darktable 1.0 released

It is done, 1.0 is out. I sent out most of the new features with the announcement for 1.0rc2 a few weeks ago already, but for completeness, here it is again:

  • New cameras supported
    •   Leica M9
    •   NX100/NX5/NX10/NX11
    •   Panasonic DMC-GX1
    •   Pentax K-r
    •   Canon Powershot S100
    •   Olympus XZ-1
    •   Olympus E-P3
    •   Sony DSLR A330
    •   Sony NEX-5N
    •   Canon EOS 1000D
    •   Canon EOS 600D
    •   Sony Alpha 390
    •   Fuji Finepix HS20EXR
  • New and updated translations (we now have chinese!)
  • New modules:
    •   shadows & highlights
    •   enhanced tone curve. now operates in a and b channels as well
  • Refactored modules:
    •   import
    •   snapshots (enable sliding separation line between before/after images)
    •   metadata
  • New image cache
    •   faster concurrent access and insertion
    •   reduces needed memory
    •   more thumbnails stored on disk
    •   read embedded jpegs for creating thumbnails (faster folder import)
  • Increased general speed on sqlite3 (journaled, pagesize optimizations)
  • Reworked, modular UI
  • Keyboard shortcuts support - key accelerators (GSoC)
  • Unity launcher support (Ubuntu)
  • Quicktool bar: exposure, presets and styles
  • New color picker
  • Web gallery export now with next/prev buttons per image
  • Removed gconf: not used anymore, we have our own backend
  • Bugfixes

Also, a couple of caveats to keep in mind this time:

  • We don't support fuji superccd at this point (more or less a simple fix, if you want to do it, contact us..)
  • We disabled openmp by default for mac builds, as gcc on that platform seems to have some issues (<gcc 4.6, that is).
  • We had to roll back libraw to <14.5, so the fuji X10 is not working at the moment.
  • There have been issues with memory on 32-bit systems. seems to be okay currently, but something to keep in mind. use 64-bits if you can!

And as always a couple of links, just in case.

And some advertising, we might be looking for students to take on GSoC this year:


And of course, huge thanks to all who helped make this possible! every half hour you can steal from your jobs and families makes a difference ;)

Also a darktable release announcement can't come without the warning that this version will soon be completely obsoleted feature-wise by the git version. We have some cool stuff sitting around in branches, waiting to be merged (spoiler: cleaner, more unified module UI with new widgets, similarity-based image clustering and search, refined conditional blend modes, maybe at some point geo tagging with map support in the center view, and possibly masking).

Have a lot of fun.

68 thoughts on “darktable 1.0 released

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  2. Fantastic software running great on 64 bit lucid 10.04 with 6G ram. Only issue so far is if I select 3 *.CR2 canon raw files and click create HDR I get an error message that says “HDR only works on raw files” or words to that effect.

    • I found that the fix to the “HDR only works on raw images” problem is that the images need to be in full-size RAW. sRAW will not work, apparently.

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