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released 1.1rc2

released 1.1rc2

i just uploaded the tarball for the second release candidate for 1.1:


packages for your favourite distros should be in the usual place, mac dmg is here:


i know there are still translations coming, but something has to be left for the final release after all :)

changes since rc1 aren’t many as to be expected, but we’ve got:

  • canon eos m support (new rawspeed, also includes samsung nx fix)
  • usermanual is progressing
  • two new translations (both portuguese … ;) )
  • reworked the much hated `more plugins’ widget (thanks to boucman)
  • a lot of bugfixes (mainly thanks to ulrich for his meticulous work)


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  1. Great work :)
  2. Thank you for your amazing work :)

    Do you think that it's wise to install it from the experimental PPA and then just turn it off after the final release and continue with the PPA Plus?
  3. Great work! But I have tried the RC3 and I was not able to set up default watermark for all photos (as in 1.0.5) and also Equallizer was not able to remember "default" - denoise subtle. Was that fixed? Thanks.
  4. i just installed 1.1rc1, looking really good, i love it, thanks, wow and keep up the good work!