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released 1.2rc2

released 1.2rc2

we just released a new tarball for the second release candidate:


here is the macintosh disk image:


and this time it comes with an updated usermanual:


  • the changes on top of rc1 are minor, some details:
  • fixed a spurious crash/deadlock when switching images in filmstrip mode
  • fixed a couple of exif strings for profiled denoising
  • fixed gcc 4.8.0 build
  • new noise profiles
  • fixed gphoto 2.5 issues
  • updated translations
  • updated user manual!

thanks all, and enjoy the release!

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  1. Hi,

    I don't use this application (yet?), but I saw it and just felt I had to come and give you guys a thumbs up for the great work.

  2. Very nice improvements over 1.1 version. Profiled denoise for my EOS 400D works great!

    Thank you very much for your work.

    Josep V.
  3. i just want to tell you guys this application is (absolutely) incredible!!
    thank you