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released darktable 1.6.3

released darktable 1.6.3

We are happy to announce that darktable 1.6.3 has been released.

The release notes and relevant downloads can be found attached to this git tag:


Please only use our provided packages (“darktable-1.6.3.*” tar.xz and dmg) not the auto-created tarballs from github (“Source code”, zip and tar.gz). The latter are just git snapshots and will not work! Here’s the direct link to tar.xz:


and the DMG:


this is another point release in the stable 1.6.x series.

sha256sum darktable-1.6.3.tar.xz

sha256sum darktable-1.6.3.dmg


  • Make camera import window transient
  • Allow soft limits on radius
  • Fix soft boundaries for black in exposure
  • Change order of the profile/intent combo in export dialog
  • Support read/write of chromaticities in EXR
  • Allow to default to :memory: db in config
  • Add mime handler for non-raw image file formats
  • Improved lens model name detection for Sony SAL lenses

Bug fixes

  • Fix buffer overrun in SSE clipping loop for highlight handling
  • Prevent exporting when an invalid export/storage is selected
  • Hopefully last fix for aspect ratios in crop and rotate (#9942)
  • No tooltip when dragging in monochrome (#10319)

Raw support

  • Panasonic LX100 (missing non-standard aspect ratio modes)
  • Panasonic TZ60
  • Panasonic FZ1000
  • Canon 1DX (missing sRAW modes)
  • Canon A630 and SX110IS (CHDK raw)

white balance presets

  • Panasonic FZ1000
  • Panasonic TZ60
  • Panasonic LX100

standard matrix

  • Canon Rebel T3 (non-european 1100D)

enhanced matrix

  • nikon d750

noise profiles

  • Canon EOS 1DX
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These are comments from the old website, archived as static HTML
  1. Thank you guys! Loving more and more this amazing program!
  2. Great, nice release schedule.
    keep on the good work!
  3. Eduardo Bohoyo on Wed Mar 04 20:18:52 2015:
    Great job within very short time. Thanks again.
    I look forward my next tumbleweed upload.

    BTW, ¿any news about 1.4 DNG support finally?
  4. I really want to use darktable but not being able to import from external hard drives makes it totally useless to me. All my images are on external drives as there is not enough space on my startup drive for them all?

    Any hope of this changing?
  5. What about DNG do you miss being supported? We surely don't support all falvours of it, but most common things should be possible.
  6. Eduardo Bohoyo on Thu Mar 05 12:11:19 2015:
    1.4 DNG version with real floating point data handed over by HDRmerge 0.5 couldn't be opened by Darktable 1.6.2 and older versions (currently, with 1.6.3 I don't now yet if possible while I am waiting an update from my repositories)

    I have ever to install RawTherapee only for this issue to work with this improved DNGs when I need them.

    But, nevertheless, Dartable is my very app for processing since 2011 because is perfect for me in what raw concerns.
  7. Why are you not able to import from your external hard drive? This is perfectly possible, I even have all my raws on a NFS share mounted on startup.

    darktable even offers you more: there is a "local copy" feature allowing you to temporarily copy over images to your local disk if you need to edit them on the run without having your external drive / network drive available and sync it when you return. See http://www.darktable.org/usermanual/ch02s02s09.html.php
  8. Hi guys;

    First of all, congratulations for this piece of software, keep on rocking!!!

    I've got a couple of issues in this new 1.6.3 release:

    Kubuntu 14.04 64 bits
    Linux 3.13.0-46-generic
    Versión de KDE SC 4.13.2
    MacBookPro 5,5 (2009) 13''
    2x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P7550 @ 2.26GHz

    1) It crashes when exporting, I've just tried jpeg 8bit and Tiff 8bit:
    kernel [499.207997] darktable[2163]: segfault at 0 ip (null)sp 00007f1528b928c8 error 14 in darktable[400000+1000]
    I've got the BackTrace too.

    2) Maximized and Fullscreen window is too big for my 13'' screen in Lighttable.

    Anyway I can manage with this issue but, I need to export :-)
    I've always had the screen problem but I could export in DT 1.6.2

    Any idea?

    Thanks guys!!!
  9. Since you got a backtrace already - could you file a bug report explaining how to reproduce the bug and attach the trace there? Thanks!
  10. Thank you for your quick reply, done!
  11. Licaon_Kter on Sun Mar 08 20:55:05 2015:
    I'm having this issue with DNGs exported my mlrawviewer ( http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=9560 ) which says it exports CinemaDNG files (apparently a DNG version inside a container but I guess it's not that easy, right?).

    Programs that open the file ok: LightZone, Photivo, Rawtherapee.
    Programs that open the file anyway: Gwenview (albeit al 50% resolution), Delaboratory 0.8 (albeit it's 50% magenta all over).

    Sample: http://we.tl/VwWBkMeyi2
  12. The DNGs from HDRmerge are using ZIP (IIRC) compression which is not supported by rawspeed (our raw loading library). Maybe you can tell HDRmerge to create uncompressed DNGs?

    The sample from mlrawviewer also uses an unsupported compression.
  13. Licaon_Kter on Mon Mar 09 22:34:29 2015:
    mlrawviewer exports by default DNGs compressed with losslessJPEG tagged value = 7, according to the DNG specs ( http://is.gd/iKXkbL ):
    "Two Compression tag values are supported in DNG versions before
    • Value = 1: Uncompressed data.
    • Value = 7: JPEG compressed data, either baseline DCT JPEG, or lossless JPEG
    So this should be supported since even version 1.1 has it ( http://is.gd/O3UotE ignore the warning, strangely that archive.org has been marked as malware ), right?
    Some info here: http://www.barrypearson.co.uk/articles/dng/specification.htm#jpeglossless

    Anyway in the mean time, you can force mlrawviewer to export uncompressed by editing ExportQueue.py at line 471 by changing ljpeg = "True" to "False" and delete ExportQueue.pyc.
  14. junkyardsparkle on Tue Mar 10 06:15:10 2015:
    Workflow with cropping large numbers of images that vary between portrait/landscape orientation is much nicer now, thanks!
  15. Nice job guys!
  16. Phil Evans on Fri Mar 13 10:35:17 2015:
    Great release yet again!!!!!
    Many thanks for the work you have done for the Canon 1DX it is much appreciated.
    Phil Evans
  17. Bonjour, hélas je ne parle pas anglais mais si quelqu'un peu traduire ma requête d'avance je remercie cette personne.
    J'aimerais savoir si on peut ajouter Lensfun 0.3.0 a Darktable 1.6.3, installé sur Ubuntu 14.04.2.
    Je possède un Samyang 12 mm F2 utilisé sur un Fuji X-E1, cet objectif figure dans la liste des objectifs corrigés avec la version 0.3.0 (mais il y a uniquement Sony E dans la balise du fichier XML ?).
    A part ça vraiment top Darktable.
  18. Approx. translation :

    I would like to know if using Lensfun 0.3.0 on Darktable 1.6.3 is possible, on Ubuntu 14.04.2. I own a Samyang 12 mm F2 used with a Fuji X-E1, this gear is in the list of gears corrected with version 0.3.0 (however there is only Sony E in the XML tag).
  19. That's a sweet silky upgrade.