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Ubuntu Unstable Repository and our Release Candidates

Ubuntu Unstable Repository and our Release Candidates

Following is a public service announcement from Pascal de Bruijn, the maintainer of the Ubuntu PPAs.

As most of you know, my darktable-unstable PPA was serving as a pre-release repository for our stable maintenance tree, as it usually does. Now as master has settled down, and we’re slowly gearing up for a 2.0 release, I’ll do pre-release (release candidate) builds for darktable 2.0 there.

On my darktable-unstable PPA I will support Ubuntu Trusty (14.04, the latest Long Term Support release) as always. Temporarily I’ll support Ubuntu Wily (15.10, the latest plain release) as well, at least until we have a final 2.0 stable release. Once we have a final 2.0 stable release I will support all Ubuntu versions (still) supported by Canonical at that time via my darktable-release PPA as usual.

In general updates on my darktable-unstable PPA should be expected to be fairly erratic, completely depending on the number and significance of changes being made in git master. That said, I expect that it will probably average out at once a week or so.

If you find any issues with these darktable release candidates please do report them to our bug tracker.

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  1. Many thanks for the fast work! No sleep tonight for me! :)
  2. Darktable is a fantastic software, but what's even better is its availability in Ubuntu PPA. I know for dealing a bit with Ubuntu packaging that it's not easy to maintain a PPA and to publish new releases regularly, so I wanted to thank you for doing so. Your hard work enables many people to easily install and enjoy Darktable on their Linux devices!

    Thanks to Pascal de Bruijn and the Darktable team for the hard work!
  3. Thank you for all the hard work and this wonderful piece of software!
  4. Thanks so much Pascal, your efforts are HUGELY appreciated!
  5. Really neat! Already testing it on my test laptop.
  6. Diego Martínez on Thu Nov 19 16:23:18 2015:
    This release version does not work for me. Darktable crash 2 seconds after open. How can i report the bug? My ubuntu generates some bug report automatically, i think. Thanks
  7. Sebastian on Thu Nov 19 21:27:42 2015:
    Via the RSS feed I got the additional paragraph "An important note for Ubuntu Trusty (14.04)...", why is this one not at the homepage here? It is rather important for trusty users.
  8. Eric Bruggeman on Fri Nov 20 11:57:57 2015:
    Tried today to install from Pascal's ppa: success all the way. Even the print-module works fine. I think (read hope) we will have a Christmas or new year's gift with the official release... Anyway, thanks to Pascal and the whole crew, DT rock's...
  9. Really a great work!!! Thanks!
  10. That is one awesome shot on your frontpage there (the puppeteer)!
  11. I installed the RC this afternoon and worked on a couple of photos, everything went fine.
  12. Hi Diego, please file a report here:
  13. Thanks for your huge efforts!!
  14. It was removed because it's no longer relevant.
  15. This actually answered my problem, thanks!
  16. Giampiero on Sat Dec 12 10:15:03 2015:
    Hi, I have a Nikon d7100; Darktable 1.6.8 is full compatible with my camera or after installation I must configure somethings ?
    Tank you

  17. Hello I just made the upgrade to Ubuntu 15.10 and from darktable (1.6.8) crash two seconds after opening, what should I do to make it working again as before? Thank you

    Cédric from France
  18. Please have a look in /tmp/ if darktable writes a crash report there.