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second release candidate for darktable 2.0

second release candidate for darktable 2.0

we’re proud to announce the second release candidate in the new feature release of darktable, 2.0~rc2.

as always, please don’t use the autogenerated tarball provided by github, but only our tar.xz.

the release notes and relevant downloads can be found attached to this git tag: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/tag/release-2.0rc2 please only use our provided packages (“darktable-2.0.rc2.*” tar.xz and dmg) not the auto-created tarballs from github (“Source code”, zip and tar.gz). the latter are just git snapshots and will not work! here are the direct links to tar.xz and dmg: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/download/release-2.0rc2/darktable-2.0.rc2.tar.xz https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/download/release-2.0rc2/darktable-2.0.rc2.dmg

the checksums are:

$ sha256sum darktable-2.0~rc2.tar.xz
9349eaf45f6aa4682a7c7d3bb8721b55ad9d643cc9bd6036cb82c7654ad7d1b1  darktable-2.0~rc2.tar.xz
$ sha256sum darktable-2.0~rc2.dmg
f343a3291642be1688b60e6dc98930bdb559fc5022e32544dcbe35a38aed6c6d  darktable-2.0~rc2.dmg

packages for individual platforms and distros will follow shortly.

for your convenience, robert hutton collected build instructions for quite a few distros in our wiki:


the changes from rc1 include many minor bugfixes, such as:

  • high iso fix for exif data of some cameras
  • various macintosh fixes (fullscreen)
  • fixed a deadlock
  • updated translations

and the preliminary changelog as compared to the 1.6.x series can be found below.

when updating from the currently stable 1.6.x series, please bear in mind that your edits will be preserved during this process, but it will not be possible to downgrade from 2.0 to 1.6.x any more. be careful if you need darktable for production work!

happy 2.0~rc2 everyone :)

  • darktable has been ported to gtk-3.0
  • new thumbnail cache replaces mipmap cache (much improved speed, less crashiness)
  • added print mode
  • reworked screen color management (softproof, gamut check etc.)
  • removed dependency on libraw
  • removed dependency on libsquish (solves patent issues as a side effect)
  • unbundled pugixml, osm-gps-map and colord-gtk
  • text watermarks
  • color reconstruction module
  • raw black/white point module
  • delete/trash feature
  • addition to shadows&highlights
  • more proper Kelvin temperature, fine-tuning preset interpolation in WB iop
  • noiseprofiles are in external JSON file now
  • monochrome raw demosaicing (not sure whether it will stay for release, like Deflicker, but hopefully it will stay)
  • aspect ratios for crop&rotate can be added to conf (ae36f035e1496b8b8befeb74ce81edf3be588801)
  • navigating lighttable with arrow keys and space/enter
  • pdf export – some changes might happen there still
  • brush size/hardness/opacity have key accels
  • the facebook login procedure is a little different now
  • export can upscale
  • we no longer drop history entries above the selected one when leaving dr or switching images
  • text/font/color in watermarks
  • image information now supports gps altitude
  • allow adding tone- and basecurve nodes with ctrl-click
  • new “mode” parameter in the export panel
  • high quality export now downsamples before watermark and frame to guarantee consistent results
  • lua scripts can now add UI elements to the lighttable view (buttons, sliders etc…)
  • a new repository for external lua scripts was started.
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These are comments from the old website, archived as static HTML
  1. Exciting - my favorite photo tool gets an upgrade.
  2. Being lazy I'll wait for the DEB packages in Pascal's repository. Plus: It adds to the excitement. :-)
  3. Fedora users can use Germano Massullo's Copr repository:

    (as root)

    # dnf copr enable germano/Darktable_2.0_release_candidate
    # dnf install darktable
  4. Licaon_Kter on Mon Nov 16 22:38:44 2015:
    There was none for RC1 either :(
  5. As always, thank you so much for your hard work! The issue with create HDR from vertical shots is now working as expected.

  6. Today I downloaded a darktable version rc2 from repo - but no printing module :(
  7. mahikeulbody on Wed Nov 18 06:55:09 2015:
    Thanks you !
  8. Ladislav Ezr on Fri Nov 20 10:13:31 2015:
    You are my heroes. Thanks! :)
  9. Although I'll wait for the 2.0 release, I'd like to offer a congratulations anyway. Darktable so far has been super stable and polished. It works like a charm. Thank you very much for devoting so much of your free time to the development of Darktable!
  10. The annoying thumbnail bug seems to be finally gone. Yay!

    That's better than any new feature.
  11. I don't think I saw any mention of this: running the 2.0 rc2 version under FreeBSD 10.2 and xfce 4.12 (which include GTK3 support), darktable use the current (greybird) theme, not usual darktable dark theme.

    Should I fill a bug?

    Nothing else, looks like a very sweet new major release!
  12. Forgot to mention: gtk3 version is 3.16.6
  13. Could you show a screen shot please? And are there any messages printed when starting darktable from a shell?
  14. Here it is: there is absolutely no output in the terminal:

  15. Michael K on Fri Nov 27 20:03:28 2015:
    Building 2.0RC2 fro source I do not get geotagging. What do I need to specify to build geotagging ? (libgeotagging.so isn't bult)
    I tried --enable-geo on the build command line but this didn't help (and the script imples they are set by default).
  16. probably libosmgpsmap is missing. CMake should tell you about that.
  17. Michael K on Mon Nov 30 18:51:24 2015:
    Yes that was it. (I guess I missed it because it didn't stop compilation)
  18. It would be nice if we could get an update to this old post:
    on how to build the Mac version from source - it seems to be reasonably correct, but I've already spent about 8 hours trying to build from source :)
  19. Maybe this will help? https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/blob/master/packaging/macosx/BUILD.txt