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darktable 1.0 released

darktable 1.0 released

It is done, 1.0 is out. I sent out most of the new features with the announcement for 1.0rc2 a few weeks ago already, but for completeness, here it is again:

  • New cameras supported
    • Leica M9
    • NX100/NX5/NX10/NX11
    • Panasonic DMC-GX1
    • Pentax K-r
    • Canon Powershot S100
    • Olympus XZ-1
    • Olympus E-P3
    • Sony DSLR A330
    • Sony NEX-5N
    • Canon EOS 1000D
    • Canon EOS 600D
    • Sony Alpha 390
    • Fuji Finepix HS20EXR
  • New and updated translations (we now have chinese!)
  • New modules:
    • shadows & highlights
    • enhanced tone curve. now operates in a and b channels as well
  • Refactored modules:
    • import
    • snapshots (enable sliding separation line between before/after images)
    • metadata
  • New image cache
    • faster concurrent access and insertion
    • reduces needed memory
    • more thumbnails stored on disk
    • read embedded jpegs for creating thumbnails (faster folder import)
  • Increased general speed on sqlite3 (journaled, pagesize optimizations)
  • Reworked, modular UI
  • Keyboard shortcuts support – key accelerators (GSoC)
  • Unity launcher support (Ubuntu)
  • Quicktool bar: exposure, presets and styles
  • New color picker
  • Web gallery export now with next/prev buttons per image
  • Removed gconf: not used anymore, we have our own backend
  • Bugfixes

Also, a couple of caveats to keep in mind this time:

  • We don’t support fuji superccd at this point (more or less a simple fix, if you want to do it, contact us …)
  • We disabled openmp by default for mac builds, as gcc on that platform seems to have some issues (<gcc 4.6, that is).
  • We had to roll back libraw to <14.5, so the fuji X10 is not working at the moment.
  • There have been issues with memory on 32-bit systems. seems to be okay currently, but something to keep in mind. use 64-bits if you can!

And as always a couple of links, just in case.

And some advertising, we might be looking for students to take on GSoC this year:



And of course, huge thanks to all who helped make this possible! every half hour you can steal from your jobs and families makes a difference ;)

Also a darktable release announcement can’t come without the warning that this version will soon be completely obsoleted feature-wise by the git version. We have some cool stuff sitting around in branches, waiting to be merged (spoiler: cleaner, more unified module UI with new widgets, similarity-based image clustering and search, refined conditional blend modes, maybe at some point geo tagging with map support in the center view, and possibly masking).

Have a lot of fun.

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  1. Thank you.
    now your new fun will be to implement the possibility to apply the corrections/effects with brush in limited areas.
    With this implementation will be the best program ever!
  2. Many thanks for the great work!
  3. thanks!

    question: for the rest of the cameras, will be 400d supported later?
  4. It already is supported with an enhanced color matrix. Have a look here (for your Canon EOS 400D it's in line 82):


    so you should be fine and get quite nice results for your RAW files right out of the box.
  5. Great work! I am amazed at the development of darktable. It is already really cool. I love that I can finally retouch my photos the way I like.
  6. @smn

    sorry for bothering, that means.. that already in this new [1.0] version?

    and what is "tethering"
  7. Wonderful! Darktable continues to form the backbone of our wedding photography business, and we'll happily provide testimonials about its awesomeness for anyone curious about the applicability of the software in a heavy duty environment. Three cheers to Darktable!
  8. Thank you!
    This is the program for which I could definitely leave Windows.
  9. Yes, it is in. And if I remember correctly it even was in 0.9.3...

    Tethering (tethered shooting): e.g. http://www.brighthub.com/multimedia/photography/articles/40216.aspx
  10. Great work !
  11. great thanks for the hard work,!!!
  12. I've got some issues here... the "drawing area" is very small in darkroom mode... since this was so for me in the rc1 and the rc2, i thought it was a bug, but now i think it may be some sort of misconfiguration
    can someone reproduce this thing?

    thanks in advance, great program anyway
  13. Hi,

    indeed this is a config thing. In some cases when upgrading from an older version darktable has no correct values for this.

    Go to the options menu (the small gear wheel in the top panel) and check the values for "width of image drawing area" and "height of image drawing area". I assume both are set to 0. Set both to something close to your screen resolution (not completely since you have the sidepanels covering some screen) and after a restart of dt you should be fine.

