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released darktable 1.6.2

released darktable 1.6.2

We are happy to announce that darktable 1.6.2 has been released.

The release notes and relevant downloads can be found attached to this git tag:


Please only use our provided packages (green buttons tar.xz and dmg) not the auto-created tarballs from github (grey buttons, zip and tar.gz). The latter are just git snapshots and will not work! Here’s the direct link to tar.xz:


and the DMG:


this is a new stable point release, no big new features added.

sha256sum darktable-1.6.2.tar.xz

sha256sum darktable-1.6.2.dmg

General improvements

  • Better names for key accels (no more )
  • Local gallery export limited to useful web formats (JPEG/PNG/WebP)
  • Add a way to control the brush size with keys
  • Default X-Trans Demosaic to markesteijn (single pass)


  • Fix IPTC Keyword reading for real
  • rawspeed: support short values in DNG ActiveArea
  • really disable parallel export
  • remove special characters from style export
  • Cropping aspect ratio fixes (#9942, #10265)
  • Some fixes to lua/masks/brushes

Camera support

  • Pentax *ist DS
  • Pentax *ist DL2
  • Pentax K110D
  • Sony A7 II
  • Sony ILCE-3500
  • Nikon 1 S2
  • Olympus E-450
  • Panasonic LX1
  • Panasonic G3 (aspect ratio modes)
  • Samsung NX1 blackpoint finetuning
  • Fuji X-E1 blackpoint finetuning

White balance presets

  • 7D Mark II (updated)
  • Olympus E-M1
  • Sony A99
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These are comments from the old website, archived as static HTML
  1. Eduardo Bohoyo on Tue Feb 03 01:24:24 2015:
    Great job, guys.

    But one important lack I miss since 1012 is that this incredible app keeps ignoring DNS 1.4 version output from Javier Celaya's HDRmerge. As you well know, these are impressionant DNS loseless files that improve the natural exposure fusion from raw sources better than the EXR files from LuminanceHDR for DK. These files are not very well rendered within DK.¿Why DK doesn't support yet this DNS 1.4 like really does, for instance, RawTherapy since its 0.4.2 version?
  2. Might be helpful to some if the 'Install' page was updated to match, as it it still references 1.6.0.

    The Git instructions could also do with an update to reference changed dependencies required for 1.7.xx GIT, particularly under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - Mint 17.1 etc.
  3. Hey Guys, thanks a lot again. I am really exited once more. You manage to program a completely free and opensource Software, and with every update it just gets better and better. You made my day by improving the E-M1 whitebalance ;)


  4. Hi

    I wanted to recommend improving the functioning of the "snapshots" (To compare the before and after applying a module).

    When you make a instant, if we apply zoom on imagen, the part of the instant keeps the same zoom.

    A greeting!
  5. THX for the adding the Pana G3 Support. I can playaround with 1.6 now.

    Great Work!

  6. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your work. But I have a problem with the MacOS version: Characters are too big for retina's screen resolution MBP compare the DarkT 1.5 version.
    Thanks again.
  7. See
  8. Hello,
    I am having trouble installing ver 1.6.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I was able to get 1,4 installed through the software center. I downloaded 1.6.2 and ran the install command to build and get the error below.
    user@user-Laptop1:~/Downloads/darktable-1.6.2$ ./build.sh --prefix /usr --buildtype Release
    Darktable build script

    Building directory: ./build
    Installation prefix: /usr
    Build type: Release
    Make program: make
    Make tasks: 2

    ./build.sh: 252: ./build.sh: cmake: not found

    The dir cmake is in the extracted files.
    I am very new to linux. Trying to get out of the windows world.
  9. Install cmake:
    $ sudo apt-get install cmake
  10. Or even better: install all the dependencies that you will need anyways:
    $ sudo apt-get build-dep darktable

    Make sure to read through the installation page: http://www.darktable.org/install/#source
  11. But why do you want to compile Darktable on your own?

    Just use repository with the binaries. Firt, add them to the system - via Source Manager or type in terminal:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmjdebruijn/darktable-release

    ... then refresh packages:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    ... or just use graphics package manager to do that.
  12. pinjaliina on Thu Feb 12 12:11:17 2015:
    After upgrading to Darktable 1.6.x I've a very odd problem with Darktable's darkroom. When the zoom in darkroom is set to ‘small’ or ‘fit to screen’, all my photos look as if they had a luminosity mask applied to them or something similar, even tough the photos haven't been touched in any way. If the zoom is set to 100% or 200%, the problem disappears. See the screen shot at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77562155/Screen%20Shot%202015-02-12%20at%2013.45.23.png; compare colours in the thumbnail image to those on the actual view area.
    I wonder whether I'd be safe to downgrade to 1.4.x without restoring the library.db from an older backup first, and also wonder what should I know before reporting this as a bug…
  13. You can't downgrade without restoring library.db (also modified xmp files may have become incompatible).
    Check if OpenCL is enabled in preferences and disable it if it is. If that helps, then it's a known bug, see http://darktable.org/redmine/issues/10221
  14. pinjaliina on Fri Feb 13 14:27:38 2015:
    Yay! Thank you very much indeed parafin, that was exactly my problem. :) And thanks also for the Redmine link. I suspected some settings issue, but had never heard about OpenCL before, so didn't know to suspect that.

    I wonder, whether this applies to all recent Macs that have Intel Iris GPUs—most models, that is… the devs might want to consider changing the default setting on OS X builds until this is fixed. Or warn users on the download page about the issue with Iris or something.
  15. OpenCL is disabled by default on Mac, you must have enabled it yourself (or maybe copied config file from somewhere).
  16. Thanks :-)
  17. Hi all and thank you for the update.
    Is it possible to update the program without having to remove the old one and install the new?
    Actually I have the 1.4.2 version on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    Thanks alot
  18. Hi Leo,

    once you opened your library with dt-1.6.x you won't be able to open it with the old installation anymore. The changes applied are not backwards compatible. But why would there be a reason for running dt-1.4 at all?

  19. Hi there Simon and thanks alot for your help.
    Well, I installed dt just some time ago and didn't even check the newer versions. At that time I was looking for something to work with instead Darkroom.
    But that's great, I'll remove the 14 and install the latest.
  20. Hello guys, when will You implement Sony A7 II tethering support ?

    Best regards
  21. It's not us but gphoto2 doing the tethering. If gphoto2 supports it, darktable does.