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released darktable 1.4.2

released darktable 1.4.2

Hello everyone,

we released darktable 1.4.2, a point release which consists mostly of bugfixes and newly added camera support.

You can find the source tarball here:


The PGP signature:


The disk image for Mac users:


And this one is also signed:


The key can be obtained from the usual key servers, fingerprint being 4BFF7EAD.

The release notes are as follows:


darktable 1.4.2 Release Notes

  • A lot of cleanup was done to allow larger images to be handled by darktable without crashing as often

  • A significant effort has been made to cleanup some of our code, fixing a lot of minor memory leaks and some corner case bugs in the process

  • A bunch of masks corner cases fixed

  • Tonecurve no longer clamps the gamut

  • Assorted TIFF reader/writer fixes

  • Map view: only connect to the map server when active

  • Use filesystem timestamp for images lacking EXIF

  • Sync AMAZE code from RawTherapee, now with SSE2 optimization, so it’s less slow

  • Olympus: lens detection for some Olympus cameras should work better now (requires images to be re-imported)

  • Olympus: focus distance should now be properly displayed for some Olympus cameras (requires images to be re-imported)

  • SONY ILCE-7(R) garbage pixels are now cut off

  • Experimental support for Nikon D5300

  • Experimental support for Nikon D3300

  • Experimental support for Samsung NX1100

  • Experimental support for Samsung NX30

  • Very experimental support for Olympus E-M10 (color rendering is still subject to future change, and may retroactively affect your image library for this camera)

  • New white balance presets for:

    • Nikon D610
    • Olympus E-PL5
    • Olympus E-PM2

For Ubuntu users

Users who are using our darktable-release-plus PPA (which has been deprecated since the previous release) should switch to our darktable-release PPA:


1.4.2 is the last release that will be supported for older Ubuntu versions. All future versions of darktable will only be supported for 14.04 “Trusty” (the new Long Term Support release) and onward


Enjoy and take a lot of photos!

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  1. Great work. I love darktable.
  2. Thanks. Any chances for RGB curves in a future release? Somehow I'm not able to get familiar with Lab.
  3. Dear DT team,

    Congratulations for this new release!
    Even though the improvements are mostly "under the hood" and remain invisible to most users, I still highly appreciate that the developer team is committed to take good care of the code and also to leverage the advancements made in sister project (e.g. the Amaze code sync).
    Keep up the good work!
  4. I found in recent dcraw that X-Trans algorithm is added.

    Does it means that dartable can support x100s in the future?
  5. I would love to see that too. Though I'm getting used to Lab curves, I know EXACTLY what RGB curves do and get more predictable results with them.
  6. That was supposed to be an answer to Andreas re: RGB curves.
  7. Dear DT team,

    I've been using using darktable for about two years and I actually enjoy using this marvellous tool. For me it provides the best workflow compared to all other raw converters including Lightroom.

    I've got a bit confused by your release statement regarding ppa support. Does that mean, that I don't get any new releases for my Ubuntu Precise 12.04? LTS versions doesn't make sense to me when the software in use does not follow the same rules. In that case it might be better to switch back to Windows using Lightroom (worst case for me). Do you know a workaround?

    Non the less thanks for the new release and the frequent updates making this wunderfull tool a reliable partner in image processing.
  8. Most probably not since darktable doesn't use dcraw.
  9. First of all, the reason to use a LTS release is to NOT get any upgrades but to stay with a stable system. That being said, no idea if Ubuntu themselves will bring updates via their repositories. Our own repos though won't ship anything new for 12.04. Mostly because there has been a new LTS.
  10. Hello,

    Congratulations on the latest release and thanks for your continued work on a great application!

    Do I need to purge the darktable-release-plus PPA before I switch to the darktable-release PPA?
  11. Pol van der Fielden on Tue May 06 08:44:26 2014:
    Good work!!

    By the way, could you please clarify this a little bit?

    "Olympus: focus distance should now be properly displayed for some Olympus
    cameras (requires images to be re-imported)"

    As Olympus user I suppose I'm affected, but I don't really know what the problem was...
  12. The value for "focus distance" found under "image-information" in darkroom is incorrect for my EM-5 with kit lens. For example it shows 0,08 meters focus distance for a picture where i focused the far horizon. with focal length of 18mm.
  13. Pol van der Fielden on Wed May 07 07:04:40 2014:
    That happens to me too, Barruda. I have even negative numbers for focusing, which of course I think it can't be possible, but it seems it's Olympus fault.
  14. There is a "xtrans2" branch on git that integrates x-trans demosaicing into darktable based on the code from dcraw (but using floats/more integrated into darktable itself) I use this for my Fuji X-Pro1. A few bayer-based plug-ins aren't compatible, and the quality demosiacing algorithm definitely takes some time, but it's working very very well for me.)
  15. Great to see the new release, Darktable is always a handy and powerful RAW batch processing application!

