > Catalog Settings (Windows) or Lightroom > Catalog Settings (Mac OS).
    Click the Metadata tab, and then do either of the following:

    To write adjustments and settings metadata to XMP, select Automatically Write Changes Into XMP.

    To write adjustments and settings metadata only to the catalog, deselect Automatically Write Changes Into XMP.

    If you don’t write adjustments and settings metadata to XMP automatically, you can select a file and choose Metadata > Save Metadata To File."

    from here:


    So I think I'll be able to start using DarkTable soon...

  18. Windows is not officially supported, but there are Windows versions of Darktable around that you can use. They are not made by the Darktable team, so don't report bugs on it, use at your own risk.
  19. Howard Rubin on Sun Mar 27 09:43:59 2016:
    1. I am using the Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon. My graphics display is cropped on the right edge. I tried to change the display size and pixels but without effect. Is there a setting to use or should I change my monitor for another with a different aspect ratio?

    2. Where can I find a glossary of terms used in Darktable?

    3. Will there be a help file other than forums and user manual? I would like someone to walk me through the processing of an image from RAW file to jpeg.
  20. Josh Tobert on Mon Mar 28 18:08:23 2016:
    Any chance of seeing Darktable AppImages in the near future? Sure would be better than relying on outdated repos.
  21. ad 1: What language are you using darktable in? Some translations have rather long strings and thus push the minimal screen size a bit.
  22. darktable doesn't plan to offer anything like that. Actually we don't even provide compiled binaries to install. That's the job of distributions' packagers.
    So if you want something like an AppImage (I actually had to google that first – do people really like using a bloaty thing like that instead of a properly packaged install for their system?) you have to do it yourself.