6 thoughts on “darktable book final release (v1.0)

  1. Fantastic piece of software and very professional book from every point of view.

    I didn’t know darktable till yesterday … but is really interesting and does a very good job with my raw files (Nex5 + Leica R lenses).

    Will study in the following days. Now with Argyll and dispcalgui full working to calibrate the devices and darktable …… Ubuntu (linux) can be used to produce professional works.

    Tnx a lot,

  2. grazie per l’ottimo lavoro che uso su slackware 13.37.
    anch’io non conoscevo darktable fino all’altro giorno, ma ne sono rimasto subito molto favorevolmente impressionato.
    e sono orgoglioso che venga sviluppato in italia.
    ho già iniziato a far girare la voce.. ;-)

  3. Just amazing, this software has to be one of the hidden treasures in photo management. I am shocked as how good a open source software can be. Thank you so much for putting this out in linux format. I am just going over the manual and amazing how high end/scientific this is.

  4. Bel progetto. credo che gli manchi pochissimo per stare al passo, se non davanti a progetti come adobe lightroom. orgoglioso che sia un prodotto italiano.
    lo so che sono fra i pochi che non ha un flash esterno, ma si potrebbe avere una correzione degli occhi rossi ?

  5. I am happy you like Darktable and the book! I just want to clarify it has not been developed in Italy. There is an international team of great developers working on it. The book too has been written by people from different part of the world, though a couple of authors are Italian.


  6. Hi, I am very happy you like Darkatable and the book. Just a short note to say the program has not been developed in Italy. There is a team of great developers around the world that are so nice to give us a so great software. Our recognitions is to all of them!
    The book too has beed written by authors from different places, two of them (myself and Mario) from Italy.

    Enjoy the book!