    Best regards,
  14. I agree.. many times I had finished processing the Raw file and would wish to have a brush to add brightness to the eyes of subject. for now I use Gimp in cunjunction with Darktable to achieve this but having it in Darktable would just make it the only app in my workflow!!
  15. Great!
    Darktable is awesome, just upgrade to 1.0 in Ubuntu. Tonight is a long night of work!
  16. Kristijan on Thu Mar 15 20:56:11 2012:
    Whenever i select three images and click 'create hdr' button, darktable crashes :( I'm running Lubuntu 11.10 64 bit on a system with 3 gigs of RAM. Not enough RAM maybe? :) Besides that, very fast and capable piece of software.
  17. I'm afraid we need some more information to track that issue down...

    Maybe you want to file a bug?
  18. ... and where is the Flattr button? ;-) Great work guys!
  19. The new UI looks nice, but unfortunately i can't use it... The new release can't load my previous thumbnails and crashes, closes by himself or shows skullheads instead of the pictures... Do you know a way to solve this ?

    Anyway thanks for the hard work, I love your software !
  20. Licaon_Kter on Sat Mar 17 00:44:05 2012:
    Debian Sid, 64bit, git compiled
    Getting some out of place fonts/controls: https://img577.imageshack.us/img577/8787/capturanoua00029darkfon.jpg that 1.0-rc2 and older did not have.

    What am I missing?
  21. Id like to ask if darktable 1.0 support the .RAF files from fuji x100. I saw that doesn't support x10's but what about x100? Thank you
  22. ad merlin on Sat Mar 17 14:36:26 2012:
    dark, fast, perfect! Much thank to all the people who works for this great project.
  23. This looks great, but unfortunately the new release can't load my previous thumbnails and crashes, shows skullheads instead of the pictures and tells me to buy new ram (I have 4 Go...). I didn't manage to make it work.
    Any ideas how to solve this ?

    By the way, thank you for your hard work, I love your software !

    (PS : the comments on the website don't seem to work with Opera)
  24. Licaon_Kter on Sat Mar 17 21:53:37 2012:
    Looks like my previous comment went to /dev/null :(

    Debian Sid 64bit, git compiled, some font sizes and controls are wrong: https://img577.imageshack.us/img577/8787/capturanoua00029darkfon.jpg yet there were ok on the RCs. What am I missing?
  25. Oups, sorry for the double post (you can delete my first comment).
  26. Version 1.0 has a problems with white balance. "Camera WB" show most images 90% in blue (white balance saved in raw file is actually correct, i checked it with rawtherapee) and "spot WB" give me another strange results. Previous version work fine :(
  27. Steven Price on Sun Mar 18 21:51:36 2012:
    The 'Collect Images' filter fails to recognize ASCII(95), the underline character, when used as an argument for 'Filename'. A very nice piece of software none the less. Thank you.
  28. Hello! First off, congratulations to the team for another awesome release. Thank you guys!

    I'm using Ubuntu 10.4 LTS and I'm also getting the skull thumbnails problem. It hasn't crashed so far though. Should I purge my previous thumbnails cache? TIA :)
  29. Hi,

    you are on the wrong version of darktable. You pulled recent master, which has already received lots of additions many of them in a very early stage. This is not what you want! Either get darktable-1.0 tarball from the resource mentioned above, or pull git branch "darktable-1.0.x" where we only put in bug fixes for 1.0, not new features.
  30. Licaon_Kter on Mon Mar 19 22:15:36 2012:
    10x for that, 1.0 works ok.
    Now 2 other things, first I can't really tell if OpenCL is really used, 'nvidia-smi -q' does not report more memory used up while running darktable, and darktable-opencl seems to fail somehow: http://pastebin.com/qtbnZf5G
    And second, while running darktable some sort of sqlite errors occur: http://pastebin.com/dcfdJPUM
  31. Hi,

    1. you can run "darktable -d opencl" and it will give you detailed information about its efforts running opencl.

    2. Hm, could you please try to run with a new db? maybe something went wrong while upgrading from 0.9.3. Remove ~/.config/darktable/library.db for this.
  32. Hi, which camera are you having these issues with?

