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released darktable 1.4.1

released darktable 1.4.1

hi all,

as most of you probably noticed already, we published a point release, 1.4.1. the tarball is here:


make sure you check the signature:


the macintosh computer disk image with signature here:

https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.4/darktable-1.4.1.dmg/download https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.4/darktable-1.4.1.dmg.asc/download

this is just a point release, so not really any new features. detailed release notes are as follows:

  • export: consistent names for output formats
  • export to disk: overwrite file option
  • grain plugin now allows smaller coarseness and will display coarseness values half of what they used to be, this is merely a cosmetic change, your images are unaffected.
  • some masks related fixes
  • some lua related fixes
  • tiff writer (32bit float, little endian output, configurable compression)
  • tiff reader
  • subtly nicer scrollbar behavior
  • theme loading cornercase fixups
  • shadow & highlight module improvements (should be less prone to artifacts when used on new images)
  • allow importing more than 1 style at a time
  • regression was fixed when building darktable against bleeding edge glibc
  • Sony A77V enhanced color matrix
  • Nikon D5100 updated white balance presets
  • Nikon 1 V2 noise profile (and by extension J3/AW1)
  • Nikon 1 J1 noise profile (and by extension V1/J2/S1)
  • Pentax K3 noise profile
  • experimental support for Panasonic DMC-LF1 (we still need samples for the nonstandard aspect ratios)
  • experimental support for SONY DSC-RX100M2
  • experimental support for SONY NEX-3N
  • still no Nikon D5300/D3300 support, we’re still looking into that.

the darktable release plus ppa is being phased out: https://launchpad.net/~pmjdebruijn/+archive/darktable-release-plus

please switch to our regular darktable release ppa: https://launchpad.net/~pmjdebruijn/+archive/darktable-release


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  1. Hi,

    Dartable keeps crashing in my computer, Esepcially when using the drawn mask in the levels module. Any thoughts ?
  2. How can one submit a new noise profile to be included in Darktable? Namely, I am talking about Olympus E-PL3 noise profiles I have posted quite some time ago:


  3. junkyardsparkle on Sun Feb 16 02:43:29 2014:
    Errr... this version cheerfully deletes any export module preset as soon as I select it, without prompting, because it's for an "obsolete module". Is that the expected behavior? That seems kind of surprising, for a point release, perhaps a warning is in order? :P
  4. @junkyardsparkle - some happened to me; quite a few export presets are now gone :(

    BTW, How can one submit a sensor noise profile for inclusion in the nest version? Quite some time ago I have created Olympus E-PL3 profile and posted it on the mailing lists, but it wasn't integrated and is not present in 1.4.1...
  5. hello,

    thanks for this wonderful software. what I still miss though, is an option to have sort capabilities when you import from a camera. I'd expect to see the most recent pics on top.
  6. Hi guys! Thx for this awesome software!
    ...but...in 1.4.1 there are some regression.

    1. Exporting one selected files 9 times on 10 exports another file. Seriously. I select one pic and someone else is exported...gosh.
    2. Painfully slower then 1.4 o.0"
    3. Cannot open a folder using open-with from nemo. In 1.4 was working. Boh

    Nothing else I can rem right now.

    THX again and keep going!!!! =)

  7. Well I am glad to open now correctly my raw files from my Nikon D5300 ... even if you say this is not supported. I did not take time to test every modules, but on V 1.4.1+9~gd304f29 , NEF files are looking great ;-)
  8. Just found, that "indicate focus region" have been disappeared from Options and also are not shown on preview. I run dark table 1.4.1 on Mac Os X. Anybody have the same issue?
  9. Robert Hutton on Wed Feb 19 10:20:11 2014:
    Yeah, this was removed from options in 1.4.1 and bound to ctrl-z instead. You can change this binding by going into the darktable preferences, on the shortcut tab, under views->lighttable.


  10. Hi, love Darktable, but I can't install it on Ubuntu 13.10. Seems that libgphoto2-2-dev is replaced by libgphoto2-6-dev, and Darktable can't work without it.
    What should i do?
  11. Niranjan Acharya on Sat Feb 22 17:30:55 2014:

    I have Darktable 1.4.1 and unfortunately, whenever I am exporting to jpg, darktable uses 100% cpu and crashes. This has been happening after I upgraded to 1.4.1, before that it was slow.

    please let me know what best I can do to prevent this. I love using darktable but if I cannot export my work, its of no use.
  12. RAWshooter on Sat Feb 22 18:13:05 2014:
    Hey, awesome update once again. Keep up the awesome work!! In my opinion, Darktable is wiping the floor with Lightroom and has way more powerful adjustments. I know that it's hard to improve, but only thing I prefer in lightroom is speed. If DT would be a little faster especially in noise reduction and sharpening, I would give it full 5/5.

    Again, great program, using it with ubuntu 13.10 64bit which I installed alongside Windows ONLY for Darktable ;)
  13. Problem solved! OpenCl is happy too, so it's all good.
    For the details, there a conversation on the Darktable flickr group. Thanks for the help
  14. Tried darktable on OSX 10.9.1. Works well but OpenCL option is greyed out. What are the exact system requirements on Mac?

