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darktable page lede image


2.3.11. Tagging

This panel is for managing tags on images. Tags are stored in both sidecar files (.xmp) and within the darktable database for a faster access. The panel is divided into two parts: the upper part contains the tag(s) currently attached to the image under the cursor or the selected image(s) if the mouse is outside the lighttable. The lower part contains a list of all available tags in the database, which can be filtered in the text box above.

New tags get added to the list either by typing into the text box and pressing the new button, or if an automatically generated tag gets attached to an image, or on import of already tagged images. darktable sorts the list of tags by relevance and frequency of usage.

Hierarchical tags are supported and can be create using the pipe symbol |.

As you may notice there are automatically created tags like darktable| exported or darktable|styles|your style, which keep track of your actions and let you easily find already exported images or images with specific styles applied.

Tip: ctrl-t opens a small text box at the bottom of the central view for quickly tagging your selected images by typing a tag phrase and hitting return. Usage


Attach the selected tag from the list below to all selected images.


Detach the selected tag from all selected images. This also can be done by double clicking the specific tag.


Create a new tag for the list.


Delete a tag from the list and from all images. A warning will be displayed on how many images have this tag attached. Take this warning seriously as there is no way to recover or later find the affected images.