    Could you maybe provide an example raw file?
  33. Licaon_Kter on Wed Mar 21 00:14:10 2012:
    10x for the answers.
    1. looks like opencl is working ok in darktable, yet the test program behaves strangely like that.
    2. i've deleted the library db several times while playing with 1.0rc and final, yet i always see those sqlite3 errors.
    3. is it ok for darktable to use 5.5gb of RAM ( out of 6 ) and 1.5gb of swap space when I just open a file from a previously scanned folder?
  34. Same here ... All working fine - HDR crashes ... Linux Mint 12 (Oneiric based), 64-Bit, 4 GByte RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9400 (NVIDIA binary driver).

    First I thought it might be Cinnamon Desktop but same happens if I switch to Xfce.
  35. I managed to make DT work (a little bit). I increased my swap memory and, even if it was really slow, I was able to re-import my old pictures.
    Now DT is working fine for the first pictures I'm working on, but begins to be really slow after a few pictures.
    The problem comes from the RAM management, DT is unable to free my RAM memory after I open a new picture. I took a screenshot of the Ubuntu Monitor as I open around 6 pictures. You can clearly see the ram use increasing each time I open a picture; after reaching the RAM limit (4 Go), it uses the swap and begins lagging...
    Here is the sceenshot : http://my.opera.com/Wangtim/albums/showpic.dml?album=9739912&picture=148132402
    Should I file a bug on sourceforge ? Is there a way to solve this problem ?
    Thank you !
  36. catchfire on Sat Mar 24 17:27:48 2012:
    darktable 1.0 on Archlinux 32-bit works like a charm. no crashes or other weirdness to report.

    thank you devs!
  37. Hi!I've been working with darktable for months. I'm delighted with it and it has made me easiest and fastest my work, but when I updated to 1.0 I've got a lot of problems. I can't work with it, appears a skull head instead images and it hangs all time. I have a ubuntu 10.04 version, 2gb RAM, nvidia geforce 7300. Could I have problems with RAM memory? Why I've not all this trouble had before? What can I do? Regards
  38. Mech. F.T. Lieu on Sun Mar 25 17:45:33 2012:
    Wonderfully done
  39. Sorry for the late reply. Try to delete ~/.cache/darktable/* and reload the app. If everything still fails, move out ~/.config/darktable/library.db and retry (make a copy, it contains your presets and styles). After this last step you will have to reimport your filmrolls.

    If you still get errors, please try to run darktable from the command line and contact us in darktable-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
  40. Those are new widgets, and they are being worked on. Stay tuned.
  41. Do you have a 32 bit system? It is quite recommended to update to 64bit.
  42. Is this a 32 bit Linux, or a 64 bit one? Are all them JPG files?
  43. Is this a 32 bit system or a 64 bit one??
  44. Are you running a 32 bit system? Could you update to a 64 bit one? In version 1.0 a new and faster cache system has been implemented, but it seems we are touching some limits in the 32 bit systems, depending on a large number of factors, that is why people are reporting no failures in 32 bit, while others are having problems. darktable is a RAM consumer software, as it processes the images using 32 bit per channel. While 2GB RAM is a bit low, it should work if you have swap enabled.
  45. Hello I am French and do not speak regrettably English. I use a translator.
    What is that a French documentation is planned for V1.
    Why do not to create a documentation in the form of Minmap, including tutoriels, usable with Freeplane, and also in French language of course.
    It would allow to structure the documentation according to what we want to make on Darktable.
    Of what think of it you?
  46. 2GB of physical RAM is really extremely low. Even when you add swap, this will run very slowly with a lot of HD activity. Still you should get DT running if you adjust a few settings in preferences (core options):

    * number of background threads must be 1
    * host memory limit should be 500
    * minimum amount ... single buffer should be 16 or 8

    With this you should normally get no skulls even on a 32bit system.
  47. It's a Ubuntu-64 bit, 4Go RAM, 4Go Swap.
    All of them are Jpegs.
    I tested the latest unstable version but it did not solve anything. It's quite annoying since it's making the software almost unusable...
    Thank you for your help !
  48. Hi Wangtim,
    could you please run darktable from console with

    darktable -d memory


    darktable -d cache

    This should get us some more informations that help to track down that issue.