    I have a Mac Pro with a the old basic nVidia GT120 which supports OpenCL 1.0: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5942
  15. Ok, enabled debug output and it looks like dark table requires 768MB of VRAM for OpenCL - the GT120 only has 512MB.
  16. Thanks for your great work!

    I just got a new camera (Pentax K3) and realized that i cannot search pictures by lens as the lens information is not displayed at all. It worked without any problems on the pictures I have taken with the Pentax K7. Supposing you use exiv2 to extract this information I updated to the latest version 0.24 and recompiled darktable - didn't change anything though.
    So I'm not sure if this problem concerns you at all but perhaps you can give me a hint whom I should report this to.


    PS using darktable on Gentoo Linux if this is of any importance
  17. Hello Guys.

    Thank you again for your amazing product. I wanted to let you know that I quoted darktable in my how-to comment there: http://500px.com/photo/62719317 (and of course in my 500px profile).

  18. Just installed darktable on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The manual describes selected images move and cache in lightable for use when you store files on a network drive. On my install, those options are not there. Is this a plugin and if so, where can I get it, otherwise how do I enable this?
  19. What version of darktable is that?
  20. Astrotripper on Tue Mar 11 08:18:31 2014:
    Hmm, I'm having some problems after update. When importing large collection, darktable starts populating lighttable with thumbnails, and after passing 100 images or so, thumbnails that were created start to blink like crazy, and no new ones appear. This does not stop and continues until I kill darktable. I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit.
  21. Astrotripper on Tue Mar 11 08:27:52 2014:
    Weird, I logged out and back in and that resolved my problem. I am able to properly import large collections now. Something must have went horribly wrong last time.
  22. Yes, that will be quite cool to get the epl-3 included. I also submitted noise profile images some time ago, but the camera is not yet in.
    I had compiled Darktable 1.2.1 to include them, but it seems I was doing something wrong with it.
  23. A bit late, but may be useful...
    Both noise reduction and sharpening you can replace by the equalizer plugin. See the tutorials on this site. I find it faster and more convenient.
  24. About your first comment, I think Darktable is selecting (thus exporting) the image which your mouse pointer is hovering on. I don't know this is a feature or a bug?
  25. Hi, thank you for maintaining this software !
  26. dt is getting better and better - thanks.
    It works fine on the new Mac Power Pro (aka black chimney) using the CL support unlike the older Mac Pro 3.5GHz 6 core.
    Is there anyone who could make noise profiles for Canon 1Dx?
    I can submit the files. Please let me know.
  27. With files in hand which are properly shot this should be no problem. Just send a link to the mailing list where to download the shots.
  28. Can you proof(2)? Run darktable from command line with
    darktable -d perf
    for processing a specific image in both versions and compare.
  29. Is there a chance on a Windows Binary?
  30. Not really. At least not short term.
  31. Thanks for the answer. Pity, can i help with that? I'm a developer. Or is it a political descision?
  32. That blog post might be quite old by now - the content still holds though:
  33. I've just installed 1.4.1 through the ubuntu ppa. Somehow the ontion for importing lightroom raw foto's isnt available in this release, or not mentioned in the usermanual anyway. Were can i go for this import option in Darktable?

  34. Matt Eastwood on Mon Apr 21 13:23:17 2014:
    Hello Darktable team!

    I tried to register for your bug database, but I'm not sure it worked. There was no confirmation page after I signed up, and no notification e-mail so far either. Currently, I can't log in with my newly created account credentials.

    So I'm dropping you a line here to let you know of a problem you're probably already addressing...

    It seems like OpenCL support has stopped working under Ubuntu 14.04. I installed Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 over the weekend and installed the latest Darktable from the repositories (your own PPA not having an updated version yet).

    When I run "darktable -d opencl", I get:

    [opencl_init] trying to load opencl library: ''
    [opencl_init] opencl library 'libOpenCL' found on your system and loaded
    [opencl_init] FINALLY: opencl is NOT AVAILABLE on this system.
    [opencl_init] initial status of opencl enabled flag is OFF.

    (I'll double-check to make sure this is the actual complete message when I get home from work this afternoon.)

    Used to be fine in 13.10. System:

    Ubuntu Gnome 14.04
    64 bit
    NVidia driver 331
    Darktable 1.4.1 from Ubuntu's repositories

    Hope you can help me out with this! The speed difference between OpenCL and no OpenCL is significant and I look forward to using Darktable to its full potential again soon.

  35. Matt Eastwood on Mon Apr 21 13:25:59 2014:
    CORRECTION: I pasted the wrong error message in my report above. it's not the one I am seeing at home. I distinctly remember that it's actually NOT finding libopencl.so. Sorry for the confusion. I will follow up later with a direct paste from the terminal.
  36. Matt Eastwood on Tue Apr 22 02:47:52 2014:
    Bug report: http://www.darktable.org/redmine/issues/9913