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released 1.2

released 1.2

we released the next feature release (1.2):

source tarball

user manual

macintosh disk image

as a feature release, it comes with a lot of new goodies:

  • profiled denoising: adapt to the properties of your camera’s sensor (72 cameras already profiled for you).
  • lightroom import: convert some basic edits from your lightroom collection to darktable operations.
  • multi instance support: duplicate your modules and apply them more than one time with different settings.
  • improved usability for distorting modules (streamline spot removal in the presence of crop/rotate for example).
  • selective copy/paste of image processing.
  • new more intuitive keystone correction tool.
  • jpeg2000 support.
  • graphics magick import (support virtually all input image formats).
  • much faster thumbnail loading (if you can live with crappy embedded thumbnails).
  • incredibly lengthy list of small bug fixes, performance enhancements, and usability improvements.
  • new camera support (decode and color matrices).
  • dithering against banding.
  • sharper thumbnails in lighttable mode.
  • new oauth2 based picasa uploader.
  • updated translations.
  • and a thoroughly overhauled user manual, proof read by natives (thanks heaps guys!).

this is the list of cameras supported for profiled denoising in this tarball:

  • canon eos-1d mark iv
  • canon eos-1ds mark ii
  • canon eos 20d
  • canon eos 30d
  • canon eos 350d
  • canon eos 400d
  • canon eos 40d
  • canon eos 450d
  • canon eos 50d
  • canon eos 550d
  • canon eos 5d
  • canon eos 5d mark ii
  • canon eos 5d mark iii
  • canon eos 600d
  • canon eos 60d
  • canon eos 650d
  • canon eos 6d
  • canon eos 7d
  • canon eos rebel t1i
  • canon eos rebel t3i
  • canon eos rebel t4i
  • canon powershot g10
  • canon powershot g12
  • canon powershot s90
  • konica minolta dynax 5d
  • nikon d200
  • nikon d300
  • nikon d300s
  • nikon d3100
  • nikon d5000
  • nikon d5100
  • nikon d600
  • nikon d700
  • nikon d7000
  • nikon d80
  • nikon d800
  • nikon d800e
  • nikon d90
  • olympus e-30
  • olympus e-400
  • olympus e-420
  • olympus e-m5
  • olympus e-pl1
  • olympus e-pl5
  • olympus xz-1
  • olympus xz-2
  • panasonic dmc-fz18
  • panasonic dmc-g2
  • panasonic dmc-g3
  • panasonic dmc-g5
  • panasonic dmc-gf1
  • panasonic dmc-gh2
  • panasonic dmc-gx1
  • pentax k100d
  • pentax k10d
  • pentax k200d
  • pentax k-5
  • pentax k-5 ii s
  • pentax k-7
  • pentax k-m
  • pentax k-r
  • pentax k-x
  • samsung nx100
  • sony dsc-rx100
  • sony dslr-a200
  • sony dslr-a230
  • sony dslr-a550
  • sony dslr-a700
  • sony nex-3
  • sony nex-5n
  • sony nex-6
  • sony nex-7
  • sony nex-c3
  • sony slt-a55v
  • sony slt-a65v
  • sony slt-a77v

these are all community contributed noise profiles, we’re quite happy about this great response!

so string freeze is over! that means we’ll have cool new stuff in git for you to check out soon :)

as always, thanks to everybody who made this possible. all the developers, translators, proof readers, battle testers and the guys who maintain the great libraries we depend on. you know who you are!

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  1. Excellent work guys, thank you very much!
    I guess I will have to profile my D40 one day :D
  2. Great to see that DT is on the rails to be a great competitor in raw processing! I really like using it ;)
    Now I'm looking to the profiled denoise but I'd like to know if there is a way to duplicate a profile under another name. I mean; my Canon 500D is unrecognised by the denoise module but there is a profile for the Canon Rebel t1i. It is strictly the same camera with a different name so multiples entry name for a single profile would be a great option :)

