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released 1.1.1

released 1.1.1

we released a patch release:


along with an updated usermanual:


this resolves a couple of issues with 1.1. so no new features here, but:

  • minor reordering of lighttable mode modules (geotagging, keywords and recent collections)
  • cleaned up the default visible plugins when first starting darktable
  • in most cases raw files will now show thumbnails in the import dialog (thanks to Mattias Eriksson)
  • a curve related crash was fixed (#9906 thanks to James C. McPherson)
  • comma seperated tags should work everywhere now (#9006 thanks to Tobias Ellinghaus)
  • Ulrich Pegelow fixed a huge amount of opencl related issues, particularly for AMD GPUs
  • we now deal better with hybrid GPU machines (#9074 by Ulrich Pegelow)
  • a deadlock in the lens correction module was fixed (#9106 thanks to Ulrich Pegelow)
  • we don’t delete module presets when cancelling the dialog anymore (#9108 thanks to Tobias Ellinghaus)
  • we now have better default memory usage settings (which are set upon starting darktable the first time)
  • initial support for SONY NEX 5R
  • preliminary/experimental Canon EOS 6D and Sony RX1 support (future changes for these camera’s may (for the time being) retroactively affect your images)
  • Canon EOS 6D white balance presets (thanks to no_maam_)
  • lots of updates for the usermanual (make sure you download a new copy from here)
  • and for our 1.1 the ubuntu packages from the PPAs were built without facebook export support, this has been fixed for 1.1.1

darktable wouldn’t be where it is now if we weren’t able to depend on the great work of others, in particular we’d like to thank:

Klaus Post (RawSpeed), Dave Coffin (dcraw), Andreas Hugel (Exiv2), Andrew Zabolotny (Lensfun), Marti Maria (lcms), Niels Kristian Bech Jensen (ufraw).

have a lot of fun!

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  1. How I can install this version in Fedora 17? I can help. Thank you very much.
  2. Great job ! I love Darktable, and use it everyday for my RAW post-processing.
  3. Please Fuji X-Pro 1 support...Is there any chance?
  4. sure. since that sensor isn't even a rotated bayer pattern, all you need to do is:

    • adapt raw loading to get the uint16_t

    • adapt/disable the invert module

    • adapt whitebalancing

    • rewrite highlight reconstruction

    • rewrite/disable hot pixel removal

    • rewrite/disable raw denoising

    • rewrite/disable auto ca correction

    • adapt demosaicing

    plus all in pascal's blog post, and you're on the road :)

    given that our devs have no shortage of interesting things to do and no such camera it's very unlikely that we'll do any of this. if you're a desperate xpro owner with coding skills and feel like trying it, let me know. i can point you to some places in the code. don't be afraid, all the above should be nicely encapsulated in small image operation modules, no need to learn all the code.

    but be aware that this might be a substantial amount of work, especially the last point if you don't want it to totally suck.
  5. Really impressive. In these days I'm comparing v 1.0.5 with AfterShot Pro (ex Bibble). Now I'll install this v 1.1.1, trying to compare the features and the results.
    By the way the product rocks!
  6. Hello, I would like install Darktable 1.1.1 into Fedora 17, thanks for help us.
  7. Kevin Fowler on Sat Dec 22 02:37:27 2012:
    It works great in Fedora 18. But I don't think there is an easy to to install in Fedora 17.
  8. For Fedora 17, I asked on the french Fedora forum and got that link:
    http://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org//pack … x86_64.rpm
    Worked perfectly for me.
  9. I'm afraid the link has been broken in the former comment. Here it is:
  10. Another users of Fuji X-E1
    I saw that LibRaw 0.15.0-beta3 support Fuji X-E1, so X-Pro1.
    Darktable uses libraw? Can It help?
  11. cool, so you might have the first bullet already. maybe libraw also has some demosaicing code that you can snatch for the last one, that should take it a long way.
  12. Great work.

    BTW since Ubuntu One have now dedicated "Photography" section (http://ur1.ca/ccer9), it would be nice to have an option to upload there right from Darktable. Should I open a feature-request about it?
  13. sure, a feature request doesn't hurt anybody - and we keep it in mind when browsing for new stuff. Or maybe someone new will take on it...
  14. How to install in windows://
  15. Install Linux.
  16. Darktable is heaven-sent. The newest version has removed the last annoyances and now it's totally fun to improve my photos. Thanks for all the work.
  17. hi, can someone help me with instructions on how to install this latest update. I'm new to Ubuntu 12.04 and have only learned how to install through deb files, but not tar.gz.

    Much appreciate it!
  18. We have proper package repositories for Ubuntu, as documented in our installation section:

  19. Steven Adler on Fri Jan 11 16:22:17 2013:
    I really love the innovative use of conditional blend and multi-instance as demonstrated in the git versions. But there remain some UI challenges in DT that makes working with it less than efficient. Could you address some of these issues:

    1. To delete an image, you must go back to Light-table mode. Even there, you must play with the mouse. The [Delete] key on the keybrd doesn't even delete the file from the disk, but removes it from the Collection

    2. The file name doesn't show nor on the thumbnail & in darkroom mode

    3. It is still quite challenging to remember the tool icons. Couldn't you go back to naming the tabs with words instead of icons?

    4. It remains a challenge to find files easily as the capability to physically browse a folder/subfolder is hidden inside the collection lists. I admit what we have now to search for files using different metadata is very powerful, but sometimes DT is too powerful and it sacrifices simplicity and speed for power.

    5. It is not possible to flag or rate files when in Darktable mode.

    6. It still requires a double click to move from one file to another in the filmstrip.

    7. There are far too many plugins with similar features and the help explanations are terse. Conditional blending is powerful but I am still confused by all the blending options, which are not explained in tooltip help or very well in the manual.

    8. Color zones is powerful but honestly slider bars for each color would be easier. Often I just want to change one color, remove saturation, and darken it, without effecting all the other colors. Or perform that on a region. Nik Silver Effects has a wonderful way of doing this. Lightroom also lets you choose a spot on the photo and apply changes by dragging up or down. ASP lets you select regions and apply layers. DT would really fly with the ability to apply selective edits with conditional blending.

    So great progress and innovation. The interface is still very intimidating and some consolidation and simplification would improve workflow.
  20. 1. rejection flag exists exactly for purpose of marking photos for deletion
    2. filename usually is some irrelevant number with prefix and it's displayed in metadata module
    4. there's folder view in collect module
    5. it's possible via filmstrip and I think via shortcuts
    6. one click does make some sense, this probably can be discussed
  21. Steven Adler on Fri Jan 11 19:57:28 2013:

    I really love that your responded so quickly. Thank you.

    We all understand that the four points you make are possible using various non-obvious methods. My point is it would make the workflow easier if the methods were obvious, well explained, and intuititive. I can find the filename in metadata, flag a file for deletion, remember the icons over time, find the folder view when I dig in, discover the shortcuts to rate files in Darktable view, and more - but these extra steps require the user to learn how your see the world. Good interface design makes complex features intuitive to how the user sees the world. Couldn't we have both?
  22. Thanks for this software !
    Is there a way to correct white balance by pointing the color eye dropper to a neutral grey location on the picture ?
  23. Sorry about my question. I just found the answer in the new manual. (spot white balance in the presets)