  49. dartable -d memory at startup :

    [memory] at startup
    [memory] max address space (vmpeak): 164536 kB
    [memory] cur address space (vmsize): 164536 kB
    [memory] max used memory (vmhwm ): 5744 kB
    [memory] cur used memory (vmrss ): 5744 kB
    [memory] after cache initialization
    [memory] max address space (vmpeak): 390528 kB
    [memory] cur address space (vmsize): 377172 kB
    [memory] max used memory (vmhwm ): 42344 kB
    [memory] cur used memory (vmrss ): 42344 kB
    [memory] after cache initialization
    [memory] max address space (vmpeak): 509316 kB
    [memory] cur address space (vmsize): 495960 kB
    [memory] max used memory (vmhwm ): 161380 kB
    [memory] cur used memory (vmrss ): 161380 kB
    [memory] after cache initialization
    [memory] max address space (vmpeak): 589688 kB
    [memory] cur address space (vmsize): 576332 kB
    [memory] max used memory (vmhwm ): 161400 kB
    [memory] cur used memory (vmrss ): 161400 kB
    [memory] after cache initialization
    [memory] max address space (vmpeak): 670048 kB
    [memory] cur address space (vmsize): 656692 kB
    [memory] max used memory (vmhwm ): 161408 kB
    [memory] cur used memory (vmrss ): 161408 kB
    [memory] after cache initialization
    [memory] max address space (vmpeak): 750404 kB
    [memory] cur address space (vmsize): 737048 kB
    [memory] max used memory (vmhwm ): 161412 kB
    [memory] cur used memory (vmrss ): 161412 kB
    [memory] after cache initialization
    [memory] max address space (vmpeak): 830760 kB
    [memory] cur address space (vmsize): 817404 kB
    [memory] max used memory (vmhwm ): 161416 kB
    [memory] cur used memory (vmrss ): 161416 kB
    [memory] after cache initialization
    [memory] max address space (vmpeak): 911116 kB
    [memory] cur address space (vmsize): 897760 kB
    [memory] max used memory (vmhwm ): 161420 kB
    [memory] cur used memory (vmrss ): 161420 kB
    [memory] after successful startup
    [memory] max address space (vmpeak): 1516016 kB
    [memory] cur address space (vmsize): 1502660 kB
    [memory] max used memory (vmhwm ): 241556 kB
    [memory] cur used memory (vmrss ): 241556 kB
    [memory] before pixelpipe process
    [memory] max address space (vmpeak): 2515512 kB
    [memory] cur address space (vmsize): 2502156 kB
    [memory] max used memory (vmhwm ): 773196 kB
    [memory] cur used memory (vmrss ): 709380 kB

    darktable -d memory after the RAM is full :

    [memory] before pixelpipe process
    [memory] max address space (vmpeak): 4716372 kB
    [memory] cur address space (vmsize): 4067788 kB
    [memory] max used memory (vmhwm ): 3201696 kB
    [memory] cur used memory (vmrss ): 2858916 kB

    darktable -d cache at startup :

    [image_cache] has 262144 entries
    [mipmap_cache_init] cache has 1024 entries for mip 0 ( 78.48 MB).
    [mipmap_cache_init] cache has 256 entries for mip 1 ( 78.47 MB).
    [mipmap_cache_init] cache has 64 entries for mip 2 ( 78.47 MB).
    [mipmap_cache_init] cache has 16 entries for mip 3 ( 78.47 MB).
    [mipmap_cache_init] cache has 4 entries for mip 4 ( 78.47 MB).

    darktable -d cache after opening a few pictures on the lighttable :

    [mipmap_cache] level 0 fill 32.34/70.64 MB (45.79% in 422/1024 buffers)
    [mipmap_cache] level 1 fill 0.00/70.63 MB (0.00% in 0/256 buffers)
    [mipmap_cache] level 2 fill 0.00/70.62 MB (0.00% in 0/64 buffers)
    [mipmap_cache] level 3 fill 0.00/70.62 MB (0.00% in 0/16 buffers)
    [mipmap_cache] level 4 fill 0.00/70.62 MB (0.00% in 0/4 buffers)
    [mipmap_cache] level [full] fill 1/3 slots (33.33% in 1/16 buffers)

    Is it helping ? I'm not that familiar with console...
  50. Many, many thanks for that great work!

    What about a migration tool for the late Bibble disappointed users ?
  51. Disappointed on Sat Mar 31 17:13:13 2012:
    Sorry - I'm quite disappointed with this release.

    I rely heavily on the curve tool, and someone decided it was a good idea to put "guides" onto the curve tool, restricting its free manipulation. Yes, I can get the curve I want, but only with a lot of effort. I see no way of turning these "guides" off.