    Keep up the good work!
  3. great Job !!
    thanks a lot for all your work !
    Darktable is amazing !
  4. Thank you very much! I love your PPA!
  5. Monday odah on Sun Apr 07 15:10:50 2013:
    Great job
  6. Thank you! Darktable is a powerful software.
  7. DIY, see http://www.darktable.org/2012/12/profiling-sensor-and-photon-noise/
  8. Jose Carlos on Mon Apr 08 07:55:41 2013:
    Currently we are copying manually those profiles from one camera name to the other. The file is src/common/noiseprofiles.h
  9. Pentax K20D is not supported?
  10. The profiled denoising sounds really interesting. I have a Sony NEX-5 which has a different sensor than the Sony NEX-5N. There seem to be some confusion with the letters in the model definitions of the Sony NEX series. However, my NEX-5 "only" goes up to ISO 12800 wheras the NEX-5N goes up to 25600. I want to provide the noise profile for my camera but using the noise tool as stated by the blog wasn't done quickly and I am afraid I could make a mistake and accidentially hand in an incorrect profile. Is there someone I can send my ARW test shots to via email or dropbox so that she or he can do the profiling process for me and hand in the data to the darktable developers?
  11. Wow! Wow! Wow! You guys are *amazing* ! THANK YOU so much for your EXCELLENT work !
  12. Thank you developers and active users!!
  13. Kurt Roeckx on Mon Apr 08 16:30:32 2013:
    Canon has several names for a single products in the Rebel range. The following are all the same model:
    - EOS 350D / Rebel XT / EOS Kiss Digital N
    - EOS 400D / Rebel XTi / EOS Kiss Digital X
    - EOS 450D / Rebel XSi / EOS Kiss X2
    - EOS 500D / Rebel T1i / EOS Kiss X3
    - EOS 550D / Rebel T2i / EOS Kiss X4
    - EOS 600D / Rebel T3i / EOS Kiss X5
    - EOS 650D / Rebel T4i / EOS Kiss X6i

    This means that in the above lists some are mentioned twice, and some don't seem to be mentioned because they are known to people by a different name. Could all the names be mentioned, and maybe make sure they all get the same settings?
  14. Thank you guys, I really like Darktable, Using it every day. Because of it I haven't boot windows in 3 week, not in VM not in my second partition.

    BIG THANKS to all of you.
  15. Ladislav Ezr on Mon Apr 08 22:35:53 2013:
    Great job! You guys are my heroes :D

    BTW is there any Fedora 18 repo that is still alive?
  16. Darktable 1.2 has already supported denoise profile for Olympus E-420. Where can I find this profile?
  17. fine job ! thanks.
  18. As Usual! Top Notch Attention to improving an already outstanding program!
    My Hats Off to all those that make it possible!

    Still slowly transitioning from Lightroom 3.6.
    As still a heavy learning curve for me.
  19. Per Inge Oestmoen on Wed Apr 10 23:54:32 2013:
    Hello! Great product, and I want it not primarily because it is free, but because there is no Product Activation. Product Activation means that the users are at the mercy of an activation service and its availability. That is unacceptable, because the software tools we need in order to access and use our data must be capable of being installed and used independent from the manufacturer.

    But my question is this: How thoroughly is the Canon EOS-1D X supported? I may provide RAW files from the camera if it is not fully supported and you need some RAW files.
  20. Congratulations on the new release!

    The learning curve is steep, but well worth it. You are making a fantastic program.
  21. Keith Walker on Sun Apr 21 00:29:42 2013:
    Does this software support the Sony A 300 / 350 ? It is not shown on the list
  22. It is supported. However there is no sensor noise profile yet. Read about how to contribute here: http://www.darktable.org/2012/12/profiling-sensor-and-photon-noise/
  23. Likely we currently don't support the 1D X yet, but I'm guessing support would be trivial to add with proper samples.

    The following articles might be of interest to you:

    Consider contacting us via the mailing lists for further discussion.
  24. I love the new profiled denoise feature in 1.2. Although it tempts me to denoise the last 10,000 pictures again because it makes such a great difference. :) Thanks for a great piece of software.
  25. I guess you know about the user manual (http://www.darktable.org/usermanual/index.html.php), the very helpful screencasts by Pascal (http://www.darktable.org/resources/#screencasts) and the book about darktable workflow (http://www.darktable.org/resources/#book)?

    If any more questions do not hesitate to contact the user's mailing list!
  26. Keith Walker on Thu May 09 20:01:54 2013:
    I have a Sony A350 which doesn't appear to be on the list, can someone help there please?
  27. Thank you guys. It's a great tool!
  28. Very interesting! Will you try and support the raw files from Fuji X-E1 and X-Pro1?
    Regards Hans
  29. You are making the best lightroom open altarnative..
    Now, there is a very big piece of software, that has no concurence, i mean Photoshop.
    The GIMP want to be an alternative but it is not the case. It is not graphist friendly, and not very powerfull.
    So are you interested in doing an darktable image editor to give the world a fresh software.
    Plus since Adobe decided its users can not have a endless licence, there are so many graphists that are against them now.
    You can make a great shot with that.
  30. Not until somebody stands up and takes care of the non-Bayer pattern sensors they are shipped with. We currently only support sensors with standard Bayer patterns.

  31. Hej Keith,

    on which list? Sony A350 is supported by the version of rawspeed shipped with darktable: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/blob/master/src/external/rawspeed/data/cameras.xml
    There should be no problem in processing A350's raw files.
  32. You can now try and use darktable in the cloud at https://www.rollapp.com/app/darktable! Let us know what you think.
  33. Can you make a photoshop alternative ?
  34. nope.