    I'm having some doubt about the installation of Darktable in Mac OS X. Do I have to remove my old version of Darktable and then install the new version? Because I'm having a number of presets in my old version Darktable,is it possible to keep all the preset and upgrade to the new version Darktable?
  16. @kafka, thanks for the heads-up on the xtrans2 branch. Some quick reading of the developer mailing list turn up the source.
  17. Hey Guys. Do you know if this version of Darktable will be able to work in Linux Mint LTS (Due end of May). I am assuming it will be based on the LTS of Unbuntu so will work? Thoughts? Todd
  18. Todd, I guess so. I'm currently running the git version under Mint 16 with great results
  19. Hey Paolo - what is a git version? How would I install that? If its too hard, I will just wait for Mint LTS :-)
  20. Hi Todd,

    you have to follow the instructions that you may find at http://www.darktable.org/install/

    Go to the end of the page and read "Git version" paragraph
  21. achraf mahdaoui on Sun May 11 11:31:03 2014:
    i like darktable
  22. Usually you just copy over older version, OS asks what to do and you select "Replace". This way old version gets removed and new one is installed. Configuration (including presets) is stored in different location (inside your home directory), so it is saved between upgrades (but note that downgrading isn't supported).
  23. Was focus detection on light table ever included in a released version? I still don't see the indicate focus regions option in the gui preferences dialog. This the Mac OS X port under 10.9.2.
  24. It is present in 1.4.2 version - click on an image in lighttable view and press Ctrl-z (works only on raw images).
  25. Wait, what? The universal key binding for the "undo" command is now mapped to focus detection?

    I smell a beer fart.
  26. +1 to that.

    Lab simply can't product the same results no matter how you shape the curves.

    i'd like to see it switchable between lab, rgb and possibly some other system like Resolve's YRGB, just in case there's a use for luma control (i find it too unnatural looking so never use it).
  27. Siddharth on Thu Jun 05 16:09:24 2014:
    How do I install darktable after downloading the tarball?

    I unzipped it and used the commands
    make install

    But it woudn't work?Sorry Im new to linux(ubuntu trusty)
  28. We don't use autotools but cmake. For details see http://www.darktable.org/install/ and especially the section "Current release from source".
  29. Harrisson on Wed Jun 11 16:22:35 2014:
    I'm running Linuxmint17 cinnamon 32. After adding the ppa:pmjdebruijn/darktable-release release 1.4.2 appears in the programm manager. But installation fails as darktable doesn't start.
    The standard release of darktable in linuxmint17 is 1.4 and this works well, also the unstable release from ppa:pmjdebruijn/darktable-unstable is working.
    Any idea what's going wrong between LM17 cinnamon 32 and DT 1.4.2.?
  30. My guess would be that it's due to having run unstable in the past. 1.4.2 refuses to start if the database is from a development version. To confirm that try to start darktable from a shell. It should print a warning.
    In order to continue using darktable you either have to stay with the unstable PPA or remove ~/.config/darktable/library.db and reimport all your images. This will delete any styles and presets, too.
  31. "Olympus: focus distance should now be properly displayed for some Olympus
    cameras (requires images to be re-imported)"

    Is it sufficient to re-read the directories or do I have to delete the pictures from the database and the re-read the directories?
  32. Any chance for a Canon sx 50hs support? The raw is much different from the jpeg in terms of basecurve and there is no lens correction...
  33. Hi there,

    It's a long time I'm away from DT since when I moved to a X-Trans Fuji gear.
    For now I use the bundled, awful, RAW converter and I make all the changes later
    with GIMP/G'MIC. Just recently I've read somewhere there's some ongoing work w/ the
    X-Trans. Please, could anybody enlight me a bit more? I've just downloaded the -current DT and it's seems I'm able now to open a X-Trans image...

    Thanks in advance
  34. harrisson on Fri Jun 27 16:48:57 2014:
    Hi houz

    sorry for this late answer, but I spent some days on holiday (without internet).
    First thing I did at home was deleting ~/.config/darktable/library.db.
    Great, now I can use DT 1.4.2. :-))
    Thanks a lot, also to the team of DT for their great job.
  35. Would there be a way to set amaze as the default method? Not far on that topic, will there be a raw/jpeg/filetype criteria for auto-applying presets?

    Thanks for your awesome work!
  36. DarkGable on Tue Jul 01 02:16:16 2014:
    Thanks for this really great piece of software. I normally use Lightroom 5 in Windows but desperately want to move off from the Windows platform. Does this software support automatic lens profiling for common Nikkor lenses(for auto distortion and chromatic aberration corrections)? It is a very useful feature and I'm not sure I've seen it in Darktable. Looking forward to feature additions to this wonderful software. Thanks again :)
  37. Robert Hutton on Tue Jul 01 12:55:38 2014:
    There has been significant work to support X-Trans by Dan Torop. The https://github.com/dtorop/darktable/tree/xtrans2 branch is being prepared for merging with mainline and https://github.com/dtorop/darktable/tree/xtrans2-dev includes his most recent work.


  38. Robert Hutton on Tue Jul 01 12:59:16 2014:
    Darktable uses the lensfun library to drive its lens correction module. You can check if your lenses are supported here: http://lensfun.sourceforge.net/lenslist/

    If they're not supported, you can submit images to Torsten Bronger's lens calibration service on that same site.

    Note that depending what version of lensfun your linux distro installs, you may not have the fully up-to-date list of lenses, though you can get a newer one from Pascal de Bruijn's ppa.


  39. thanks Robert for the kind information
  40. I've processed my first X-Trans pic from my X-M1. I'm really satisfied of the produced image. A big thanks to the dude(s) who has worked on this. dt is again my main tool ;).
  41. Wow, I think it's really great and I'm still learning to use it to its full potential. Thank you so much. I love darktable.