Ubuntu Unstable Repository and our Release Candidates

Following is a public service announcement from Pascal de Bruijn, the maintainer of the Ubuntu PPAs. As most of you know, my darktable-unstable PPA was serving as a pre-release repository for our stable maintenance tree, as it usually does. Now as master has settled down, and we’re slowly gearing up for a 2.0 release, I’ll do pre-release (release candidate) builds for darktable 2.0 there. On my darktable-unstable PPA I will … Continue reading

Lens by Houz

On Lens Detection and Correction

darktable (and some other projects, like for example ufraw) don’t do any real lens detection or correction by itself. We depend on two libraries which in most cases are provided by the Linux distribution you’re using. Lens Detection Many image files contain metadata about how the image was created. In case of digital camera images, a standard called Exif is used, this standard allows a camera to record many details … Continue reading

Display color management in darktable

The general picture on the modern Linux desktop Modern Linux distros featuring either GNOME, Unity or KDE offer fairly easy configuration of color management, this system level configuration mostly pertains to the handling of an ICC display profile. If you have set a display profile via your system configuration tool (The Color applet in System Settings for GNOME or Unity), there are a few things to keep in mind. An … Continue reading

darktable 1.1.4 release

Hi, there is a new point release with a couple of smaller updates. The source tarball and OSX image can be found here: And the usermanual is still the same. Fixes: keep the styles plugin usable after applying a style darktable should now be better able to import some of the data from .xmp’s from other applications better redraw logic in darkroom mode it should be less likely … Continue reading


What's involved with adding support for new cameras

Update: This post is a few years old by now, and while most things are still valid there is at least one change: darktable doesn’t use dcraw/libraw and more. Say you’re running darktable, you’ve just bought a brand spanking new camera and it’s not supported yet by darktable. Here is a list of things that need to be done (typically we’d recommend to check this before actually buying anything, often … Continue reading

Fixed: Darktable crashing Unity

Some Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) users who use Ubuntu’s default Unity desktop environment may have noticed that it’s commonplace for Unity to crash when closing Darktable. It so happens that Darktable is exposing a bug in Unity, which got fixed upstream with a one-liner patch. The above fix will be available in the next major update of Unity (5.14), but in the meanwhile I cherry picked the relevant patch to the … Continue reading