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darktable page lede image


8.4. Shortcuts

darktable has a large set of keyboard shortcuts that is user configurable through the preference dialog.

When you open the shortcuts menu you are presented with a hierarchical list of all actions that can receive a keyboard shortcut. Go to the action you want to change and double click. You are then prompted to press the new key combination to be mapped to the selected action. In order to remove an existing keyboard shortcut, click on the action and press backspace.

You can export your mappings to a file or import mappings from a file. Press default to reset all keyaccelerators to their default state.

Below is a table with the default keybindings for actions available in darktable.

global/quit <Primary>q
global/lighttable view l
global/darkroom view d
global/tethering view t
global/map view m
global/slideshow view s
global/print view p
global/switch view period
global/toggle header <Primary>h
global/toggle side borders Tab
global/toggle fullscreen F11
global/leave fullscreen Escape
global/zoom in <Primary>KP_plus
global/zoom out <Primary>KP_minus
image operations/clipping/commit Return
image operations/flip/rotate 90 degrees CCW bracketleft
image operations/flip/rotate 90 degrees CW bracketright
modules/copy_history/copy all <Primary>c
modules/copy_history/copy <Primary><Shift>c
modules/copy_history/paste all <Primary>v
modules/copy_history/paste <Primary><Shift>v
modules/export/export <Primary>e
modules/filmstrip/color blue F4
modules/filmstrip/color green F3
modules/filmstrip/color purple F5
modules/filmstrip/color red F1
modules/filmstrip/color yellow F2
modules/filmstrip/copy history <Primary>c
modules/filmstrip/copy history parts <Primary><Shift>c
modules/filmstrip/duplicate image <Primary>d
modules/filmstrip/invert selection <Primary>i
modules/filmstrip/paste history <Primary>v
modules/filmstrip/paste history parts <Primary><Shift>v
modules/filmstrip/rate 0 0
modules/filmstrip/rate 1 1
modules/filmstrip/rate 2 2
modules/filmstrip/rate 3 3
modules/filmstrip/rate 4 4
modules/filmstrip/rate 5 5
modules/filmstrip/rate reject r
modules/filmstrip/select all <Primary>a
modules/filmstrip/select none <Primary><Shift>a
modules/image/duplicate <Primary>d
modules/image/group <Primary>g
modules/image/remove from collection Delete
modules/image/ungroup <Primary><Shift>g
modules/import/import folder <Primary><Shift>i
modules/lighttable_mode/invert selection <Primary>i
modules/lighttable_mode/select all <Primary>a
modules/lighttable_mode/select none <Primary><Shift>a
modules/lighttable_mode/zoom in <Alt>2
modules/lighttable_mode/zoom max <Alt>1
modules/lighttable_mode/zoom min <Alt>4
modules/lighttable_mode/zoom out <Alt>3
modules/live_view/toggle live view v
modules/metadata_view/jump to film roll <Primary>j
modules/recentcollect/jump back to previous collection <Primary>k
modules/tagging/tag <Primary>t
views/darkroom/undo <Primary>z
views/darkroom/redo <Primary>y
views/darkroom/decrease brush hardness braceleft
views/darkroom/decrease brush opacity less
views/darkroom/decrease brush size bracketleft
views/darkroom/export <Primary>e
views/darkroom/full preview z
views/darkroom/gamut check <Primary>g
views/darkroom/image back BackSpace
views/darkroom/image forward space
views/darkroom/increase brush hardness braceright
views/darkroom/increase brush opacity greater
views/darkroom/increase brush size bracketright
views/darkroom/overexposed o
views/darkroom/softproof <Primary>s
views/darkroom/toggle film strip <Primary>f
views/darkroom/zoom close-up <Alt>1
views/darkroom/zoom fill <Alt>2
views/darkroom/zoom fit <Alt>3
views/lighttable/color blue F4
views/lighttable/color green F3
views/lighttable/color purple F5
views/lighttable/color red F1
views/lighttable/color yellow F2
views/lighttable/navigate down <Shift>g
views/lighttable/navigate page down Page_Down
views/lighttable/navigate page up Page_Up
views/lighttable/navigate up g
views/lighttable/preview with focus detection <Primary>z
views/lighttable/preview z
views/lighttable/rate 0 0
views/lighttable/rate 1 1
views/lighttable/rate 2 2
views/lighttable/rate 3 3
views/lighttable/rate 4 4
views/lighttable/rate 5 5
views/lighttable/rate reject r
views/lighttable/realign images to grid l
views/lighttable/scroll center apostrophe
views/lighttable/scroll down Down
views/lighttable/scroll left Left
views/lighttable/scroll right Right
views/lighttable/scroll up Up
views/lighttable/select single image Return
views/lighttable/select toggle image space
views/map/undo <Primary>z
views/map/redo <Primary>y
views/map/toggle film strip <Primary>f
views/map/undo <Primary>z
views/print/toggle film strip <Primary>f
views/slideshow/start and stop space
views/tethering/toggle film strip <Primary>f