Feature Freeze darktable 2.0

Dear all,

yesterday we entered the feature freeze stage for the upcoming darktable 2.0 feature release: no more new features will be allowed in. The coming months will be used to stabilize and fine-tune the code base.

As usual we don't make any definite statements about a release schedule, but we suggest to stay tuned towards the end of the year.

the dt team

27 thoughts on “Feature Freeze darktable 2.0

  1. Hi, I am very excited and grateful for all your work you have done. This application is great piece of software and I love it! Is there a site with the upcoming feature changes? I did a search, but could not find anything for 2.0 release.

    • Not at the moment. Either read git commit messages on github – or be surprised what finally jumps out of the box.

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  3. Also happy to read the news from the DT-team. Working Dt now for almost one year and feel very happy about it. I still have to learn a lot of the features, but I’l get there… congrat’s Dt-team!

  4. Great program for us Linux users. Pleased to see it continues to be upgraded with new features! Look forward to new version.

  5. Nice news!
    Is there a feature list somewhere?
    I think a print module is foreseen, am I correct?
    What about a Lightroom-like brush with real time preview of the changes (a killer feature IMHO).

  6. Damn, fist the mesa patches for OpenCL image support for r600g and now Darktable 2.0. What a time to be alive. :)

  7. Thank you all very much.
    The program is superb. Looking forward to seeing the new version features;)

  8. This sounds great version 2 cannot wait to give it a try.
    I have just revived via Ubuntu 1.6.9?
    Keep up the good work on the best photo software you can get :-)


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  10. Since features are frozen, and the project plans for 2.0 are open, might the developers let us know what features we can expect in version 2.0?

  11. Great news, but is there any status on somebody maintaining a windows version. I really love to see anyone who can do this. I am only a user art designer.