    This is actually a "killer" for me in the sense that I find Darktable unusable in it's current form. It's a shame because it looks really nice otherwise.

    (Incidentally, it installs without trouble under Xubuntu 10.04)
  52. I was very excited about the new features in this release, especially lights and shadows. Unfortunately, I found the performance so degraded from the previous version that Darktable became unusable. A reinstall offered no help.
    If you too have encountered this problem, take heart - there seems to be a fix. Simply remove your database file (user/config/darktable) so the lighttable appears empty of images, and add each image to be edited individually, removing them again after export. This keeps memory usage down enough to make the program usable.
  53. hi Wangtim,

    could you please check for the settings "width/height of image drawing area" - are they really big? Set them to something around your screen resolution (a bit less) and try again.

  54. Hi Thierry,

    if you want to join working on documentation best thing right now would be joining the (users) mailing list and find people to help you. Don't be afraid of your English, most of us aren't natives... :)

  55. Hi binoyte,

    we appreciate patches!
    Since none of the developers (afaik) uses (or ever used Bibble) we might need some external expert on this - you? :)
  56. Hi!

    Those "guides" (if you mean the light grey areas) have been there for a long time I think. They just prevent you to "break" the line and make sure you have smooth transitions.

    Maybe you can describe (or even better: take a screencast) how this inhibits your workflow so we can take a look how to improve that.

    Please send a mail to the devel's mailing list: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/darktable-devel

    hopefully we can find a way for you so you can enjoy using darktable...
    best regards,
  57. Hi Toastybob,

    this is a rather hacky way. Did you check your settings? Have a look at:

    "don't use jpegs but half-sized raws" OFF
    "memory in bytes to use for mipmap cache" something that suits your RAM

    As far as I understand you don't have problems with the processing itself but with the thumbnail cache?
  58. I've been following the darktable development with a lot of interest. There seems to be some really nice features in it.
    The couple of time I've tried it, I've also been quite frustrated with the curve tool. That is the main reason why I have only used it for testing. I want to manipulate the curve the way I like; add as many points as I wish, bend the curve as I wish. I'm not always looking for natural look. Please consider adding a button: "remove guides".

    The second slight disappointment is the highlight recovery. At least AfterShot Pro seems to do a lot better in that section.

    Keep up the good work!
  59. I checked the "width/height of image drawing area" and it's not that big : 1300 * 1000 (my screen resolution is 1920*1200).

    I made a few tests and it seems the problem is only happening with jpegs, and not with raws. I shooted a lot of raws and the ram memory was quite stable; but as soon as I work with jpeg, the memory increase each time I open a new picture and never comes down (not until I close DT).

    Hope it helps solving the bug :)
  60. Disappointed on Wed Apr 04 23:14:06 2012:
    I concur with the comments from jpt. An on/off button for the guides would be great. Incidentally, I find the guides actually "prevent" a smooth transition.

    I will try to post an e-mail with some more details in the developers mailing list (I did try this about a month ago, but it never got posted).
  61. I really enjoy using Darktable, but yes I have a few complaints about the curve module as well. It doesn't let me drag the handle on the curve to the left/right, only up/down. Also, the guides are useful most of the time can be restrictive.
    Other than that it's great! Keep it up, I can't wait for 1.1!
    My system:
    AMD FX-4100
    8 GB RAM
    64 GB SSD
    Vanilla Ubuntu Oneiric 64-bit
  62. Hi, thanks everybody for your answers. There's no way to make 1.0 version run on my computer. Finally I installed a 0.9 version and I've been working whit it all this time. The option of system update to a 64 bits version I would like to try it in a partition before to install it definetly to test all problems I can find, but I'll do it in a future. I'll improve my RAM before and I'll test 1.0 version for second time. In the other hand, I have 2 sony, A100 and A580. When I work with pictures taked with A100, I can choose pre-defined white balance options like cloudy, sunny... but I can't do that with pictures taked with A580, Somebody know why?
    Regards from Spain!!!
  63. Francesco Scaglioni on Wed Apr 18 17:12:13 2012:
    Fantastic software running great on 64 bit lucid 10.04 with 6G ram. Only issue so far is if I select 3 *.CR2 canon raw files and click create HDR I get an error message that says "HDR only works on raw files" or words to that effect.
  64. I found that the fix to the "HDR only works on raw images" problem is that the images need to be in full-size RAW. sRAW will not work, apparently.